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Tuesday's Tidbits 
Abstract Mixed Media Collage 
September 4th 2018
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Tuesday's Tidbits is a Newsletter sharing available classes, workshops, events and collage art to help build your collection.  I've been working in the medium of collage and mixed media 23 years, can't believe it. And sharing my paper nuggets and crumpled wisdom through gatherings, instructional settings, retreats and circles of friends now for 21 years. A long time some would say. All I know is that I'm grateful that I've been able to work at what I love to do. 

The art medium of "collage" has its beginnings from the French word, "coller" which means to glue.  Paper was and still is readily available to us all, it's a great source of material to glue to many surfaces. 

Making collage papers from found paper is called, re-purposing  and it's ever changing in it's process and enjoyment for most collage artists. As you might have witness in my own artwork over the years. From a torn edge or cut edge,  I've always been at the papers mercy.   Being a creative maker all my life has been a combination of inner and outer understandings expressed in hopes of the compassion of others feelings, the wordless visual drama around us all.  I've been very fortunate to have had parents, teachers, loved one to encourage this continual crazy combination of self-express. When people ask what is your "Goal or Dream," I only have this one, to be a elder and preparing to drop off a piece of artwork somewhere for a up coming exhibition.  
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Laura Lein-Svencner 2013
From the Studio
Ramble of thoughts,
Finishing up some projects...packing for another workshops, and preparing for Fall classes. All while ideas keep flowing in.
There are days when I want to yell up and say, "Hold up, I'm trying to catch up,"  And then I think of how full my life is and all the changes that continual cycle through. Some changes more difficult to accept and others that I'm now seeing I've needed and wanted to make long ago.
 Little do we know that chaos was the main ingredient to ignite the changes out of the pain. 

Recently I read...about how being creative sucks the life out of your struggles...maybe that's why Ideas keep flooding in. 

From myheart Heart  and with gratitude in single feather - Copy Spirit 
  thank you for all your support through the years.


This weeks Tack Down Tuesday's
yelloworangeintensitysmYellow Orange Intensity, 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper, with 2" mat all sides, final ready for a frame 12 x 12.

Materials Used: 140lb. watercolor paper, gloss medium, Citra Solv sales ad paper from Art Van, painted drawing paper with acrylics, black wax crayon, stamped image, with a final coat of UV Satin Varnish.


Meaning behind the art: I want to say hurry up Fall…but then it seems to last a moment. So, I am thinking about an artist’s date soon in the woods close to my house where a huge Maple Grove is.  When you walk down the path it is so intense with color it's almost a spiritual scary experience. A favorite color combo of mine to see and be around is the Gray Sky and the color of the leaves, yellow and orange. The cycle continues as we connect the dots with the season upon us. 

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Quote for the Week
In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside yourself.
Deepak Chopra


Artists Way Continues, 
I personally get all excited about working the artist way with a group of creative souls.  What happens is inspiration, new energy and wonderful friendships emerge. 
UnityFinding Water-Julia Cameron
Starts-Sept 10th 
Mayslake Peabody Estate 
Oak Brook IL 

The book Finding Water completes Julia Cameron’s trilogy on the creative process. If you’ve read Artist Way and Walking in this World the next book in line would be Finding Water. If you haven’t read any of her books you will still receive a gift.   In a circle setting over 13 weeks sharing and discussing over topics about making decision on beginning new projects or staying focus when life threaten to distract us from our art and its process.  Your home practice may involve morning pages or journal writing, artist dates and walks. If you can’t make all the dates, you can catch up the next week. Your creativity is worth the commitment you give it.  

So Join Me and other Creatives~

The wonderful experience of The Circle Way will be part of this class, which will involve a talking stick with entering in and out of the circle gathering. 

Register On-Line Here 

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Local Classes this Fall
White Weasel, 20 x 20 on watercolor paper 
Collage-Spirit Animals
Starts in Oct 2018-Mayslake Peabody Estate,Oak Brook IL 
Call to Pre-register at 630-206-9566

Move to one side
Integrate Collage and Mixed Media
LaGrange Art League Register HERE

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Display 1  2
Excited to share, for the first time I will be working with another artist, Cheri Johnson, collaborating for an exhibit in October at The Treehouse in Downers Grove. Great Space and wonderful group of artists coming together for this event, Save the date...Oct 19th, is the Opening Reception,  Follow us on Facebook at The Art Department.   

So you get the idea,  then you have to think about how it's going to hang...guidelines are, "no holes in the walls." Which we totally respect, art can only be hung by chains.  Artist love a problem to be solved. Next step is to noodle our way to how it will all hang without taking away from the main theme of the work.  

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Collage Workshop 2018
 Collage on the Road again! 
Wildest Dreams
Wildest Dream, 12 x 12 collage on wood panel 
September-Aurora NE 
October-Mineral Point WI  Floating Collage

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View Collage Work up for Sale...
my Square Store HERE

Artist in Residence -Program
October, November, December 2018
at Indian Prairie Public Library-Darien IL 
Exhibiting the Month of October-House and Home Series 
Moth in the House, 24 x 24 collage on wood panel

Gallery Representation- Jane Wilcoxson Gallery in Mineral Point WI,Check out the Video 
And Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, Door County WI. 

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Watch the process of how a Tack Down Tuesday piece is created

Self - Published Books for Sale 

8267827-32279d3a8b366b4efc6c74a18a8cdb82 cover_2
Tack Down Tuesday-Art Book Selection
Learn the Basics of Design with Collage-Instruction Guide book   
 Interested in finding out more about them Click Here 
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