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Greetings Laura!

Featured This Month:

  • Easy Fix
  • Fire Kit
  • Referral of the month
  • Green tip of the month
Easy Fix
Problem: Oil stains on garage floor
Solution: You can remove most of a stubborn stain with a bit of elbow grease and scrubbing. First, remove the surface oil by sprinkling some cat litter on it to soak it up. Then clear away the cat litter and focus on the stain. Make a paste of hot water and dry dish or laundry detergent. Use a stiff bristle scrub brush to scrub the area with the paste. Hose the area and let dry. 
Fire Kit
Food Ready to eat, no refrigeration required--think trail mix and sports bars. Pack water too.
Pet supplies Bring a couple of days' worth of water and food, plus a crate or carrier for your pet.
Flashlight Because the power often fails during large wildfires.
First-aid kit You probably have this already for quakes and storms. Make sure it's fully stocked and you know where it is.
Radio The best source for fire updates may be your local news station.
Face masks Even if you evacuate early, you may run into some smoke.
Don't forget...
A Map-
Buy a durable one, and highlight at least two evacuation routes out of your neighborhood.
Prescriptions and important papers-Know where they are so you can grab them fast--especially your home-owner's insurance policy!

Are you prepared for a wildfire?

Referral of the Month
Earthquake Supply Center
Be ready for any disaster, accident or emergency. Let Earthquake Supply Center outfit your home, vehicle, office or school with reliable products that are designed with your safety and comfort in mind.
Phone: 415.459.5500
Fax: 415.459.5589
Address: 3095 Kerner Blvd., # i
San Rafael, CA 94901
Green Tip
Use reusable dishes rather than plastics or Styrofoam. If you absolutely must use disposables, make sure to pick up compostable varieties beforehand to put in the compost bin when you're through.

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