Organic Remains of a Former World
This October, on the 15th day, we observe National Fossil Day in accordance with the National Park Service. The nature of the changes which wildlife undergoes while passing into the mineral state is but little known, and in recognition of this eternal material, we celebrate remnants found in the rubble of a lead mine.

Sunday, October 9th, 2016 - 7:30 P.M.
Kathy Rose: Performances and Rituals

$10 General Admission 
Free for LA Filmforum & VPES Members  

Kathy Rose

Presented by Los Angeles Filmforum, 
Kathy Rose’s work began with drawn animated films in the 1970s, and evolved into work that combines dance with film in the 1980-90s, to her current surreal performance video spectacles and installations, with influence from symbolist art and the Japanese Noh theater. We are screening an array of work, focusing primarily on her performance-based videos of recent years, most of which will be making their Los Angeles premieres. Kathy Rose will be in attendance for questions and answers.

Animation excerpts (1972-2978, 3 min.)
Performance Excerpts (1983-2011):
Life in the Web (2007, 8 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
Inn of Floating Imagery (2007, 5 min.)
City of Lost Moons (2008, 4 min.)
She (2009, 4 min.)
A dance video of surrealist fantasy with music by C.P. Roth. 
Metaphysical Paintings (2011, 6 min.)
A 6-minute non-narrative digital video, exploring Japanese supernatural and goddess imagery in a rich kinetic video painting. 
The Realm of Nothingness (2014, 4 min.)
A dance of puppet-like figures, and mesmerizing forms, accompanied by percussive rhythms. 
Cubistimenco (2014, 5 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
A dance with music by Walter Giger.
Rapture of the Petals (2014, 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
An observation on Noh and Japanese theater and their attachment to the supernatural.
Ritual of the Fall (2015, 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
A ritual in which birds are portrayed as magical beings. 
Opera of the Interior excerpts (2015, 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
Silence of the Snow (2016 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
The Unpainted Woman (2016, 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
The Sleepers (2016, 5 min.) Los Angeles premiere!
An exploration into Walt Whitman's magnificent "The Sleepers," and a childhood love of dollhouses and puppets.

The Velaslavasay Panorama
1122 W. 24th St. LA, CA 90007


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The Velaslavasay Panorama
1122 West 24th Street
Los Angeles, California 90007

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