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Amma's 60th Birthday Seva Call
Special Projects in honour of Amma's 60th Birthday

Amma cooks for devotees

Om Amriteswaryai Namah

Dear Ian,
Amma will be celebrating her 60th birthday this year on 27 September and, in honour of this and to show our appreciation of the great gift Amma has given us, Swamiji wants satsang groups all over the world to organise specific service activities which can be recorded on video and shown on the big screen in front of Amma on her birthday.

The aim is to show how Amma’s children all over the world celebrated her birthday, spreading the message of her life — service to humanity is service to God. These activities could include visiting old people’s homes, soup kitchens, tree planting, clean-up drives, blood donation drives, etc.
Below is a letter from Brahmachari Shubamrita explaining the project, followed by some of the initiatives which are already being planned by the London satsang. To get involved in seva projects in your area, contact your local satsang leader from the contact list at the end of each Enews mailing. The most recent Enews can be viewed here.
Please contact Shalini with your ideas and to let us know what you are planning, or for any other information. Then record your experience and send it to the ashram by 15 September, using the details at the end of Br Shubamrita’s letter. 

Letter from Br Shubamrita

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Om Namah Sivaya. Amma’s 60th Birthday is approaching soon and will be celebrated on 26 and 27 September in India. A sea of humanity is expected to converge here at Amritapuri to celebrate the 60 glorious years of Amma’s unparalleled life that shines as wondrous testimony to the spirit of service, purity, and love. It is an occasion for all of us to express our heartfelt gratitude to Amma for having come into our lives, and showing us the right path towards peace and contentment. I am sure all of you have planned to celebrate Amma’s Birthday in a grand way in your respective countries.
Amma’s whole life is an offering in service of the world.
Before the Birthday, Swamiji wants every country to organise some activity of community service in one place or different places as per the satsang groups that each country has. (It can be also be done by satsang groups together if the groups are very small so that there is a good participation.)
It can be activities like visit to old age homes, tree planting, clean-up drives in public places, soup kitchens, blood donation drives, etc. It should be organized before September 10.
We would like you to record these activities and send it to us by September 15. We plan to play all these clips on the 27th on the big screen while Amma is giving darshan to show how Amma’s children all around the world celebrated her Birthday. It will also be nice to have short statements from devotees as to how Amma’s presence and teachings have influenced their lives.
 It will be beautiful if the whole group wishes Amma a “Happy Birthday” at the end. Also, if we could get this activity into the local print and visual media, that will be great.
I know that the time is short. But, I am optimistic that all of you will be able to think about some activity that you can do in your respective places. Let us try our best.
Thanking you, 
In Amma’s service,
Shubamrita Chaitanya
PS: The clips that you send should be in the following format: 
Video Format: 16:9, in HD quality
max 10 minutes per activity. Please send a short description of the activity by mail to Nath at 
The videos can be uploaded to Dropbox -
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London Satsang Events Being Planned

1. “Silent Minute at Big Ben” Gather in Parliament Square at 9pm (date tbc) to pray for World Peace. More info here.

2. Befriending Vulnerable People who are part of the A2 Dominion Housing Association. Briefing workshop: Saturday 17 August 3-5.30pm. Venue: Greenford.
3) Introduce Amrita Bala Kendra to the young babes of Amma and a fun event, including some of the Indeed campaign (e.g. grow your own veg). Saturday 7 September. 3-6pm Venue: Sunningdale.
4) Farm picking of Organic Apples and donating to charity (we have the farm with apples ready). Sunday 1 September. Venue: Guildford.
 5) Spreading of Indeed Campaign through schools.
6) Video Session at the EastHam satsang wishing Amma a Happy Birthday. Saturday 24th August. 9pm. Please be ready to give “short statements as to how Amma’s presence and teachings have influenced your lives” for video taping!
Other initiatives in the planning stage include car boot sales, and hospital and care home visits. To take part in any of the initiatives mentioned, or for more information, contact Yamunah
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Special Moments with Amma” book for Amma

We are also planning a commemorative hardback book to present to Amma during her visit to London this year. We want this to include Amma’s UK children’s own stories of “our most precious moment” with Amma and to offer it to her as a gift when she visits. We then plan to produce normal copies for distribution and sale, and also an e-version of it.  Please send your stories to Meredith Deadline 31 August. Max 350 words.
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