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Winter 2015

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Say "No!" to Litter

Our garbage clean-ups are a highlight of our programs! When students learn how garbage on streets can harm many types of animals they are truly inspired to help solve this problem!  Fourth graders at Foothill Elementary School in Pittsburg were surprised to see all the trash on their school yard. Many admitted that they had never really noticed it before. Fourth Grade Teacher Ms. Donna Binkowski asked the students what types of trash were most common out on the playground. Students shared that it was candy wrappers, snack trash, and paper. Ms. Binkowski then asked students to think about the source of that trash.“Us!” the whole class exclaimed. 

Many students shared with each other that they were not going to litter anymore and that they would tell their friends and families not to litter as well. Blessing shared, “I learned today that cleaning up litter helps my environment. So, when I get home, that is what I will do in my neighborhood!” Students picked up over 1,000 pieces of trash in their clean-up project. They cheered and felt very proud of themselves.

To learn more about the School Wide Storm Drain Rangers Program, click here.

Restoration 1Taking Action   for Arroyo Viejo Creek

Arroyo Viejo Creek, which flows through East Oakland, near Cox Academy School, also flows through the grounds of the Oakland Zoo. Third grade students from Cox Academy had a wonderful experience helping the environment by restoring the creek, and visiting the zoo!

Students used their hands to simulate a watershed and demonstrate how the rain falls and fills creeks like Arroyo Viejo where a diversity of organisms lives. KIDS for the BAY Instructor Aislinn Sterling explained that students would be helping the creek by pulling out weeds. Invasive plants make it difficult for other plants that keep the creek healthy to grow. Students, teachers and parents got to work and discovered all kinds of organisms. They investigated fallen galls from oak trees, mushrooms, spiders and beetles, as they worked to help the creek.

To learn how this wonderful day ended, click here.
FOG (2)Be an 

Don't Dump in the Sewer System
The sewer system is designed to treat water and decrease pollution before discharging into our watershed. Some people think the sewer system can handle any type of substance but that is a misguided belief. There are some substances the sewer system is not designed to process. These include: Fats, Oils and Greases- FOGs! If we dump these substances down the sink and into the sewer, we will cause blockages and backups in the system. Sewer overflows are a serious problem as they contaminate the surroundings and affect organisms in the local watershed.  The best way to dispose of these types of cooking oils is to wait until they cool down, place them in a non-recyclable container and discard with your garbage.  Use paper towels to wipe oils and animal fats from your pots and pans.

Keep our sewer system clear! Click here to learn more.
thank you (2) 2Thanks to our Generous Funders and Donors in 2014
Each and every one of our funders and donors in 2014 are giving 4,402 students and 135 teachers access to high quality environmental education programs. Thanks to you, students are able to visit their local creek, bay or ocean habitats and investigate organisms and their adaptations. Your donations make it possible for us to bring hands-on science into the classroom and encourage the next generation of Inspired Environmentalists to take action. Teachers learn how to use their local watershed as a living laboratory and discover new ways to teach science in the classroom and outdoors.

All of us at KIDS for the BAY and our partner teachers and students are sincerely thankful for your trust in the work we do. Click
here for a comprehensive list of our 2014 funders and donors.
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Let's Get Outside!
Join KIDS for the BAY for a fun-filled summer of hands-on science and nature exploration in the outdoors! 

Campers will learn how every living thing is interconnected, and become Inspired Environmentalists!

We offer summer camp sessions for 5-7, 8-10 and 11-13 year olds. Our summer camp takes full advantage of the amazing natural spaces in our own backyard. Campers will explore bay and ocean shorelines, including Muir Beach and Angel Island, hike along beautiful creeks, study insects in ponds, kayak on the bay and swim in a lake!  

Check out our new five-day
 backpacking trip for campers ages 11-13.

To learn more about available themes and to register visit our
Don’t wait! Early Bird Registration discount ends April 1st!

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