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World Team Now's Update!
Be the "Charge" You Want to See!

The consciousness of a World Team in action with solutions for our future is happening now:

Global Climate Reality is being brought front and center not just by all the extreme weather events occurring around the world but people are now taking action to create events to better educate the public. See our Blog 

Get ready –  the World Team multi-media project is about to emerge! !

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This coming Saturday, September 24th  The Global Climate Change movement shows the power of “movement”! 

World Team Now joins for  “Wheel in Renewable Energy- a dance-roller skate event in Venice Beach, CA. Hope you will join us click here  to learn more


Our team is growing! Join us...



Now in  California I love driving a brand new all electric Nissan Leaf!  

We are so excited about Hertz’s global EV initiatives, and especially their 100% percent fossil fuel free fleet of EV’s!  

Did you know you can rent an electric vehicle by the day, month, or hour from Hertz? Check out more from Hertz on Demand and Hertz Entertainment Services, you could be driving the Tesla, Leaf, Smart, and more!  Hertz has introduced the EV in cities from London to Zurich and here in the USA  – New York, to Washington D.C., to San Francisco and on various university campuses, for example at our local Pepperdine University here in Malibu! 

Learn more about Hertz’s programs and read more in our paper about vehicle electrification and the new cars here.


The first of three electric vehicle charger events was our long awaited World Team Now shoot of the City of Malibu’s Electric Vehicle Charger Installation.  We had worked hard prior to help the City get into this grant program.) We were fortunate to have four cameras shooting the day of the chargers' installation.  The day of the Ribbon Cutting with the City of Malibu we had the local newspapers and three more of our cameras, in addition to network coverage from ABC, NBC, and CBS.  We made the news on all three networks plus got some good footage that we are editing into a “short”.  The “short”showcases our electric vehicle charger initiatives from start to finish.  

Hertz made it possible to have the electric vehicles at these events – we appreciate their support of WTN’s grass roots effort and appreciate Hertz’s leadership with this initiative to support our efforts with EV infrastructure. To read more about this day of filming and the actual installation or about The City of Malibu’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, check out our BLOG


The Electric Vehicle Chargers, became contagious as The County Mart also installed one for the public.  

World Team Now was there with a team and displayed some of the raw footage shoot from our installation, at a booth for public education.  

It was great to reconnect with Ed Begley Jr. who has been a long supporter of the World Team project and on WTN’s Honorary Board.  He was one of several speakers, click here to see the video of that event.

Hertz’s electric vehicle was actually the first to initiate the aero environment charger in front of the Ralph Lauren store!  

Were back and driving an EV with our Malibu Charger project done!

Into action – over the summer we took a break from writing our newsletter as we were busy with World Team Now Events!  

Charging the EV from solar energy, a reality!   


To charge from the solar panels on the house, like we did at Andrew Beath’s Earthways (see Video here) and at Helm’s Bakery while at a business meeting – charging to solar is pure joy. 


I love not having to stop at a gas station and love not having to paying for gas. Freedom reigns knowing right now I am independent from paying into something I am not wanting to support – the fossil fuel industry. From a personal, professional, security, economic and geo-political angle, I finally feel more in integrity with the resources I am using for transportation. 

Now for our net zero home; building, and WTN headquarters!

Today, Thursday at 3pm EDT / 19:00 GMT 

Join Climate Week in New York City!  

WTN is supporting our tck,tck,tck partnership with their event – Economics, Environment and Security: It's All About the Positive Energy 

This event will explore the positive steps, varying rationales, and lessons learned by some governments exploring clean, sustainable development. Whether for economic, environmental or security reasons, it's all about positive energy. 

Join the event via our livestream at 

Join in person, please RSVP to

Contact Information: 30765 P.C.H. #337 Malibu, CA 90265

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