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We Own It !
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Worcester Roots is working towards an economy that works for everyone, one based in worker co-operatives and community ownership. Our post-industrial mid-sized city is strategically poised to have an upswell of mission-based, creative co-op enterprises to fill old factory buildings, empty lots and community needs. Worcester Roots is ready to give this movement the boost it needs to achieve a critical mass of co-ops that can support each other and be sustainable. We have already worked with two worker co-ops that are close to achieving their independence: Diggers Landscaping Co-op and Future Focus Media Co-op; and we're ready to partner with initiatives that will go to scale and form union alliances.

Worcester Roots Project is seeking support for the “We Own It” campaign to incubate more worker co-ops and build infrastructure to support cooperative ventures. We are looking to raise $8,000 dollars for next years's Co-op Academy.
Make small (and large) donations at our Indiegogo site:
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We can determine the direction of our own lives. This is our community,our economy, the peoples’ economyWe Own It!

Second Membership Assembly!
Worcester Roots is having its 2nd Membership Assembly on April 17th at 5:30 at Stone Soup Community Center (4 King St).
Come eat food, meet other members, and help plan the future directions of the We Own It Campaign and our youth organizing group TOES!
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See you then!
We Own the Map Game!
 The Bosses
Attention Roots members and friends! We need your help!

This morning as we came in to work there was a letter taped to the door. It read as follows:

“A Letter from the Top to the Bottom

To whom it may concern,

The Bosses of Worcester have selected Stone Soup Community Center as the new Head Quarters for Corporation Incorporated! We met and all agreed that the Stone Soup Community Center, while an excellent new building, is not going to serve in our interests.

Not to worry for those now without jobs, Corporation Inc will provide many new jobs for people in the neighborhood. We also offer predatory loans, gentrification, and wage theft at very reasonable rates!
Minimum wage and temp positions are opening at the Privatized Prisons Lobby, Buy A Bike, the White Men’s Cigar Club, the Worcester Deportations Coalition, the HX Managerial Library, Oil and Bombs, and the Worcester chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Monied People.
From this point on, the Corp Inc HQ building will be run hierarchically with me as its CEO.

Stone Soup is ours.

We Own It.

However, we are open to a little ‘healthy competition.’
We challenge The Workers to a little game.

1) Post a #WeOwnItWorc sticker, flyer or chalk-drawing

2) Take a photo / selfie

3) Post the photo and the location of sticker, flyer or chalk-drawing on the Roots facebook with your team’s name (Workers or Bosses)

4) Your team gets points. Each address is worth one point.

5) To take back a location from the opposing team you must have three times as many posts as they do at that location.

6) Teams can pick up stickers and fliers from Techicopia, Stone Soup, Pure Juz.

The team that can claim the most territory will win the game! If the Workers win you can all have your precious Community Center back!
But if we (the Bosses) win you will have to be our wage-slaves forever!

We look forward to the challenge.

The Bosses

Get off our property.”

Everyone we need your help! We need to beat the Bosses!
Play ‘We Own the Map’!

The Diggers Landscaping Cooperative

The Diggers are a worker cooperative that is being incubated by Worcester Roots. We specialize in permaculture design and installation. We are entering our second Spring season! Call us for clean ups and spring plantings!
(774) 314-7344!


Newly finished stone walkway!

All this is possible, only with your help!
Donate Here!


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Forward this message to a friend | 4 King st, Worcester, MA 01610 | (508) 343-0035 |

Toxic Soil Busters Co-oplogoMEDyicyouthincharge2color

April 2014


  Change of Address:
We're now at
4 King St.
Worcester, MA 01610



Join the Nuestro Huerto
Community Supported Agriculture:

Click Here for More Info

Wish list:

  • Electric kettle (hot pot)
  • Office supplies (scissors, pens, tape, markers, paper, envelopes, etc.)
  • White board
  • Gardening tools (shovels, trowels, rakes, etc.)
  • Video equipment (memory for macs, HD cameras, memory cards, mini DV tapes, mics, lights)
  • Picnic tables
  • Large planters
  • Landscaping equipment (String trimmer, ez-loader, trailer, wheel barrows etc.)
  • Lumber (4x4's especially)
  • Bricks, blocks, pavers, stepping stones

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Worcester Roots Project
4 King St
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

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