Act locally, Act globally- think of us as one

Change seems to be accelerating, not just with World Team Now. Change, not just with our climate, but also with the “systems” humanity has created, spurred by Globalization. Read all about it in World Team Now's Blog.  See the latest on the renewable energy projects arriving in New York, born in Switzerland like the solar airplane and boat: The Solar Impulse and PlanetSolar. Find out what happened at the latest global UN climate talks, what New York and California State are doing around energy, and climate. Read more here

At World Team Now, we are growing, and eager to see the change that happens once our non-profit World Team Now, can be supported by our World Team multi-media platform, and broadcast.  Our World Team project too needs to be demonstrated to fully understand, and to that end our development of our pilot project continues.  While we are working to have this World Team model up in full scale, we have been occupied with events.  In California, for example what we did in Malibu with Earth Day (photo album here), with our “Ride & Drive”, and “The Circle-Up  Around Renewable Energy”.  We owe a shout-out all of those who showed up to participate or volunteer, and for the support of Nissan of Thousand Oaks, and Edwards/Wildman.  We hope to be sharing some of the edited footage soon at WTN’s upcoming fundraising event.   Please save the date for World Team Now’s upcoming annual event in Malibu September 27th & 28th, 2013. Watch World Team Now’s Event’s page for more details about the timing.

Meanwhile check out the 2013 Mailbu Chamber of Commerce's Directory
World Team Now won the Chamber’s photo contest and you can see our photos on pages; 2,6,7,9,14,15,20,31,36,38,39,and WTN is featured on pages 48 and 55!

It is time for us citizens to spearhead energy independence, be active in supplying a diversity of local renewable energy resources (supporting grid stability as a benefit), and to learn how to responsibly use energy.

And it is also time for the whole of us in society to consider “Act locally, Act globally- Think of us all as part of ONE”.

Join us in New York City for clean energy week for ACORE’s Renewable Energy Finance Forum.  World Team Now is so excited that our friends, Andre Piccard and Bertrand Borchberg who are the pilots of the Solar Impulse, are going to keynote this conference— it makes it even more valuable! REFF-Wall Street will address the rapidly changing state of renewable energy finance, and give insights into the path ahead.  Renewable energy projects are the solutions for transforming the present energy models that are based on the past. The past is no longer prologue to the future of this market, and a new path is emergent as evidenced by the presentations and discussions scheduled for REFF-Wall Street. Often the scale of renewable energy projects can seem daunting. The Renewable Energy Finance Forum is an opportunity to gain the valuable resources to undertake your plan, or simply understand the tremendous long-term growth potential the renewable energy market holds.  Use 20% Off Discount Code "SPT20WTN" and Register now


These below are tools for action to help us grow.  It takes a team, thank you for being on it...
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