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May 16th 2017
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Laura Lein-Svencner 2013
From the studio this week

Blue Feather1

If you haven't seen this on Stencil Girls Blog you might what to check it out.  I was asked to be a Guest Designer and use some of the stencils available on their site. Feathers are my theme this year... I felt the 30 x 30 piece turned out so well I had it professional photographed Thanks, (Osio Brown Editions) and had it made into a Duvet Cover for our bed. (Fine Art America)  My inspiration came from a section of my vision board I did earlier in the year. 
2017 Card 3
Do you see the blue feathers...that is part of a bed spread clipped it out of a magazine. After gluing it down I was not able to find the real one on-line to purchase it.  So I created my own.  All part of a much over do "Maker's Tale of self-care this year.

So as I pack up the Van again for the "Road Trip" up north (Dillman's workshop) I'm reminded about how blessed this little bit of life has been and so thankful for it in so many ways.
I hope all the mothering souls had a relaxing and peaceful Mother's Day, I know I did. 

Quote for the Week
Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.
  Tack Down Tuesday 

What's it going to take sm

What's it going to take sm framed

#051517-A, "What’s it going to take?" 8 x 8 piece of collage art on watercolor paper with 2” mat all sides framed in a black frame ready to hang on the wall.


Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, stained tissue paper with brewed tea leave, drawing paper with graphite lines and gesso, polymer resist magazine stencil feathers, under paper from my drawing table that has been created into a collage paper, graphite pencil, and acrylics glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.


Meaning behind the art: A flash on Facebook, news about California’s trees fungus and beetle’s and then we will be next if the trees die, panic-a closer reality then we think.  Walking to some Stevie Nicks songs deep in thought while in the woods this morning, which I don’t normally walk with music, I mix things up now and then, my thoughts flashed to Mad Max’s last movie, Fury Road.  A woman warrior none to pretty, body parts missing with many visible scares too the many inner ones not seen. Traveling to save the people and seeds…We are saving seeds now…not to plant for the next year, no for something disaster that could happen, Can we be ready?  I also heard in the Far East seeds where destroyed too.   The attitudes of the other people in the movie are somewhat what we are living with now…Right?  Well we’ve always has those with attitudes in the small mind department with no heart. Then the questions came, “How many strikes do we have left?”  And now I question what is it going to take to see we have to change our ways… Using symbolism with this piece the red circle ringlets are a symbol for healing.  The three blue feathers for this piece are a sign of serenity and sanity. The strike marks are a tally of the many times we repeat this behavior upon ourselves like this and triangles are giving direction though some colliding and others up side down it might be what it take to make it better.  And the black and white squares symbolism the conflicts we will always have in this life between the good and bad…the hopefully will balance themselves out. I'm grateful at these times to rest my emotions in my art making process, much like a prayer sent out. 

If you are Interested In the Collage Art above


Prints available at Fine Art America 

 postcard sm 2
Woman's View-Art Exhibit, An invitation to be part of this group, what an honor- March 15-June 9, Building 201 Lobby, Argonne National Lab. You can see this exhibit Monday-Friday,9-4 check into the Visitor Center first. 

Door County WI, 
Egg Harbor-Woodwalk Gallery My art was accepted to be represented in this Gallery.
If you wander your way up, do stop in and see the great artwork and garden walk. This old Barn Setting is just beautiful.  

New Publication 
Book Cover

Page 94...My work and short interview.  I have to say as I was turning the pages so very inspired by the works I was seeing, this collection of work is Spectacular! Art Journey Abstract Painting 

2017 Collage Workshops


This Workshop is next in line and close to my home, I like to set up a workshop during the summer months for those that have a busy schedule and can't attend. Might this fit into you schedule this year? 
Floating Collage
Floating Collage Workshop Naperville Art League,
  - July 13th,14th,15th  Hotels in the area if your thinking about coming into Naperville IL., 
Great Town to explore! 

Shake Rag Alley, Mineral Point WI 
October 13th-15th 2017 Brochure is out and loaded with's a special place! 
Watch the process of how a Tack Down Tuesday piece is created

Julia Cameron said, "Keep the Drama on the Page...and I say, " Watercolor paper, canvas, wood panel and art journal."

Tack Down Tuesday's A selection of collage works created in the last 5 years 
View and purchase my first Art Book 
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