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KIDS for the BAY News - Fall 2013

In this edition of the KIDS for the BAY Fall E-Newsletter ........

19th Annual Wildcat Creek Clean-Up Event

Lions Creek – Where is that?!

Matching Grant Opportunity for New Monthly Donors!


KIDS for the BAY Inspired Environmentalists!


Be An Environmentalist – Only Rain Down the Storm Drain!

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19th Annual Wildcat Creek Clean-Up Event


"This was so much fun!  How can I do this again?"

Eliana, Student, Helms Middle School, San Pablo

On October 12, 2013, children, parents and local school teachers joined KIDS for the BAY and the City of San Pablo to help clean up Wildcat Creek, which flows through Davis Park on its way to the San Francisco Bay.  This event, originally begun by a class of third grade students from Dover Elementary School in San Pablo, as part of their KIDS for the BAY Watershed Action Program, brings the community together every year to take care of their local creek and park environment.


            “It’s always a blast to come here and pick up litter with my students!”

            Laura Larson, Teacher, Helms Middle School, San Pablo


Check out the full story of this special community event on our website!

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Lions Creek – Where is that?!


Many fourth grade students at Futures Elementary School live in the Lions Creek Crossings Apartments between 66th and 69th Streets in Oakland, but have never visited Lions Creek and did not know that their apartment complex was named after it! This changed significantly when KIDS for the BAY Instructor Kimberly Aguilar partnered with them and their teachers to teach our Watershed Action Program. Now the students know that they live in the Lions Creek Watershed, which drains to the San Francisco Bay. They know how to reduce storm drain pollution to their creek and to the bay, and they have a deep connection with the health of their local creek.


Read how KIDS for the BAY students organized a community effort to

clean up their creek in our latest Annual Report:

Matching Grant Opportunity for New Monthly Donors

to KIDS for the BAY!


We are very excited to share with you that a new funder to KIDS for the BAY, the Footprint Foundation, will match the total annual amount of donations pledged by new monthly donors joining our EverGreen Monthly Donors Club before December 15, 2013!  Please help us to secure these important matching funds for our work; sign up as a monthly donor today!


Our EverGreen Monthly Donors Club is a convenient and meaningful way to support KIDS for the BAY:


“Making a monthly donation is the only way we could consistently give to

this amazing organization. It's so easy; you don't have to think about

renewing it every month and it really helps KIDS for the BAY do their vital work. It's a small amount each month, but it has a big impact for

the children and environment of the Bay Area.”

Alison and Virgil Rhodius


Please sign up today to begin making your

monthly donations!

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KIDS for the BAY Inspired Environmentalists!


In the 2012 – 2013 School Year, KIDS for the BAY delivered exciting environmental education programs to 4,757 school students and partnered with 144 new teachers.  In addition, 29 teachers who participated in a KIDS for the BAY program for the first time in the 2011 – 2012 school year, taught the same program to a new class of students, reaching 763 students.  Many more teachers, trained in our programs in previous years, taught their KIDS for the BAY program to new classes of students as well.  Our latest Annual Report highlights how we are connecting school students with nature, getting students turned on to science, inspiring environmental action and creating a

lasting impact.

“I learned that one person might think it’s okay to pollute, but if everyone thinks like that one person, then the bay will be a very polluted place.”

Taizair, Fourth Grade Student, Prescott Elementary School, Oakland


Click HERE to read our latest Annual Report

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Be An Environmentalist! – Only Rain Down the Storm Drain


Our KIDS for the BAY Inspired Environmentalists are busy cleaning up their local creeks, completing neighborhood clean-ups and educating their families about ways to reduce storm drain pollution to our creek-bay-ocean watershed.  Did YOU know that any pollution that gets into our storm drains flows - untreated - directly into the local creek, which then flows to the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean?


For important tips on how you can reduce storm drain pollution and

make sure that Only Rain Goes Down the Storm Drain, click here!

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