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-Director's Letter
-Phone/Tablet Problems?
-Who Should I Listen To?
-New Daily Inspirations
-Virtual Opening Ceremony
-Can You Help?
What nine months does for the embryo
Forty early mornings
Will do for your growing awareness
Jelaluddin Rumi

Director's Letter

Dear Friends,

How wonderful it is to once again feel all the excitement and energy surrounding the start of another Winter Feast for the Soul! There were a few minor technical glitches here and there, but on the whole, everything got off to a smooth start. I hope you are all making time each day to sit in silence and encounter the mysteries of life that we so often put off for another “less stressful” time. A time that rarely comes!

There are a few things I want to alert you to and update you on in this newsletter.

Some of our teachers are not recording 40 meditations this year.
You may not have realized that you will need to find an alternative soon.

First, and most importantly, although I have mentioned before that some of our teachers are not doing 40 meditations this year, I don’t think many of you have yet realized what that means. Let me explain. We chose to start all our teachers out on the first day, even though some will be reaching their last new meditation for 2015 in just a week or two. You will have a choice to make at that point:

  • Repeat the series you just heard
  • Choose a different teacher/tradition for the remaining days of the Feast
  • Find meditations from the same teacher from a prior year (if available)

Don Kollmar was a trail blazer for us last year in leading a series of only 10 meditations that were each to be done for four days before moving to the next meditation. Perhaps you can take this approach with a teacher you like who is leading fewer than 40 sessions this year—Sofia Virginia McGuire, Ravi Walsh, and David Less. You will find instructions on each of their pages in the next day or two that tells you how many meditations will be posted in total. This will help you plan for what to do the day after your favorite’s last guided meditation. There are some suggestions below in this newsletter.

The good news is Anam Thubten is once again offering 40 new meditations and each of our three new themed tracks – Joy, Overcoming and Peace – have 40 meditations from a variety of teachers. If you follow any of these, you can carry it through all 40 days. Of course, you can also pick a teacher who has 40 meditations from a prior year.

We have other good news from Facebook. Our meditation coaching and support group, which had under 600 members at the end of the 2013 Winter Feast, is blooming! We have over 1,400 members now, and we have had some lively discussions this past week. If you have a Facebook account, but you aren’t a member, please join!

In addition,our Facebook page Likes have increased by 30% this year and our page views are up dramatically. Have you seen our daily postings during the Feast? There is always a beautiful sentiment or piece of wisdom there—perfect for the beautiful souls who participate each year.

Finally, many of you donate to Winter Feast for the Soul each year, and we greatly appreciate your ongoing support. Our budget is very small, and there are some bigger projects we would like to do this spring. If you value what you receive from the Winter Feast, and you have the ability to do so, please consider making a donation today. All of the contributions go directly to the costs of providing this unique, free service and are tax-deductible.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and for sharing the Winter Feast with the world. I hope this Feast is a time of blessing and peace in your life.

With gratitude,
Kaye Vivian


Phone/Tablet Problems?

Some of our participants using smart phones and tablets have described problems with using the meditations from our web site. Our web master is looking into these problems and will find a solution as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile, if you are having trouble playing the meditations, it may be a Flash related problem. In the middle of the blue media player from Talkshoe that pops up, you will see a text link, “Non-Flash MP3 Direct Link”. When you click that, it opens a simplified media player that should play the meditations in your phone or tablet. Please let us know if you have any other technical problems! In the near future, we hope to be able to offer the meditations as a podcast or RSS feed.


Who Else Should I Listen To?

If your favorite teacher is doing a limited series or did not return this year, you probably need recommendations about other teachers you might enjoy listening to. We have more than 2,000 guided meditations in our archives, and our teachers usually create timeless meditations, full of substance. Don’t hesitate to return to meditations from 3-5 years ago from any teacher who appeals to you. You will probably enjoy the old ones as much as more recent ones.

We have tried to categorize meditations by path or tradition, as well as by teacher, but you should consider the categorizations approximate. Some traditions share similarities with others, too. So for example, if you enjoy the Tibetan Buddhism of Anam Thubten, you might also enjoy the vippasana Buddhism of Philip Jones or the QiGong of Mingtong Gu. If you enjoy the Vedic meditations of Davidji, you might also enjoy the Bhagavad Gita classes from Eric Klein, or meditations by Ravi Walsh.

It is a little harder to categorize the Interdenominational or Universal meditation teachers, since they each encompass many traditions. If you enjoy Sarah McLean, you might also enjoy John Moreland and the other New Thought ministers, or Peter Russell. If you enjoy David Less, you might also enjoy Sofia Virginia McGuire, Aqdas Newmark or Don Kollmar. And if you are interested in planetary healing or global awareness, you might be interested in Jeddah Mali, Anakha Coleman and Christine Kahane, or David Crow.

For more traditional religious paths, we offer Christian mystics Carl McColman and Carrie Kelley, or our Jewish/Kabbalah teachers Brian Schachter-Brooks, Melinda Ribner, Olivier Ben Haim or Yoel Glick, as well as Sikh meditations with Gurukirn Kaur Khalsa.

Do you have a suggestion for a meditation teacher for the next Winter Feast for the Soul? Send an email and give us some information about the person. We are always looking for good teachers who can provide daily meditations to help motivate a daily practice.


New Daily Inspirations

Some people find that they want a thought, affirmation or intention to carry with them through the day in addition to their daily stillness practice. Winter Feast offers inspiring quotes that will help you find daily motivation and encouragement during the Feast and after. Our new collection is “Daily Rumi”—quotes from the 12th century Sufi mystic Jelaluddin Rumi. Even if you are not familiar with Rumi, you probably have seen some of his quotes before. The inspiration for the Winter Feast came from a Rumi quote. He is widely loved, and is a nice addition to our assortment of aids to help you get in tune and stay in tune with your daily practice.

We also have 40 daily quotes from many sources for further inspiration. These “Daily Inspirations” are translated into several languages, so if you are listening to the non-English meditations you can also read the quotes in the same language.


Virtual Opening Ceremony

What a treat it was to have a live (online) opening ceremony from the comfort of our own homes! Big kudos to April Perkinson (Japan) and her sister Paula Martin (England) for showing us all that even on an impulse and short notice it is possible to create a meaningful experience for everyone to share. Almost 60 people on five continents participated with only 24 hour notice.

The recording of the ceremony is available online for listening. It is amazing to experience the connection created all around the world as the group meditates together, contemplates beautiful readings shared from various Native writings, and more. Paula Martin’s wonderful chakra meditation was a good preparation for our 40 day INNER PEACE to WORLD PEACE journey.

There will be another virtual gathering live online on FEBRUARY 5th to mark the mid-point of the Winter Feast. All are invited to participate as a way to re-energize our daily practices. You only need a computer and browser (not Facebook). Feel free to share the invitation with your friends and family, and mark your calendar!



In our last newsletter, I listed Ken Mellor as a teacher this year. Unfortunately, our preparation schedule conflicted with his prior obligations for December and January. We had to postpone his participation. We hope to be able to schedule something for later in the year or the 2016 Winter Feast.  I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed by this. Ken does have weekly meditations available by email subscription, so check out The Awakening Network and the work they do in Australia and New Zealand, or subscribe.


Can You Help?

Now we are a week into the 8th Winter Feast. If you have the ability, won’t you consider sending us a contribution today to help us continue this work? We want to modify our web site to make meditations more accessible on smart phones and tablets, as well as create a new promotional video, and need your help to do it. We accept PayPal, credit cards and checks, and you can even schedule a monthly donation year-round if that is easier for you. All donations are tax-deductible. More information is on our Donations page. Your financial support is greatly appreciated, and helps to ensure that the Winter Feast will be able to continue in the future. Thank you for whatever you can afford to give.

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