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SignOn Interpreting Services and ASL Interpreter Network Merge

Soon All Deaf Interpreting Services Will Be Under One Roof

Seattle – March 1, 2017. Two of the leading Deaf interpreting services in the Puget Sound, SignOn Interpreting Services at Hearing Speech & Deaf Center (HSDC) and ASL Interpreter Network (ASLIN) have joined forces.

For years, these organizations have provided an array of services for the Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing communities, each growing specialties in different areas such as legal and health services. By becoming the same entity, the process of finding and booking an interpreter is streamlined. All jobs at both agencies will be retained and all staff will be located at the growing HSDC Seattle office under the Interpreting Services department.

“We have worked side by side with the ASLIN team for many years, and we are honored to have them join us,” said HSDC Executive Director Lindsay Klarman. “This move will help to provide ease of accessibility for the Deaf community which has been operating in crisis mode because of the shortage of interpreters.”

ASLIN Founder Robbi Crockett will work with HSDC through the end of 2017 to ensure a smooth transition.

“This change is one that I am extremely proud of because it will help to better serve the Deaf community,” said Crockett. “Our team has worked hard to grow ASLIN for nearly two decades, but we have reached a point where the greatest impact we can have can only be met by working with HSDC to ensure that our shared mission of being an advocate for the Deaf is met.”  

HSDC Interpreting Services will continue to provide the same services, which include:

  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation
  • Signed English (PSE) transliteration 
  • Signed Exact English
  • Tactile and close visual interpretation for DeafBlind consumers
  • Oral Translation for deaf consumers who rely on speechreading
  • Lip-reading Translation (LRT) for individuals who are unable to express vocally due to tracheotomy or other physical disability

HSDC will roll out the new streamlined services for our customers, Deaf clients, and interpreters over the next several months.

You can view a PDF of this press release here.


Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center (HSDC) and ASL Interpreter Network (ASLIN) are joining forces to provide streamlined services under one roof. We have created this FAQ to help answer any potential questions.

Why are HSDC and ASLIN joining forces?
Scheduling interpreters is a complex process that requires a lot of effort. Sometimes requests for a single assignment go to several agencies and are confirmed in a short amount of time, but more often the process is cumbersome and time-consuming. For years HSDC and ASLIN have referred services to each other and worked side by side—each growing specialties in different areas such as legal and health services. By joining forces the two agencies are creating a smoother system that helps provide ease of accessibility for the Deaf community and businesses that hire interpreters.

Why now?
Both agencies decided mutually that 2017 is the right time. ASLIN founder Robbi Crockett has run ASLIN for 17 years and felt she had reached a point where the greatest impact could be made by combining efforts with HSDC. This step helps to ensure that both organizations fulfill their mission of advocating for the Deaf community.

Will services change?
The high-quality services that you have come to expect from each of our agencies, including exceptional interpreting and customer service, will remain the same. By combining our services the work of each of our agencies will be strengthened because we will be able to streamline requests for services in one place, allowing us to fulfill more jobs quicker.

Will this affect rates?
No. Our rates will remain the same even while we expand our services.

How will this affect jobs at HSDC and ASLIN?
All HSDC interpreting services staff will remain in their current positions, and we are excited to be bringing on new staff members from ASLIN. Additionally, ASLIN founder Robbi Crockett will be with us throughout this year to help streamline this process and make it a smooth transition for everyone.

Will HSDC change its name?
No. HSDC provides many services, one of which is our interpreting services. ASLIN and SignOn’s current names will be phased out once operations are combined, and the combined services will operate under the HSDC Interpreting Services department.

When will this change take place?
We will roll out our streamlined services for our customers, Deaf clients, and interpreters over the next several months. During the transition period HSDC and ASLIN will continue to operate separately, so you will not experience any immediate changes to how you interact with either organization. Over the course of the year, we will continually work on fully merging our services. As we roll out changes, including new and improved services, or have other pertinent information, we will be notifying each stakeholder directly with ample notice as we update our processes. Again, our goal is to make this as seamless as possible, with the least amount of effort on your part.

Have additional questions?
Please email Cameron Larson and Laura Ciotti, Co-Directors of Interpreting Services at SignOnPD@hsdc.org

HSDC's mission is to foster inclusive, accessible communities through communication, advocacy, and education.
hsdc.org |  1625 19th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122  |  206.323.5770 | seattle@hsdc.org

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