NWSE Student Achievement

In each newsletter during the 2018-19 exchange year, we will feature at least one student's success story. These stories will highlight a variety of accomplishments - your exceptional academic performance, sports success, a cool trip you took or cultural activity you did, a special celebration, or - like this time - a great start of the year!

Tarsila from Brazil arrived in North Carolina toward the end of August. Just a few weeks later, she already feels at home and as a loved member of her host mom's life. Besides taking part in fun activities with her host mom (e.g., weekly Zumba classes), Tarsila joined her school's tennis team where she is improving her game and making new friends. Her host mom feels "that this whole experience is going to stay with me and Tarsila's family for the rest of our lives. I couldn't be happier."

Share your success story with us via email including a brief description and photos to nwse@nwse.com. We are happy to share it with your NWSE community!

Halloween Pumpkin Photo Contest

October means Halloween - and Halloween means carving pumpkins! It's time for the annual NWSE Halloween Pumpkin Carving Photo Contest! Enter the contest by creating a cool pumpkin design and sending us photos - you can win some cool prizes!

Details on how to enter the contest are here.

Facebook Group for 2018/2019 NWSE Students

Want to get all the news and updates from NWSE? Want to share your experiences with other NWSE students and learn more about them and their exchanges?

We got you! Join our NWSE exchange students 2018/2019 Facebook Group!

Send Us Your Homecoming Photos!

Homecoming is a fall highlight event at most American high schools - and especially for our exchange students! Share your experience with this American school tradition and send your Homecoming photos to nwse@nwse.com. We will share them on our Instagram and Facebook pages and in our November newsletter.

Please use #nwse #exchangeyourworld when you post photos or stories on social media. We are so excited for you!

Fall Students: Don't Forget to Send Us Your Flight Info

Your exchange has just begun and we understand that you don't want to think about going home yet. That said, we like to plan way ahead so there are no surprises. Please remember to send your return flight information to your Program Coordinator in Seattle, if you have not done so already. Thank you!

NWSE Tip of the Month

Q: I've been feeling homesick lately. What can I do? Is there anyone out there who can help me?

A: Yes, several people are here for you! Your host family, friends, teachers, and school counselors are the closest people you see almost every day, and they can be of great help. Also, remember that you can always talk to your NWSE Area Coordinator. Contact them if you ever have a problem or concern! Of course, you are also welcome to reach out to your Program Coordinator at the NWSE Seattle office any time.

NWSE Annual Conference 2018

Once a year, the NWSE staff and regional and area coordinators from all over the United States meet to work on improving our programs for our students, host families, schools, and families back home.

This year, we met for the first time outside the USA, in Germany's capital city, Berlin. Besides daily conferences, meetings, and work groups (this year including our French, Czech, German, and Spanish partners, and the Cultural Attache of the US Embassy), we also used the chance to meet some of our former exchange students from many years of NWSE exchanges at our NWSE Alumni Night dinner. It was great to see familiar faces again, make new friends, and share experiences!

Upcoming Events and Holidays

Canadian Thanksgiving is on October 8 and provides a chance to give thanks for fortunes in the past year.

October 8 is also National Indigenous People's Day. This day gives recognition to the indigenous populations of North America affected by European colonization (celebrated as an alternative to Columbus Day).

October 19 marks the beginning of Dussehra (Dasera) - a ten-day festival celebrated by Hindus to recognize Rama's victory over evil.

On October 20, the Sikhs community celebrates Sri Guru Granth Sahib - their spiritual guide and the tenth and last final living Guru.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 and marks the end of summer and the beginning of the dark winter times. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, costume parties, and carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns.

We always welcome your program questions and suggestions. Please email us at nwse@nwse.com or call our office at 206 527 0917. Questions we include in our newsletter will be published anonymously.

Happy Halloween from the NWSE staff!

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