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AUGUST 25, 2008



Dear Portlander,

To create more living-wage jobs here at home Portland needs a trade
export strategy.  

That is why I have agreed to participate on a trip to China hosted by
National League of Cities (NLC) from September 4 - 16, 2008.  

The purpose of the trip, which will include five other U.S. mayors, is
to have a dialogue with Chinese leaders about green practices and
energy efficiency.  

I have agreed to join the delegation because the City of Portland and
the citizens and companies in this region have expertise to share.  We
also have a lot to learn about the key challenges China faces and
their recent efforts to address them.  For information on the recent
US/China 10 year Energy and Environment Cooperation Framework
Agreement click on the following link:

Supporting China in its efforts to become sustainable is not only a
moral imperative; it is also an economic opportunity.  One of the
goals of the trip will be to place Portland and its businesses in a
strategic position to benefit from the “greening” of China.  In
addition to the NLC portion of the trip, I have added a few days on
either side of the scheduled itinerary to focus on building
Portland-specific connections.

As part of my job-creation and economic development agenda I am
committed to developing a Portland export trade strategy within six
months of taking office as mayor.  China is one of the fastest growing
economies, and cultivating working relationships must be a key element
of this strategy.  I look at this visit as an opportunity to develop a
better understanding of how Portland can best position itself to meet
China’s needs in a way that reflects our green expertise and values.  

That’s where you come in.  I’m looking for your advice on any leaders
or companies I should visit while I’m in Beijing, Shanghai, and
Qingdao.  I’m also looking for advice on local companies (especially
those that offer sustainable products and services) that I should
promote in China.  Finally, if there are connections here in Portland
that I should pursue, please feel free to share that with me as well.
Please reply to this email or to Clay Neal
( in my office with your suggestions or
questions. I look forward to hearing your ideas. 


Sam Adams
City of Portland
Sam Adams
City Commissioner
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Portland, OR 97204
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