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A Culture Shock Nutcracker, A Holiday Hip Hop Dance Theatrical
ang-nc-vipI haven't had this much fun in, I don't know, a really long time. Re-imagining/interpreting and Directing A CULTURE SHOCK NUTCRACKER was a dream come true (and sometimes a nightmare, complete with night sweats!). This idea had been on my mental back burner for so long it started to seem like it just belonged there, like it had passed its expiration. What a complete and total shock to finally realize this  long-ago dream! Not that it didn't have its challenges; this show was a tough sell! The younger cast members were NOT convinced this was something they really wanted or needed to do. I appreciate parents commitment to the project as I'm sure they had to do a lot of motivating! I'd notice a lot of the adults hanging in there, trusting that it had to make some sense...soon! But, as I'd hoped, once we got into the theatre with the backdrops and sets, costumes and lighting, there was no more ambivalence, no holding back! It was Show Time, Folks!

A Culture Shock Nutcracker Teaser

Videography: Richie Prospal of Fitted Films Productions
Hip Hop “Nutcracker” Features Menacing Mice, Best Party Scene Ever
by Janice Steinberg
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San Diego Theatre Dance Review Commentary
by Steve Shirley
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Nutcracker Testimonials
" was AMAZING!  I took my boys (13 and 9) AND my octogenarian parents and we all thought the same thing: PHENOMENAL. I wanted to let you know, personally, that it appealed across the board - to all ages. Our only complaint was that it ended too soon. We make it a point to see The Grinch at the Globe each year. The reason I say that is to add that I look forward to seeing Culture Shock Nutcracker again around the same time and also hope that it grows each year and becomes at least as big of a tradition as the Grinch."
Chris Vail, Arts Patron

"Did you hear our 'hoots and hollers?' It was an exciting production. How creative of the company to put the show together like that. Next stop Broadway! Great show, a winner!"
Dave and Elaine Darwin, The Old Globe

"I am in a state of lingering wonder, amazement and exhilaration. The Culture Shock Nutctracker ... was, well, m'dear, it was a culture shock!  Yet oh what a gloriously positive, uplifting culture shock!"
Jeanette Stevens, Kickstarter supporter, La Jolla Music Society Board Member, Globe Production Sponsor, former ballerina

"Congratulations and Bravo to all involved in the amazing performance. I’m still stunned at how well the show was executed and performed. The energy, enthusiasm and joy on the stage was infectious and we all left giddy!"
Toni Robin, TR/PR Publicity


CSSD Board of Directors, VIP Reception Opening Night

A Culture Shock Nutcracker, A Holiday Hip Hop Dance Theatrical
photo credits:
al fernandez IMAGES, Ralph LoVuolo Photography, mtran photography

February Master Class


Our Master Classes are held Tuesday nights at
Culture Shock Dance Center
Time: 8:30 to 10:00 p.m.
Cost $15.00


Rick Hawk | 11 Havic
18 Jaffar Smaith | 25 Lee Daniel


Mission Statement:

Culture Shock is a Hip Hop
dance organization dedicated to innovative performance,
artist development, and community enrichment, revealing the power and beauty of Hip Hop to diverse communities.


We are a troupe of individuals, who through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect for all people.

Thanks to our donors!

We'd like to thank our generous donors, whose support allows us to continue to cultivate talented dancers, create ground-breaking work, and share it all with the community and the dance world at large.


Director’s Circle
($1000 and up)

Liz Bernal
Deni Jacobs
Sherman Foundation
For The Arts
Brian Trotier
Choreographer’s Circle

Bio Clear Water Solutions
Diana Cantu &
Yvonne Hansen
Lorne & Cindy Polger
Deyan & Sarah Spiridonov
Breaker’s Circle

Al Fernandez Images
Michelle & Jason Adams

Christopher Ayson
Hugo Baeta
Debbie Balmat
Michelle Cohn
Mara Della Valle
Alexander Eaker
Martin and Jan Ellis
Dawne Ellison
Amy Gilmore
Dr. Stanton Hom
Dominic & Bella Jaikaran
Dena Kaplan
Sarah McNew
Marie Medina
Anthony &
Dominique Molina
Cira Nickerson
Evelyn Ortiz
Ralph Lo Vuolo Photography
Miguel Rodriguez
Alvin Ruzo
Barbie and Dan Spinazzola
Jeanette Stevens
Julie Young Taggart
Keely Tidrow
Robert E. Tyner
Jose Vega
Salvatore Vitale
Pamela Wagner & Hans Tegebo
Susan Wallace
Lisa Witt
Jeffrey Wong
Melvin & Mary Young
Vicki Zeiger

Freestyle Circle
(up to $99)

Anton J. Anderson
Yvonne Aube
Brett Bennett
Christina Bennett-Mcnew
Moira Berman
Linda Bushnell
Joann Campanella
Kryssa Cooper
Magdalena E. Dela Cruz
William Dixon
Stacey Dores
Robert Duffill
David Ferguson
Derek Gardner
Cristal Gerrick
Nazli Ghassemi
David Gibbs
Greg Gilmore
Belinda Gonzalez
Devra Gregory
Carol Haberly
Melissa Haberly
Maria Hallmark
Spencer & Laurie Hutchins
Judith & Blacke Jaskowiak
Jessica Jemmott
Lamont Jones
Christa Kay
Cheyenne Kibblewhite
Jordan Kinne
Jennifer Kurneta
Ro Lindz
Patrick And Kathleen Long
Di Marcus
Matthew McMahon
Amanda Morrow
Barbara Munoz
Cheryl Phillips
Carole Pitta Badt
Carlos Perez
Erin Riley
Nicky Roberts
Esther Rosenthal Northrup
Laura Ruiz
Joy Sidhwa
Jayne Slade
Carlton Solle
Jen Steiger
Dawn Van Boxtel
Sarah Vatch
Brian Villalon
Claire Walker
Ed Williams
Carey Winston
Anna Wolfe
John Wolfe
Ayanna Young
Natasha Zarzosa


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How your support will directly impact our programs and dancers:

  • $5 will help with rehearsal space costs for one of our over 100 dancers for one month.
  • $15 will allow us to offer a show ticket to a local youth charity.
  • $25 will provide a costume for one dancer.
  • $50 will help us with expenses for the many charitable community performances we do each month!
  • $100 will pay for a weekly master class teacher, which is vital to our dancer education.

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