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Fall 2014

 Young Scientists Take Action in Our New School Wide Program
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Our young environmentalists love to make a difference in their communities!  Building on the success of our Storm Drain Rangers program, KIDS for the BAY and our partner agency Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program have expanded the program to include entire elementary schools. Storm Drain Rangers students lead a school-wide Assembly at each of our partner schools to spread the word about ways to reduce trash and other types of storm drain pollution.  They organize a campus-wide clean-up project and conduct pre- and post-program clean-up activities to measure the number and types of trash collected.  We expect to see a significant reduction in the amount of trash around our partner school campuses as a result of this program.

Learn more about this exciting new program!
coastal cleanupCoastal Clean-Up Day: A Huge Success

KIDS for the BAY staff, family members, and volunteers joined the California Coastal Clean-Up Day event on September 20th.  Our team picked up trash along Crown Memorial Beach in Alameda and collected an astounding 2,200 pieces of trash in just a few hours!  Our findings will be included in the state-wide data on the types and quantities of garbage collected during this annual event.  KIDS for the BAY was proud to participate in this day of action for our shared environment.

Sadly, Styrofoam (or its generic name polystyrene) was one of the most prevalent types of trash picked up on the coast by the KIDS for the BAY team. Read more about the dangers of Styrofoam in the next section of this newsletter.

Read about the results of past Coastal Clean-Up Day Events 
Styrofoam_main_0706 2Be an 

Say NO to Styrofoam   
According to the Earth Resource Foundation, polystyrene foam (known as Styrofoam) is hazardous from its production process to its disposal by consumers. Workers exposed to styrene (the main building block of polystyrene foam) during the manufacturing process can experience severe health issues such as skin and eye irritation, upper respiratory tract issues and gastrointestinal problems. Hydrocarbons used during the making of polystyrene contribute to air pollution which impacts communities living near these factories.  Toxic chemicals also leach from Styrofoam packaging into the foods and drinks they contain.  Unfortunately, Styrofoam never completely breaks down, although it can easily break into smaller and smaller pieces.  These smaller pieces of Styrofoam pose a serious choking and digestion hazard to animals in the natural environment.

Take a stand against polystyrene foam!  Read more about Styrofoam, its negative impacts, and the many great alternatives.
Annual report photo border jpegOur Latest Annual Report:
Stories of Environmental
Stewardship and Action

Be inspired by our students and their teachers, as they become real environmentalists in their communities, teaching others about the importance of taking care of the environment, and actively participating in environmental initiatives to help their local watersheds, parks and natural spaces.
We hope you enjoy reading their success stories.

Muir Beach  FUTURES Elementary Oakland 3EverGreen
Monthly Donors Club
Your donations make it possible for us to inspire the next generation of environmentalists through hands-on science lessons that empower students to take action.
Your monthly donations really make a difference!
Your gift of:
$25 a month provides exciting hands-on environmental science lessons to a class of 30 students
$50 a month supports a creek, bay or ocean field trip for a class of 30 students

$100 a month inspires a class of 30 students to complete an environmental Action Project
$200 a month helps train a grade level team of teachers to continue teaching our programs every year.
We have reached 68,339 students and 2,930 teachers in the past 22 years.
How many inspired environmentalists will you support with your donation?
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Thank you for your generous support!                                    
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