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October 2018
Oct 20 from 5-9pm

IPC Annual Dinner Presentation:  Mr Canoe

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MR CANOE  - A film directed by James Forni on the incredible story of Ralph Frese – Blacksmith - Canoe Builder – Environmentalist – Entrepreneur - Founder of the Chicagoland Canoe Base - Founder of the 61-year old Des Plaines River Canoe & Kayak Marathon – Historian - Intrepid adventurer - Inspirational Instigator behind countless Canoe Journeys through the heart of the country.

Experience the inside stories from his many canoe disciples, including the epic 3,000 mile history journey from Montreal to New Orleans. 

Ralph was a Chicagoan, an American, but above all, he embodied the name he was known as around the world. MR CANOE

For a wonderful article about the film by WTTW/Channel 11, as introduced at the Chicago Maritime Museum, click here

Lake Michigan Water Trail --Sigrid Pilgrip

Lake Michigan water Trail Map

IDNR’S Coastal Management Program in collaboration with Wilderness Inquiry held three paddling programs this summer, giving the general public an opportunity to experience paddling in voyageur style canoes. The last event was held at Waukegan Harbor, which also inaugurated a new, ADA compliant, canoe and kayak launch.

Evening Paddle--Don Mueggenborg

The resin had dried on the patch I made on my old, old C-1.  (seems like there are more patches than canoe these day). 


Only 7 PM (Sept – it was starting to get a little dark) – I could test the boat – just to make sure.


I pulled up to my favorite put-in on the lower Des Plaines, on Canal Bank Road.  Dusk  As I got out of the cart, I saw a car slow down, and stop.  An older fellow asked,, “Are you going to paddle now?”  “Who is going to pick you up?”


“Just a short one.  Upstream a little and back.”, I replied.


Read More 

US Government Reopens Boundary Waters Watershe

Almost a quarter-million acres of Superior National Forest lands that drain toward the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness will soon be available for mine proposals again, after being protected for the past 18 months.

Learn more about this issue by reading the Quetico Superior Wilderness News here

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BAAD Grants needed to support Illinois paddle sports--Scott Hays 

Kayakers and canoeists do enjoy their sports, but first they have to get there. Paddlers perpetually confront the question of where to put in, where to take out and where to park their car, truck or SUV. Some parts of Illinois have well-developed access points and outfitters to serve them, nearly always for a fee, even if it’s just parking on their property or using their access to put in or take out. In other less developed areas, the dedicated kayaker or canoeists still always finds a way, parking on side streets near bridges, working our way down overpass rights of way or asking landowners to pass through their property. But for many, it takes something more to make a weekend trip down an Illinois river a little less, shall we say, challenging.

And this is where the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Boat Access Area Development (BAAD) grant program comes in.

The Boat Access Area Development Program provides financial assistance to local government agencies for the acquisition, construction, and expansion or rehabilitation of public boat and canoe access areas on Illinois' lakes and rivers.  Read More... 

In partnership with Charleston County Parks & Recreation Commission (CCPRC), the ACA is pleased to present an array of on-water clinics and courses that will help you savor the rich history, remarkable paddling, and ecological diversity of Charleston! 


In conjunction with the on-water programming, instructor updates, and networking opportunities, we will be hosting the Safety Education & Instruction Council (SEIC), the PAC Advisory Council, Competition Council, and the ACA Board of Directors.


By Steve LaPorte

I just became aware of a great tool for those of us who lead river trips.  Like most people, I have been looking at the USGS Streamflow data and the weather forecast and trying to guess what is going to happen with the river level.  It turns out that NOAA has a computer model that considers several relevant factors and makes a prediction, going several days out.  This is going to be a useful tool for anyone who has to make a go / no-go decision due to concern about high water.

To access the predictive graph, go to , click on the region, and click on the gauging station.  You will get a graph like this.  (There is more useful information below the graph that wouldn’t fit on the image.)

Pass it on – happy to comply – thank you Steve

Wilderness Inquiry’s Canoemobile returns to Chicago and Northwe

River Quiz 

By Don MuggenborgIllinoisRivers 2


Illinois has more miles of river to paddle than any other state.  Have you paddled these rivers?  Match the River with the correct definition.  Don’s Answers Will be published in the next newsletter


Take the quiz online! 

Fall Paddling is the Best


by Greg Taylor

Stop and think about it. What is the most optimal conditions you can think of to paddle in.

Most people like easy breezes, not to strong, not to minimal that you hardly even notice they’re

there. Just enough to keep the mosquitoes guessing for a target. Just enough to put a few ripples on the

water in front of you to break up a flat surface. Cooler changing air temperatures that are just enough to

change up the oppressive monotony of the heat of Summer. Water temperatures are still on the

warm side because of the suns heating which can feel great on your hands and if you happen to

accidentally take a swim of any fashion.  The Sun is just about perfectly situated in the sky, not beating

down on you with all it’s Summer might, but casting shadows that give contrast to the shore line to

make the banks more vivid and illuminated with lighting to some of the understory you usually can’t

see because of the blazing light of Summer. So come on out to your local favorite river or body of water

for a leisurely paddle to enjoy all this season has to offer. 

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Oct 15

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IPC Annual Dinner

Oct 20

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