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Greetings Laura!
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Cleaning Corner
Club soda will shine up your stainless-steel sink in half the time of a power stainless-steel cleaner! A club soda containing sodium bicarbonate, like Canada Dry, acts as a solvent and leaves behind no residue. Saturate a soft, clean cloth and wipe well. 
For dusting, forgo the feathers. Reach for a duster made of lambswool, no plumage. It contains natural lanolin, which attracts dirt, washes easily, and lasts for years. 
Source: InStyle Magazine, April 2012 Issue
Subtle Strokes of Brilliance
Both color lovers and commitmentphobes will love some high-glamour, low-profile paint ideas. First, pick an accent shade; then use it to trick out an unexpected spot. The back of a medicine cabinet, or a drawer interior are inspired areas to use a new hue if you're not ready to paint the whole wall. You could also coat the edges of a floating bookshelf (right) or a curtain rod for a touch of out-in-the-open color. We choose semigloss in punched-up pastels for this project, since they lend visual interest but still blend with existing furnishings, but you could easily brighten up your accent palette.  shelves-mld108210_vert 2
Source: Martha Stewart Magazine
Referral of the Month
Need help getting your pool ready for summer? Call or visit Don Johnson's Pool Supply: 415-897-7615 7445 Redwood Blvd. Novato, CA 94945
Green Tip
1 oz of organic soil cuts down more greenhouse gases than conventional dirt. Source: Prevention magazine, April 2012 Issue

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