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OCTOBER 27, 2008

At a press conference this morning, Mayor-Elect Sam Adams announced
"Commissioner Dan Saltzman will assume the responsibilities as the
commissioner in charge of the Portland Police Bureau. I believe this
in the best interest of the city."  Sam believes Commissioner Saltzman
and Chief Rosie Sizer will be an effective team, bringing expertise
and tremendous capability to the bureau.

Sam asserted that in some ways he will be a "non-traditional mayor,"
emphasizing his intention to focus his efforts on issues only a mayor
can tackle. The critical issues of education, economic development,
and responsible planning require his focus. If they not addressed, Sam
fears "these issues could bring the city down." He intends to serve as
a team-oriented mayor by working in partnership with his council
colleagues, as well as structuring his own office in teams
concentrating on education, the economic development, planning, and

Commissioner Dan Saltzman was present to reiterate the city's need for
our mayor to focus on jobs and economic development, and to accept the
assignment. "Safety and security of citizens is one of the most basic
responsibilities of the city. Under the leadership of [Chief] Rosie
[Sizer], I'm confident the police bureau will lead well into the
challenges ahead."

Commissioner Saltzman emphasized that his priorities for the Police
Bureau will be child abuse, domestic violence, gang violence, consumer
fraud and neighborhood safety. Internally he will focus on the hiring
and training of more officers.

Chief Sizer thanked the Mayor-elect for his confidence in her and
expressed her confidence in serving under Commissioner Saltzman,
commenting that "Commissioner Saltzman has a long history of
commitment to the safety of the most vulnerable in our community -
children, victims of domestic violence, and the elderly."

Sizer went on to state her appreciation for Commissioner Randy
Leonard's interest in public safety, "particularly his efforts to
secure extra jail and drug treatment and housing for chronic offenders
swirling in the criminal justice system."

Commissioner Adams' remarks:

When I take office as mayor in 2009, Commissioner Dan Saltzman will
assume responsibilities as commissioner in charge of the Portland
Police Bureau and Rosie Sizer will continue to serve as Chief of
Police. I arrive at this decision after careful consideration, and
have determined this action to be in the city's best interest.

With crime at a 20-year low and citizens telling us they feel safer
than ever, Commissioner Saltzman's steady hand at the helm of police
leadership will allow Portland's mayor to focus on the city's most
pressing priorities:

• Nearly half our city's eighth graders drop out before receiving a
high school diploma. This is an economic and financial time-bomb:
dropouts earn on average $300,000 less over their lifetimes than high
school graduates. Meanwhile 75% of state prison inmates never
graduated from high school.

• Portland is facing local impacts of what some economists fear will
be the worst national recession since the Great Depression. It is
estimated that up to 30% of Portlanders are trying to make ends meet
at a poverty wage job or are unemployed.

• The Portland region expects to attract another one million people in
the next 20 years. We lack a plan to guide the strategic investments
necessary to house, employ, educate, and transport our soon-to-be new
neighbors effectively.

The men and women of the Portland Police Bureau are doing a great job
and getting better. Where improvement is needed, Commissioner
Saltzman's record demonstrates a willingness and ability to achieve
improvement. As mayor I will limit his portfolio of other bureau
assignments to ensure Portland has a near full-time police
commissioner in a way a mayor could never provide. I have every
confidence Dan will succeed.

Dan leads with the discipline of an engineer and the experience of a
long-time elected public servant. Commissioner Saltzman's decade of
accomplishments and passion for the personal welfare of those in need
make him a great fit for police oversight.

Dan is a change agent. As a rookie city commissioner in 1998 he
inherited oversight of a Bureau of Emergency Communications that was
suffering under absentee leadership. When his demands for workplace
improvement went ignored under the protection of unduly broad civil
service provisions, he successfully championed a voter-approved change
to the city charter making bureau directors more accountable. He led
the city's efforts at reform of the Fire Police Disability and
Retirement Fund.

This is an important decision for the city. Dan and I both understand
the public expects its mayor to be engaged in law enforcement
oversight. Our offices are establishing a protocol to ensure I am
involved in my capacity as mayor when necessary. I will serve as the
commissioner in charge of the Portland Office of Emergency Management
and assume all responsibilities should a community emergency occur.


Office of Mayor-Elect Sam Adams

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