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The Wait is Over!

Carlson’s “TV White Space” Radio System

Approved by the FCC for Sales in the USA


After two years of successful trials in the United States and around the world, the RuralConnect® spectrum-sharing radio system from Carlson Wireless Technologies has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission for unlicensed commercial use in the USA.

  • Now you can gain a competitive edge by deploying the world's first affordable, long-distance, non-line-of-sight fixed wireless broadband system.

  • Email or call us at 707-822-7000 to learn how you can benefit from this exciting new wireless technology (see potential applications below).

The TV White Space Revolution Has Begun

RuralConnect delivers unprecedented broadband connectivity by utilizing “TV white space” frequencies, 470 to 698 MHz in the USA, with superior signal propagation characteristics. These vacant UHF TV bands – hence the term ‘TV white spaces’ (TVWS) – were recently opened by the FCC for free, unlicensed public use, a major development that holds great promise for bringing broadband internet to long-underserved rural and remote populations.

Unlike microwave frequencies used by traditional line-of-sight wireless systems, radio signals in this highly prized spectrum can penetrate foliage and travel around hills, buildings and other obstacles to bring wireless broadband to locations too rugged or remote to be served by fiber, xDSL, cable, or existing wireless technology.

Making this breakthrough even more compelling and economically viable, no expensive spectrum license fees are required to operate TVWS spectrum-sharing radio equipment.

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RuralConnect delivers broadband access to areas too rugged or remote to be cost-effectively served by other technologies.

High-Speed Internet and More

RuralConnect launches a new era of opportunity for rural communities urgently demanding high-speed internet. It can also be used for a wide variety of other communications needs, such as:

  • Data monitoring and control for utilities and oil & gas operations
  • Public safety – mobile command, video surveillance and emergency services
  • Resource monitoring and management
  • Private VolP networks
  • Village and municipal Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Suburban DSL replacement

Contact a Carlson Wireless Technologies sales engineer to learn how your business can take advantage of new broadband connectivity opportunities that were not possible until now - with RuralConnect from Carlson Wireless Technologies.

Email or call us at 707-822-7000 to explore the possibilities.

Visit our website to learn more.

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