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Have you ever wondered how to sell more value to your clients?

Although I didn't have the opportunity to attend Highpoint Market this spring, a friend from my Linked In Carpet and Textile Design Group did. We've become friends online, bonding over our mutual love of textile design. She's a fabric designer but was kind enough to pick up all the rug trade magazines she could find and send them my way.

A common theme in all these trade publications is VALUE. The consumer is looking for value, either identity value or utility value. They trade up or down depending on their perspective. The identity value consumer is trading up and buys the C-class Mercedes for $30,000 for the image factor. The trading down consumer goes after utility value. An example is the shopper who goes on the treasure hunt at TJ Maxx for brand name clothes so she can feel like she's getting a bargain and high utility from her purchase.

Whether your client is trading up or down, our custom rugs deliver the value your clients are looking for. With our direct link to the manufacturer, our prices cannot be beat. For the identity value consumer looking for the image factor, Tibetan rugs have the allure of being very high-end. Add the custom factor (an artisan rug created to her exact color, texture and design specifications) and she's got a piece that none of her friends will ever have. And best of all, she gets the rug at an attractive price. In contrast, the client searching for utility value will appreciate the "brand" factor in a Tibetan rug. "Tibetan" is a brand name that has been associated with high quality for a long time. She also gets the practicality of Tibetan wool, a fiber that is strong, lanolin rich, easy to clean and extremely long-lasting, again at a very competitive price.

So, if you want to jump on this VALUE train, we have the rugs for you.

Hope you enjoy your summer days!

Julie Dasher

We are a licensed importer of the Rugmark Foundation and donate a percentage of our profits each year to community service in our weaving communities. We only use adult artisans.












June 2009


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Point of Interest

The Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959 and, at that time, many Tibetan artisans migrated to Nepal bringing their wonderful rug weaving skills. Tibetan weavers use the metal rod technique to hand-knot rugs whereby they tie each knot around a metal rod. When the row is complete, they use a sharp razor to slit the knots on the rod to create the pile of the rug. The outcome is a tightly compacted hand-knotted rug, some of the finest rugs in the world.


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