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  • Cleaning your home
  • Pipeline Safety
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Cleaning Your Home in No Time At All
De-junk your home. Managing clutter takes too much time. Eliminate anything from your home that you are not currently using and donate unwanted items to charity. 
Remove temptation. If you pile clutter on a specific table, get rid of that table. That way, you are more likely to put things where they belong.
Get a mat. Use only one entry door in your home. Place an Astroturf mat outside the entry and a sturdy nylon mat inside your house. This will eliminate an incredible amount of dust and dirt within your household, as well as cut down on your cleaning costs in general. 
Establish command central. Determine a place, usually in the kitchen, for the day's mail, calendar, car keys, school papers, grocery lists, etc. This eliminates the chance for clutter throughout the house and cuts down on dirt build up. 
Use the clock. Give cleaning solutions time to work. Spray the light fixtures and mirrors in the bathroom and let the cleaner work while you scrub the tub with an all purpose cleaner. Then come back to the fixtures and mirrors.
Defy dust. Change furnace filters and replace vacuum bags regularly. Do not miss vents when you dust. 

Source: AHS March 2011 Issue
Pipeline Safety

Know the location of gas pipelines
PG&E offers a comprehensive online map at You can view any location in their service area to see which transmission pipelines run near by. Also the National Pipeline Mapping System,, shows the location of liquid fuel and natural gas pipelines across the country, country by county.

Know signs of trouble
PG&E regularly inspects all our pipelines to check for possible leaks or any other signs of damage. However, as an additional safety precaution, PG&E adds a highly recognizable sulfur-like odor to natural gas. If you smell this distinctive "rotten egg" odor, move to a safe location and immediately call 911 and PG&E at 18007435000.

But don't rely on your nose alone. Other signs of a possible gas leak can include dirt spraying into the air, continual bubbling in a pond or creek. and dead or dying vegetation in an otherwise moist area. And always pay attention  to hissing, whistling, or roaring sounds coming from underground.


Referral of the Month

Clear Light Window Washing


Do you want to have a clean crisp feel as Fall approaches? Clear Light washes windows and screens inside and out. They also power wash decks and patios and clean gutters.

Green Tip
Keep heating and air conditioning contained to the spaces you use daily. If you have rooms you only use for guests or storage, close off the vents and doors to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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