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Tuesday's Tidbits 
Abstract Mixed Media Collage 
January 8th, 2019
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Tuesday's Tidbits is a Newsletter sharing available classes, workshops, events and collage art to help build your collection.  I've been working in the medium of collage and mixed media 24 years, can't believe it. And sharing my paper nuggets and crumpled wisdom through gatherings, instructional settings, retreats and circles of friends now for 22 years. A long time some would say. All I know is that I'm grateful that I've been able to work at what I love to do. 

The art medium of "collage" has its beginnings from the French word, "coller" which means to glue.  Paper was and still is readily available to us all, it's a great source of material to glue to many surfaces. 

Making collage papers from found paper is called, re-purposing  and it's ever changing in it's process and enjoyment for most collage artists. As you might have witness in my own artwork over the years. From a torn edge or cut edge,  I've always been at the papers mercy.   Being a creative maker all my life has been a combination of inner and outer understandings expressed in hopes of the compassion of others feelings, the wordless visual drama around us all.  I've been very fortunate to have had parents, teachers, loved one to encourage this continual crazy combination of self-expression. When people ask what is your "Goal or Dream," I only have this one, to be a elder and preparing to drop off a piece of artwork somewhere for a up coming exhibition.  
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August 8th 2018
Sporting a different Hair style, down, gray and like a "Wild Woman." (feels so good)
From the Studio
In flash it passed,  It, being the holiday's, now a new year has started.  Just a date on a calendar, some may have stayed up late, possibly drinking and eating way too much.  But it seems we have a restart button with this all.  We get to start over doing things differently, we get to start fresh with good intention. 

I know my mind is whirling or shall I say "eddying" with ideas and different things I want to try, make and do. The thing is this doesn't start with a new year this eddying with ideas is an daily occurrence.

That's why I have my little daily sketchbooks I carry around with me. I really want to see a whole row of this some day on a shelf. Memory books they feel like more so then a sketchbook. I write, glue, tape, staple, paperclips and draw all kinds of stuff in them.  It started many years ago with the Artists Way Groups. Nothing new for some but it was for me as of doing something different. 

small art journals

During the holiday weeks that passed by I also felt that I could steal away some time to explore some sculptural and textile ideas.  It is a proven inspirer to dabble with a different creative avenue for a while and then go back into the work you love to do. 

20190104_065440 2
Been doing some hand my little friends, so do the cat and dogs... that's why there on the window ledge. 

My point is....we need to sway from left to right as we walk our creative path, exploring, tasting, feeling, seeing, smelling and hearing new and different things. It helps us Live and Be Alive. 
My word this year is  Live=Alive, and that is just what I'm doing as of putting it to action, life is short what are we waiting for?  

From myheart Heart  and with gratitude in single feather - Copy Spirit 
  thank you for all your support through the years.


Tack Down Tuesday 

#010719-A, "No Forest, No Clean Water 8 x 8 piece of collage art on a Wood Panel ready to hang on our wall or gift to someone special


Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, Gloss medium, acrylics, India ink on drawing paper, papers dyed with walnut and India ink, black thread hand stitching, glazing with acrylic, wax pastel crayons, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished mounted on wood panel.


Meaning behind the art: I grabbed five pieces of paper and the India ink black trees popped up and had me thinking of the forests burned down, sometimes this act is welcome as of controlled burns, but not when it’s effects so many homes and families and critters. Then I couldn't help but grab the blue papers…and the walnut dyed papers.  Thinking about our waters poisoned by so many lies. The inner emotion came out, must have been holding them in for a while.  Not that any thing was solved in creating this piece…I just feel better that I was able to extinguish some thing that I was carrying around.   Plus, I’ve been working with a house/home series in 2018 but it must not been yet. Carrying it in to 2019 now. 

Interested in the Original art work or a print

Click Here  


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Quote for the Week
Life is-
Oh So Temporary, 
so Let's Bust a Move on it!  


My teaching schedule for the start of 2019 

See in full on my Blog Page Here 
Being a working artist mean's I have many streams of income, from teaching in person, online, to workshop and exhibiting and selling my art.  Spinning plates is just the half of complaints. I do love my job ! 

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Shake Rag Alley  
October 2019-Check out my Workshop Here

May 2019-9 years and returning
Check out what is planned for this Year, Dillman's Creative Art Workshops

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I'll be presenting a Demo during this event, 

Mark Your 2019 Year Calendar for this one!!! 
LaGrange Art League March 8th, 2019

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View Collage Work up for Sale...
at My Store HERE

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Gallery Representation- Jane Wilcoxson Gallery in Mineral Point WI,Check out the Video  Fall Art Tour soon. 
And Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, Door County WI. 

Watch the process of how a Tack Down Tuesday piece is created

Self - Published Books for Sale 

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Tack Down Tuesday-Art Book Selection
Learn the Basics of Design with Collage-Instruction Guide book   
 Interested in finding out more about them Click Here 
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