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Greetings Laura!

Featured This Month:

Fall Gardening
Here are a few of Sunset Magazine's suggestions for plants that will keep your garden colorful and bright this fall.
Groundcover for shade: Grow Vinca minor 'Illumination' to brighten low-light garden spaces with its green-edged yellow leaves.
Year-round shrub color: California's valley, inland, and coastal zones are great areas to plant the glossy, gold-marbeled foliage of 'Tequila Sunrise' mirror plant (Comprosma). Its color intensifies to orange and red in fall. Use it to make a hedge or plant it in an equally colorful pot.

mirror-plant-0710-l 2

Tequila Sunrise mirror plant

Source: Sunset Magazine, October 2010 Issue

Cool Car Calculator
Your mechanic declares that you need to replace your catalytic converter. How can you tell if he's naming a fair price? Well, you could spend a morning getting other quotes by phone, or you could enter your car's vital stats, your zip code, and the type of maintenance in this free Web tool. It instantly gives you a price range for the job at dealerships and independent auto shops in your area and lists specific places to try. Plus, the site's encyclopedia can help you decipher terms like catalytic converter. 
Source: Real Simple Magazine, November 2009 Issue
Health Tip

Sidestep Sneaky
Weight Sabatours

sweet cupcakes

Source: Self Magazine, January 2010 Issue

Temptation: The almost-empty bowl of cookie batter
Distraction: Fill it with water or douse it with salt. Tasting five times can add up to 200 calories.
Temptation: Hors d'oeuvre trays on parade
Distraction: Strike up a conversation, you won't want to stuff your face while you're talking.
Temptation: Baked goods at the office
Distraction: Find a new route around the sugar bounty. 

Referral of the Month

Teeters & Schacht's services include auto glass, auto tinting, seat heaters, auto upolstery and convertible tops. They do a great job for a fair price and are a common reccommendation by insurance companies for auto glass replacement.

Teeters & Schacht
(415) 883-3400
62 Hamilton Dr.
Novato, CA 94949

Going Green Tip

Rough Walks
Consider wood chips, nutshells, gravel, or other materials for your patios, walkways, and paths. These porous materials allow water to seep back into the earth, preventing runoff, erosion, and water pollution.

Source: C.A.R. Green Tip of the Week

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