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Fatigue occurs in 78-80% of individuals with undiagnosed celiac disease.

Children deserve to do their best in school, without brain fog, exhaustion or other celiac symptoms getting in the way.
Consuela knows the problem all too well:

Consuela"At school, I would suffer from brain fog, especially after lunch. One doctor guessed I was probably hypoglycemic, but it didn't really matter whether or not I ate a balanced low glycemic diet, because I still had to fight the urge not to fall asleep afterwards. I was a complete zombie and could not concentrate."


NFCA is determined to stop celiac from taking a toll on academics.

  • Celiac Symptoms Checklist: Increases awareness and diagnosis
  • 504 Roadmap for Gluten-Free School Lunches: Empowers parents and kids
  • GREAT Schools: Trains cafeteria staff in safe gluten-free practices
This month, we're asking you to donate $20 - that's less than the cost of a textbook - to keep these programs and resources alive. Do it for kids who are still struggling like Consuela did.

Add NFCA to your back-to-school checklist.

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For more of Consuela's story, visit »

Source: Pietzak, M. (2010). Primary Care CME: Defining, Diagnosing and Managing Celiac Disease,

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National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
P.O. Box 544
Ambler, Pennsylvania 19002

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