NWSE is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Just think of all the stories, achievements, friendships, and wonderful memories those three decades of student exchange have produced. To make sure that your stories are told, we are reaching out to our former NWSE participants to hear how the time they spent here in America as an exchange student influenced them.

Read what they had to say!


We will be announcing details of NWSE's 30th Anniversary Video Contest soon! Exchange years are filled with so many incredible memories and transformative experiences. Recall that we invited all students and families to join us in sharing some of those stories and impressions through fun, creative, and informative videos for the NWSE community - and the world! Look out for next month's newsletter for complete contest guidelines - including cool prizes for contest winners!

In the meantime, get inspired by checking out videos from some of our past students on the NWSE YouTube channel. We can't wait to include your video!


This month's blog posts go out to all of you history buffs!

  • A Brief History of the English Language
    Do you ever feel like the English language sometimes just doesn't make any sense? Who would invent such a crazy language? We were feeling the same thing and thought we would look into it for you!
  • The History of International Student Exchange
    Every year, tens of thousands of high school students from around the world come to America for cultural exchange experiences. These experiences enrich host schools, communities, and families all across our country. When and how did all of this begin?

One of our fall semester students, Svetlana from Spain, sent touching reflections about her exchange. We liked them so much that we wanted to share them with all of you. Most of you are now entering the last four or five months of your exchange programs and might be feeling some of the same things that Svetlana felt. What have been some of your best memories of your exchange so far? What have been some of your biggest challenges? Share them with us at nwse@nwse.com.

What are two of the biggest challenges you faced during your program and how did you handle them?
"The first and the hardest one: understanding people talking. My English was not that bad before coming to the United States, but after being here, I realized that I needed so much more improvement. Taking my time, I learned to pay attention to every single word to be able to improve my understanding of the English language I think now I've got this! (at least it feels easier than in the beginning , haha.) The second challenge was the different school system. Every single aspect related to the school was totally different to what I was used to in Spain (schedule, types of classes, etc.). One thing that surprised me a little bit was that I had to call teachers by their second name (in Spain we always call them by their first name)."

What is your best memory of your program?
"I think the time I spent with some of my best friends here. All together at church, doing some trips, and hanging out in general... AMAZING!"

What will you miss most?
"The people - those who did anything for me since the first day I was here, those who I had a really good time with, laughed with, and could trust. In general, those who made this experience an even better one."

What advice would you want to pass on to a future exchange student?
"Do not be shy and scared. Even though at first you think it is going to be tough, you just have to know that there are going to be MANY people who will do whatever they can for your well-being. My advice? Enjoy it from the very first day. One day you will long for being in that moment again!!! [Personal experiences haha, I DO NOT WANNA LEAVE :) ]."


Check out some of the cool things our exchange students have been doing this month!

img 1
Matej from the Czech Republic with his hockey team in Wisconsin
img 1
Nina from Switzerland and Julia from Spain meet a member of the famous Harlem Globetrotters
img 1
Aleksandra from Poland hanging out with her host sister and friends in Texas
img 1
Chris from the U.S. poses with his baseball team in Japan

Help us give the gift of exchange to deserving students in the 2018-19 school year! We've already begun looking for great host families for our students arriving next fall. If you know of a great family who could provide a loving home to one of our exchange students, please send them our way! We will provide a $175 airline gift certificate for an airline of your choice for referring a family that hosts one of our students.

Write to us at host@nwse.com, include "Host Family Referral" in the subject line, and we'll do the rest. Interested hosts can also visit our website for more detailed information.

Unfortunately, regulations prohibit compensating a host family for referring itself.

We look forward to receiving your referrals very soon!

Holidays and Cultural Events

Presidents' Day (Feb. 19) is a federal holiday honoring the presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom were born in February. The day is not usually marked by any special festivities or traditions. Schools, banks, government offices, and many businesses have the day off.

Daylight Saving Time Begins (Mar. 11). Except in Arizona and Hawaii, which do not observe daylight savings time, clocks in the U.S. will be moved forward by one hour at 2 a.m. Clocks will return to standard time on November 4, 2018.

Saint Patrick's Day (Mar. 17) is a popular cultural holiday with origins in Ireland, where Saint Patrick brought Christianity in the fifth century. The holiday has become a non-religious celebration of Irish culture, especially for the over 30 million Americans of Irish descent. Keep your eyes peeled for all things green!

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