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InTrust-now-logo.jpg October 2010

Accrediting changes reflect stricter accountability

Accrediting bodies have traditionally monitored compliance (Does your school meet certain standards?) and, more recently, improvement (Is your school getting better at what it does?).

Today, a third role is emerging -- accountability. That means determining how well a school does what it says it does -- whether the school actually fulfills its promise -- and providing meaningful information to the public about institutional performance.   

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Crushing student debt may be another financial bubble 

Student debt is another of those economic bubbles that challenges theological education.

student-debt 2In a recent issue of Faith and Leadership, Lutheran bishop Rick Foss describes his moment of conversion on this subject. When Foss headed the Eastern North Dakota synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, he learned that the average student loan debt of his new pastors was $30,000.

Not surprisingly, North Dakota clergy salaries are low, and most pastors are hesitant to ask for raises. As a result, many young pastors feel resentment about their calling. They feel trapped. They seek new positions in bigger cities or leave ministry altogether.



Too much mail?   

I have months of unread magazines on my coffee table, and my e-mail inbox is full of messages from organizations I really believe in. It's just that I don't have time to read everything they send.

Sound familiar? So how often does your school send out its communications to donors and friends?

Over at Contributions, an online magazine, consultant Jeff McLinden has been contemplating how often is too often. And he says we've all been asking the wrong question. 



More news and comment for leaders in theological education

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Board Evaluation

Assess your board's performance.

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IN TRUST can help. 

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