SATURDAY JULY 27, 2013 9:00PM to 12 MIDNIGHT


Carl Stumpf used the term "Verschmelzungen" to illustrate a notion of tonal fusion as the experience of consonance. Separate tones, yet undifferentiated in sound, fitting together harmoniously to construct a chord.

This Saturday, the Velaslavasay becomes cloaked in night with the help of XYZ Members SNEAKY SNAKE, AFTERHOURS, ANENON and KYLE SWICK.  Against convention, the theater opens at closing time, carrying on towards the midnight chill, welcoming forth starlight and crickets to fix a temporary retreat of urban nocturnal lounging. 
George Jensen [1/2 Sneaky Snake] created a one-night-only new sound installation for the Effulgence of the North on the topic of Arctic ice melting.  Jensen has explored sound and samples for five years and records since the age of five. His performance with Afterhours this Saturday is influenced by Christian Marclay's use of records to produce new sound.
Nick Malkin [1/2 Afterhours] constructed a field recording experience which will be on play throughout the garden Saturday night.  Malkin, of Chinatown by way of New Jersey, has researched the medium for the last two years and works with a compulsion to create music with sounds not of his own.
Maxfield Hegedus [1/2 Afterhours] will be a quarter of the illustration of Carl Stumpf's Tonal Fusion (Verschmelzungen) alongside George Jensen, Ian James [1/2 Sneaky Snake] and Nick Malkin. Hegedus, raised in Los Angeles, has collaborated with Malkin since the birth of Afterhours on KCHUNG radio (Chinatown 1630, Sundays at 11pm). Afterhours v. Sneaky Snake will illustrate  perfected cacophony or perhaps the exact opposite.
Brian Simon [Anenon], also raised in Los Angeles, has been working with the Tenor Saxophone, Synthesizer and Electronics for eleven years.  His productions, influenced by Coltrane and Cy Twombly, illuminate Norbert Wiener's theory on cybernetics, or system (saxophone to computer) communications.
Kyle Swick, of Saugus, will be the projectionist of the evening, taking the garden as his tableau. Swick has practiced with the rackmount projector for the past two years and is inspired by collage work and the mystery of phenomena.
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The XYZ Club was founded in response to the perilous economic climate engulfing The Velaslavasay Panorama. A need to experiment with preservation tactics arose. And thus, The XYZ Club. New members are welcome and encouraged to participate in this monthly initiative - an evening of cordial experimentation and relaxed socialization in the garden & grounds of The Velaslavasay Panorama.

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The Velaslavasay Panorama
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