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From the National Office                                                                               

    Easter Edition:
    April 2012

purplebulletMessage from the Executive Director           

Grace and blessings of the Easter Season to all of you!

Mystical, miracle
     This walk with Christ
Through wiping of feet, sweating of brow
     Pain, suffering, grief, betrayal, doubt, abandonment
Love propels and combusts the darkness
Forgiveness unbinds
  all locked tombs
       Boundaries are broken
                                               Love heals

An alleluia is tattooed on every soul
  And the world knows a new reality of Christ
    Of new life through the power of generous Love

And the broken world becomes anew. Today. For real.

Such is the daily work of IVC volunteers –
living and breathing Easter realities.
As Christ is truly alive and hope brings new life for all of us.

See the stories of Easter-in- action in this month’s edition – as we walk the Easter journey each day.

They walk the walk of Christ’s love in action.

And there is joy!

In gratitude for all you do to support them,

    Mary C. McGinnity

 purplebulletIVC Perspectives: Ben & Fe Varquez
Ben and Fe Varquez are long time members of IVC Los Angeles. They began their association with IVC as Regional Council Members and then joined as volunteers.  This year both Fe and Ben are serving through Catholic Charities.  
Ben Varquez with student
Ben Varquez
"I teach English (as a second language) at Juan Diego Center in El Monte. One of my students is an elderly Hispanic lady, in her 70's, who at first, felt lost, intimidated, and shy because she had never attended school at all. From appearances and by her own admission, she has some health issues. However, after two sessions, she loosened up, discarded her inhibitions, and enjoyed each class. She is one of the most dedicated students. The improvement in her spoken words is very noticeable.
"She lives more than two miles from Juan Diego Center. She does not drive nor does she have access to personal transportation. To come to class, she takes two buses and walks three blocks. Although the distance is relatively short, her commuting time is a minimum of one hour each way. Her intense desire and determination to learn English (for the first time) and her willingness to commute, though relatively difficult, considering her age and physical condition, is an inspiration to me and makes my volunteer work worthwhile. I'm glad that IVC has partnered with Catholic Charities in LA."

Fe Varquez, IVC Los Angeles
Fe Varquez processing food aid paper work

"My service site is at the Juan Diego Center which is run by Catholic Charities. I mainly serve the materially poor including the homeless with food distribution. In addition, I also help process requests for services like food stamp applications, bus tokens and taxi vouchers, gas and electric bill payments and immigration form applications. Our clients are a mix of Hispanic, Vietnamese, Chinese and Caucasians. I'm finding out first hand how much the economic crisis has impacted so many people. It reminds me of Dorothy Day and how she would ask God where she'd go for the next meal to serve his poor.

"Last week I was told that there was very little food left in our kitchen and warehouse and I started thinking of the people I could approach for help. I went home that day holding his poor in my heart and praying he would send us some donors. I was very happy the following week to find the warehouse and kitchen well stocked again." read more

purplebulletIgnatian Spirituality Blog             

We hope you read Fr. Bill Barry’s Blog piece on Good Friday, “Failure and defeat never have the last word”

Also, here is a new excerpt from The Promise of Resurrection by IVC's Jim Kelley:

"One of our IVC volunteer members serves at a day-time drop-in shelter for the poor and the poor in spirit. Late in the season of Lent, he observed a severely mentally ill guest at the shelter admiring a holy card of Christ crucified. Many times the guest snapped his fingers, pirouetted around the room, and talked to his imaginary friends and enemies, but he kept returning to the picture of Christ to admire it." read more

purplebulletSpotlight on Joan Lee, IVC Cincinnati
“My life has changed for the better with my positive experiences in volunteering with IVC. I wish I had joined earlier!”
states Joan Lee, who became an IVC Cincinnati volunteer in 2011. 

Joan rearranged her other responsibilities, including switching days babysitting her grandchildren, to live out IVC’s mission of service and spiritual reflection.  “I’ve certainly gotten so much out of the experience”.
Joan, a nurse by professional background, splits her IVC time between two agencies – the St. Vincent de Paul free drug program and Power Inspires Progress’s Venice on Vine restaurant job training program. 
At the St. Vincent de Paul free drug program, Joan interviews and qualifies applicants for the program.   “We take time with people, have conversations with them.  Sometimes, people will start telling us their life story.  I stop the interview, sit there, and just be with them.  I’ve seen the impact that one crisis, like losing a job, can have. But for the grace of God, I could be sitting there across the desk.  And they’re so joyful!” read more

purplebulletRegional Events

IVC Regions are hosting exciting spring events. 
Save-the-date for the celebration in your area! 

Visit and click on your region to get details and to RSVP!

Sunday, April 15         San Diego Della Strada Event
Sunday, April 22         New England Della Strada
Sunday, April 22         Baltimore Evening of Gratitude
Sunday, April 29         DC/Metro Maryland & Northern VA 
                                        Evening of Gratitude
Thursday, May 17        Chicago Della Strada Event

purplebulletSave-the-Date: Jesuit Collaborative Conference

Jesuit Collaborative’s Ignatian Spirituality Conference
“Finding God in Unsettled Times”
June 29-July 1, 2012
Loyola University Maryland

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