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Greetings Richard & Stacey, May 1, 2009

 Action Alert:

   The Washington DC City Council will vote for the final time on Bill 18-66 on Tuesday, May5.  This bill gives legal recognition to same sex "marriages" from other states that recognize them.  It is reported that the DC Council plans on introducing a bill to recognize same sex "marriages" later this year.  Use our email tool to contact all city council members, Mayor Fenty and key staff to tell them to vote NO on Bill 18-66.  You can also send another email asking for the repeal of the HPV Vaccine legislation that will require all incoming 6th grade girls to be vaccinated this Fall unless their parents opt them out.  Go to the Email Tool
Why Can't Homosexual "Marriage" work?

   Due to the principles through which God created the world, love requires an object. It is quite apparent in the natural and human world, that God created using the pair system, where male and female, men and women complement each other. Men and women come together, centered on love and the higher purpose of forming a family that will create children. It is also quite apparent that a man or a woman cannot create a child by themselves, no matter how long they may try. These basic relationships of family, including the parents and grandparents, form a nucleus for all relationships in the world, by extension, such as the brotherhood of all humanity centered upon our one common Creator.
Same sex relationships are out of order with the natural world, as stated above. Read More

YOUth Awakening Abstinence Revolution Kicks Off

Below: Capria Speaks out about why abstinece is important

Capria.jpg  Servants Without Borders and ULTRA Teen Choice kicked off  the YOUth Awakening Abstinence Revolution campaign last week at Washington Family Church National Cathedral in northwest Washington, DC.  The kick off event featured a panel of five youth speaking out on the importance of sexual abstinence,   as well as several speakers and entertainment.

Servants Without Borders founder and program emcee Lynura Jones pointed out that African Americans are disproportionately affected by HIV infection, accounting for 55% of all HIV infectionsreported among persons aged 13 to 24.  Ms Jones reported that earlier this year she thought:

    “God, what is my purpose, how can I make a difference in the world?.... I’m 25 years old and I’ve been abstinent all my life,  and I praise God for keeping me, because that is my testimony.  I said, Lord, What do you want me to do?  He said, this time, Let’s start an abstinence revolution, because that is what the word has taught us, to be abstinent until marriage. We’re to save ourselves.  And I was like, wow God, if that’s the case we would end pregnancy, we would end HIV coming from safe sex and then we would abstain from drugs, abstain from things that cause us to harm ourselves, because our body is our temple.” …  “The Christian community, if no one else needs to stand up, because we have been quiet for way too long”.  Read More

Northwest Chapter of ULTRA Teen Choice Holds
Essay Contest

Middle School Winner:  Latrice Johnson:
To start off, I believe every person on earth should wait until they are married to have sex. There are multiple reasons why I strongly believe this. First of all, God would like me to be abstinent. Secondly, I am less likely to get diseases. Lastly, my virginity is important to me.

                Have you ever wondered why God wants you to save yourself until marriage? Well, he wants you to because in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, he says, “I am your body, therefore honor God with your body.” This tells you when you sexually sin against your body, you are also sinning against God. Also, you should respect God and all he wants. God made sex for a husband and wife to enjoy, not for others to play with it.

                Secondly, when you have sex with a man (not your husband), you may catch a disease. When you are married, you know if your husband has a disease. But when you are not, you don’t know. Even though you use a condom, a condom protects only 99% of diseases. Once you get a disease you have to tell every guy/ man you are ever going to be with. Who would want to marry someone with a disease?

                Thirdly, virginity should be prided. When you lose your virginity, you are losing something special. You don’t know if you have met the right person until you know them. Your husband should be your first and last. Also, the only person you are intimate with should be your husband. My virginity is sacred to me and only my husband should be able to have it.

                In conclusion, now that you know why you should save yourself, start now. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to be cool. In a few years, the people who had sex unmarried will be pregnant, have diseases, and may be living a life unpleasing to God. Hopefully this essay takes effect on you and you will now wait until you are married.
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    ULTRA Teen Choice for summer youth programs

ULTRA Teen Choice is a premier provider of abstinence until marriage training and education.  We provide presentations, training seminars, and design accountability partner programs that will help your youth succeed by avoiding the risk factors of premarital sex as well as drug and alcohol use.  Call us today at 202-558-5550 to schedule summer programming for your organization.


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