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The Griot's Eye Program

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In West African traditions, ‘Griots’ are revered storytellers that use music, poetry, and history to celebrate the collective identity of the people.  The Griot’s Eyeprogram seeks to do the same through community-produced media programs that, as visual storytelling projects, celebrate cultural identity and positive social change in Baltimore city.

HABESHA Inc. is an  cultivates youth leadership through practical experiences in holistic health, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, technology, and cultural education.
Send HABESHA-Baltimore Youth
to Africa this Summer!

From the students in Soweto, South Africa, to the children of Birmingham, to the youth of the Bronx who created Hip Hop, to the youth-led protests currently sweeping across North Africa, many of the most profound changes in history have occurred as a result of youth-led initiatives.


HABESHA Inc. is continuing this legacy of youth leadership through the Black To Our Roots program, which prepares urban youth to become change agents in their local communities through community service, media production, cultural events, and experiential educational activities.  This year-long program culminates is a 4-week travel-study to Ghana and Ethiopia during the summer in which students explore their ancestral heritage and participate in exchange projects with African youth.  Since 2002, the Black To Our Roots program has taken over 70 youth from Atlanta, Washington DC, New York, Baltimore and the US Virgin Islands to Africa on a life-changing journey of enlightenment and self-discovery. 


Our youth need your help to achieve their praiseworthy goal.  In support of our upcoming journey to Africa, we are campaigning to raise $20,000 in the next 2 months to secure our travel costs.  Considering the failure of public school systems nationwide to educate our youth and the rising incarceration rates of the next generation, we need your support to validate the positive aspirations of the youth.  No amount is too big or too small – spread the word, get others involved, whatever it takes – our village has the responsibility of raising our children!  With your support, we will succeed in forging new paths to educate, inspire, and cultivate the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.  We thank you for contributing to the growing movement of young cultural ambassadors with a purpose to change the world!  See Black To Our Roots video by clicking in picture below:


To support Baltimore Youth traveling to Africa, contribute at:
Tel: (888) 308-7473

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