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December 28, 2008

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STOP the Massacre in Gaza!

Israel strikes Gaza4.jpg

 This morning we received this message from Mahmoud from Gaza:

"We are now under severe and terrible strikes by Israeli aircraft... Really, it is very horrible. Since this morning, over 230 people have been killed and burned by the fire and rubble of buildings collapsing under the Israeli missiles... I was traumatized this afternoon when I saw the bodies of many people, including children. I tried to do something, but the scene was extremely bloody and traumatizing..."

Since yesterday, Israel has dropped several tons of bombs on Gaza, murdering hundreds of men, women and children. Backed by the United States, Israel vows to continue the bombing.

Join our demand for an immediate stop to this barbarism!

Take Action

Israel strikes Gaza6.jpg

Demand that your government press for an immediate stop to the Israeli bombing.

Organize or join a protest at the Israeli or American consulate nearest you.

Here is a list of protests being organized in US cities


We ALL Live in Gaza

Israel strikes gaza7.jpg

If any State is allowed to attack any population for any reason, then none of us are safe.

The people of Gaza have the democratic right to elect their own government and to control their own lives. If they don’t have this right, then neither do we.

We stand with the people of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan in opposing the military occupation of their nations.

Until they are free, we cannot be free.


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