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Beatification of Solanus Casey


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Healing Mass
November 7
Ste. Anne

Interfaith Religious Freedom Conference
November 7
SS. Peter and Paul Church, Detroit

Unleash the Gospel Through Christian Service
November 8
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

In the Heart of the Church: Lay Ecclesial Ministry Speaker Series
November 9
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

A Visit to the Upper Room: Embracing the Vision for Prayer and Intercession to Unleash the Gospel
November 9, 11, 13, and 28
Various Locations

St. Cecilia Sing
November 12
Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Solanus is Upon Us
November 17 – 19
Ste. Anne

Evening Prayer for Christians in the Middle East
November 21
Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament

RCIA Certification Core Module
January 23, 2018
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Cultures of Formation: Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment featuring Bishop Robert Barron
May 5 - 7
University of Notre Dame

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Beatification of Solanus Casey
The day for the celebration of the Beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey is fast approaching.  The excitement in the air can be felt…in a few weeks we will have a person who was one of us, who worked tirelessly as a porter at the Capuchin Monastery right here in Detroit, and he will be declared Blessed and on his way to being declared a saint. 

The Archdiocese wants to share the following information with you:
  • The details of the livestreamed Beatification Mass are still being worked out. It will be shown on the internet and broadcast on cable television and radio
  • Full details will be shared on the AOD website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels.
  • Information and stories about Fr. Solanus will be available from our archdiocesan cable-TV station. Schedule information available at www.ctnd.tv.
  • The Michigan Catholic has partnered with Fr. Patrick Gonyeau to produce short videos on using the life of Fr. Solanus as a model for our own. Click here for videos one, two and three.
  • On the three days preceding the beatification there will be a Holy Hour with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, each one scheduled from 7 – 8 p.m.
    • November 15: Mother of God Chaldean Church in Southfield
    • November 16: Ste. Anne Church in Detroit
    • November 17: Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit
  • A Novena of Prayer has been prepared for parishes and individuals to use in the days before the Beatification. 
  • A Mass of Thanksgiving has also been scheduled for Sunday, November 24 at 4 p.m. at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament. 
  • To help those who will be participating at the Mass of Beatification the attached transportation information has been collected. 


Rite of Election 2018

The schedule for the Rite of Election in 2018 is as follows:ougs3f8yph66fvcqoya0toq6aqsgfg8r

Saturday, Feb.17 11:00 a.m. Bishop Hanchon
  2:00 p.m. Bishop Cepeda
  5:00 p.m. Bishop Battersby
Sunday, Feb.  18 11:00 a.m. Archbishop Vigneron

All coordinators of the RCIA will receive a letter during the week after Thanksgiving with more information and a form to register the catechumens and candidates in their parish process who have been discerned as fully prepared to be initiated at the Easter Vigil.  Remember, there is no teaching during Lent.  It is the time of spiritual preparation for initiation.

Over the years I have often heard RCIA team members say that their catechumens have discerned that they are ready for initiation.  Something is wrong with this statement.  RCIA #121 says:
Before the rite of election the bishop, priests, deacons, catechists, godparents, and the entire community, in accord with their respective responsibilities and in their own way, should, after considering the matter carefully, arrive at a judgment about the catechumens’ state of formation and progress.
In other words, it is the responsibility of all those who are actively engaged in the formation process to discern from the words, actions, attitudes, etc. of these catechumens that:
  • they have undergone a conversion in mind and action
  • they have developed a sufficient acquaintance with Christian teaching
  • they have developed a spirit of faith and charity
  • they have the intention to receive the sacraments of the Church
Often I have heard:  “I can’t tell this person she/he is not yet ready.  They want to be initiated; they have come to most of our classes for the past four or five months; they will be getting married in a few months, etc.” 

My answer to these comments is: 
  • Are we forming these catechumens for an event…or for a lifetime?  
  • Is their formation sufficient to guide them through the joys and sorrows, the pain and suffering, the everyday ups and downs for the rest of their life?
  • Have they developed a relationship with Christ, such that, their behavior reflects what Christ has taught and what we believe?  
  • Do they understand and accept that their initiation marks them for the rest of their lives as those who have publicly committed themselves to walk with Christ? 
  • Do they understand that they can never say they are no longer a follower…they cannot erase initiation as if it never happened…once a Christian always a Christian?
  • They can join those who have turned their backs on Christ and try to walk away but they are still marked and will still be held accountable.
Pope Francis tells us:

As part of his mysterious love for humanity, God furnishes the totality of the faithful with an instinct of faith – sensus fidei – which helps them to discern what is truly of God. (Evangelii Gaudium # 119)
Discernment is awe-some…and filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  It is the task of those members of the community who have had a hand in the formation process.  The Spirit guides us in the process to make the proper judgment.  There is nothing wrong with saying to someone you need more time in the process. Click here for resources on Discernment from TeamRCIA and a handout on Discernment.

News from the Vatican

With his message "Let us love, not with words but with deeds", Pope Francis has inaugurated the First World Day of the Poor.  He tells us:
At the conclusion of the Jubilee of Mercy, I wanted to offer the Church A World Day of the Poor, so that throughout the world Christian Communities can become an ever greater sign of Christ’s charity for the least and those in most need.

World Day of the Poor will be celebrated on the Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time which this year falls on November 19th.  Christian communities are encouraged to create moments of encounter and friendship, solidarity and concrete assistance.

 If we truly wish to encounter Christ, we have to touch his body in the suffering bodies of the poor, as a response to the sacramental communion bestowed in the Eucharist.  The Body of Christ, broken in the sacred liturgy, can be seen, through charity and sharing, in the faces and persons of the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters.  Saint John Chrysostom’s admonition remains ever timely: if you want to honour the body of Christ, do not scorn it when it is naked; do not honour the Eucharistic Christ with silk vestments, and then, leaving the church, neglect the other Christ suffering from cold and nakedness” (Hom. In Matthaeus, 50.3: PG 58)

The Center of Concern has created the attached Prayer Service that can be used in the week before the World Day of the Poor. 

News from the USCCB

Misal Romano ... What's New? What's Not?
The FDLC has had an opprtunity to review the Misal Romano and has provided information about changes in the text

Carindal DiNardo has established a mandatory implementation date for the First Sunday of Advent 2018. There will be three publishers of the ritual edition: Catholic Book Publishing, Liturgical Press and Magnficiat. Liturgical Press already has it on their website


For Pastors and Worship Commissions

New Planning Sheet for Confirmation
There is a new Planning Sheet for Confirmation.  A copy is attached. I ask all who have received their copy of the revised Guide for the Preparation of the Confirmation Liturgy to attach this Planning Sheet to their book.

Adult Confirmation at the Cathedral
The letter from Fr. Grau inviting parishes to register adult Catholics for the reception of Confirmation at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament has been sent in Parish Mail. The date of the celebration is the Feast of Christ the King on November 26th at 11 a.m.  In case you missed the letter a copy is attached.

Influenza and the Liturgy
The flu season is upon us once more and some of our parishioners are very concerned about the spread of germs especially from some of the liturgical practices at Mass. Hopefully the attached suggestions will help with these concerns. 

Commissioning Liturgical Ministers
Fall is the time when many parishes provide formation for their liturgical ministers.  This formation supports and grows their understanding of the Eucharist and their role as a liturgical minister.  All liturgical ministers are, as a rule, are commissioned by the Archbishop for a period of 5 years. This link provides the guidelines and form for parishes to request commissioning of Lectors and of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

Calendar Alert

Christmas 2017
According to Canon Law, "On Sundays and other holy days of obiligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass." This year the Fourth Sunday of Advent falls on December 24, Christmas falls on Monday, December 25. Some people are beginning to ask: Can I satisfy both obligations by attending Mass on the evening of December 23? Click here for the answer.
Nov. 9 Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
  This basilica is the "mother of all churches in Rome and the world"
Nov. 13 St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
  Patroness of immigrants and of migrants
Nov. 15 St. Albert the Great
  Patron of Scientists
Nov. 16 St. Margaret of Scotland
  Patroness of Scotland
Nov. 21 Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Day
  Food for the family dinner or for distribution may be blessed on this day. See Book of Blessings #1755 – 1780 for the prayer to be used.
Nov. 26 Feast of Christ the King
  Adult Confirmation at the Cathedral
Nov. 30 St. Andrew, Apostle
     Patron of fishing industry

Passing on the Faith:
A Practical Look at Passing on the Faith to Future Generations
This presentation, intended for parents, will provide them with tools and methods to talk about the faith with their children.

Obtaining Low Gluten Hosts
In the dioceses of the United States, there are four approved distributors of low-gluten hosts and two of mustum known to the Secretariat of Divine Worship. 

New Archdiocesan Certificates for full initiation, Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist

New Archdiocesan Certificates for those who are welcomed into Full Communion with the Catholic Church

Guia Para La Preparación de la Liturgia de la Confirmacion: the Spanish copy of the Guide for the Preparation of the Confirmation Liturgy

Parishes around the Archdiocese are offering workshops and other experiences for adults who are interested in growing their faith. These are advertised in Parish Mail. You may request to be placed on the list of those receiving the news at aod.org/parishmail.

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