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Lent 2017

salb6sxbnqm4uymvxeh2s12set6zeh7mWe have begun our Lenten season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. As I share with our teams working with the RCIA process, Lent is:
• A spiritual season
• A time to face the darkness within and expose it to the light
• A season to confront our demons and pray to be delivered from the power of sin and Satan
• A time to wrestle honestly with failings, trusting in the merciful love of God
• A time of re-focusing, of re-entering the place of truth, of reclaiming our true identity.
If the elect can’t tell the difference between this period and the catechumenate, something is radically wrong in the process and maybe even in the life of the community.
The same is true for us.  We must be able to tell the difference between Lent and the rest of the year.
In his teaching on Fast and Abstinence, Paul VI, recalling the words of Zechariah (7:5) in the Old Testament says:

“…external penitential practices are accompanied by an inner attitude of “conversion”, that is to say of condemnation of and detachment from sin and of striving toward God.  One goes without food or gives away his property…even after sins have been forgiven and independently of a request for graces.  One fasts or applies physical discipline to…prepare oneself for the encounter with God.

Penance therefore – already in the Old Testament – is a religious, personal act which has as its aim love and surrender to God:  fasting for the sake of God, not for one’s own self. [Apostolic Constitution, Paenitemini, Paul VI]
In his message for Lent 2017 Pope Francis encourages us to take time with the Word of God and ponder its message more deeply this Lent.   He then proceeds to do just that with the parable of  the rich man and Lazarus.  The Word is God’s gift to us in much the same way that each person is God’s gift to us.
In keeping with the message that Lent must be different from the rest of the year I have decided that this copy of Worship News must be different also.  I will only share here information that is essential and leave you to spend more time in prayer, penance and almsgiving.


Resources from the FDLC

Once again the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC) shares a Liturgy Preparation Aid for Lent, The Sacred Paschal Triduum, and the Easter Season. Please note the following corrections to the script:  p. 32, the last line should read Luke 24: 13-35 and p. 42, the first entry should have this link.


Statement Concerning St. Patrick's Day on Friday, March 17, 2017

The Church has set apart every Friday, the day on which our Lord suffered and died for us, as a day of special penitential observance, which includes for those 14 and older the requirement to abstain from eating meat. Outside of the season of Lent, we can personally elect to substitute another pious or penitential work in place of eating meat on Friday but, during Lent, we in the United States do not have this personal prerogative to exercise.
This year, St. Patrick Day falls on Friday, March 17, in the Second Week of Lent. Our Chancery Offices have received inquiries about whether or not the abstinence from meat will apply this year on St. Patrick Day.
Since many do not observe St. Patrick Day, rather than issue an archdiocesan-wide dispensation, Archbishop Vigneron will rely on his priests to dispense or commute the obligation of an individual or family to abstain from meat on Friday, March 17. All priests ministering in the Archdiocese possess the faculty to dispense (remove) or commute (replace with something else) the obligation for an individual or family to abstain from meat on the Fridays of Lent.
Therefore, those wanting to partake in a celebratory meal on St. Patrick Day that includes meat simply need to talk to a priest, who may grant this “for a just reason.” Priests should keep in mind the option to “commute the obligation to other pious works” rather than giving an outright dispensation, and that their faculty “may not be used to dispense the entire parish” from the obligation (Archdiocesan Priest Faculty 11).      

Lectionary for Mass Supplements

The USCCB has announced that the Lectionary for Mass Supplement containing the readings not presently in the Lectionary for Mass will be available from three publishers; namely:

  • Catholic Book Publishing Co.  [CatholicBookPublishing.com, 877-228-2665]
    • Hardcover, 81/2” x 11”, $21.95
  • Liturgical Press [LitPress.org, 800-858-5450]
    • Classic edition: hardcover, 81/2” x 11”, $39.95
    • Chapel edition: hardcover, 7” x 9”, $34.95
  • Liturgical Training Publications [LTP.org, 800-933-1800
    • Softcover, 93/4” x 12”, $29.95

Time for the Easter Vigil

Sunset on April 15th, Holy Saturday is at 8:14.  Therefore, since the Easter Vigil is meant to be celebrated at least 1 hour after sunset it should not begin this year until 9 PM.

Please pray for me this Lent
as I will keep all of you in my
prayers and sacrifices.

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Lenten Evening of Reflection
March 15
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

The Live Free Conference
March 16
St. Paul on the Lake Parish

Compassion: The Heart of Healing and Forgiveness
March 18
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Solemn Vespers with Olivier Latry
March 19
Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Promoting the Intercultural Worship of Diverse Communities
A Virtual Workshop Presented by LTP
March 23

Rose Mass
March 26
Sacred Heart Major Seminary


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