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  Our Valentine Treats  
  Heart_1Handmade Valentine Cakes
from the Whole Earth Center Bakery
February 11 to February 14

Our bakers are whipping up some delicious treats — made with lots of organic ingredients and infused with love!

Gluten-free Chocolate Heart Cake
heart-shaped cake with chocolate ganache • lots of organic ingredients
single layer • serves 6

Chocolate Heart Cake
chocolate cake with chocolate fudge or raspberry frosting
all vegan • lots of organic ingredients
single layer • serves 5

Other Valentine Bakery Treats
Heart-shaped Butter Cookies
Linzer Cookies with Heart-shaped Center
Heart-shaped Flourless Brownies
Coconut Thumbprint Cookies
Cupcakes with Chocolate or Raspberry Frosting


Also Featured This Month at Whole Earth

In our refrigerated section:
Honey Mama’s Nectar Treats: Certified Paleo-friendly treats. Raw Peruvian, Ginger Cardamom, Lavender Rose, and Mayan Spice are just a few of their offerings: on sale just in time for Valentine’s Day!
NEW! Valley Shepherd Sheep’s Milk Yogurts: Super creamy, rich yogurts produced in Valley Shepherd’s Morris County creamery. We are very excited to finally be able to offer these beautiful yogurts to our customers.
Aqua Vitea Elderberry Kombucha: On tap! A delicious way to help ward off winter colds and flu.
LoRe Pastas are back in stock!
Lima Family Farms Eggs are back! Farmer John (Lima) has built his laying flock back up, and will have an ongoing steady supply of eggs for us.
Violife: Non-GMO Project Verified vegan cheese alternatives, Just Like Cream Cheese, Just Like Provolone, and Just Like Cheddar. Now available in Just Like Parmesan wedge, too!

In our freezer:
Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs and Gardein Wings: easy-to-prepare tasty vegan snacks: on sale!
Liverwurst with Bacon and Onions: from our friends at Lima Family Farms. Serve as a pate or an incredible sandwich spread. So good!  

On sale this month:
Brown Cow Yogurts
Organic Valley Lactose-free Milks
Califia Farms Better Half Creamer
Coconut Bliss:
non-dairy frozen dessert: in pints
Amy’s Pizzas: all varieties!

  Events at Whole Earth  
  HLDG_logo_RGB-WEBHealthy Living Discussion Groups
Begins Wednesday, February 27 and continues on alternating Wednesdays until May 8
7PM to 8:30PM
Whole Earth Center Cafe
Free • Registration Required (see details below)

The Whole Earth Center is pleased to host the Healthy Living Discussion Groups. These lively and engaging gatherings are designed to help our customers explore healthy approaches to food, fitness, and wellness. At each gathering, a brief presentation is followed by a dynamic, facilitated discussion on a group-selected topic. We share tools to help you map a healthier life course, as well as assessments, fact sheets, recipes, and e-mail support. Palmer Uhl CHC and Bea Snowdon MS ACN facilitate our Healthy Living Discussion Groups. Guest experts will also join in the discussion.

Advance registration is required to participate and seating is limited. To begin the registration process, or for more information, please e-mail: or call: 609-924-8021

  Organic Produce at Whole Earth  
  February News from Our Organic Produce Department

In a sense, any fresh, organic produce in February is a miracle, at least in our corner of the world. Yet, Whole Earth has an amazing variety of fresh, delectable organic produce for all of your needs — whether its continuing a New Year commitment to healthy eating, serving up something special for your sweetheart, or feeding your body a good foundation of fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system strong enough to fight off winter colds.

Our produce comes from a variety of organic growers and shippers, including organic and Fair Trade-certified farms in warmer climes, USA-grown produce from California, Arizona, and the Southeast, and even greenhouse-grown greens from Pennsylvania. February may be cold and still, but our produce shelves are fresh and alive!

StrawberrySweetheart Strawberry Sale! We have a special pre-Valentine’s Day sale on 1-pound boxes of organic strawberries.

Enjoy the organic citrus season while it lasts! Look for organic clementines, mandarins, tangelos, Cara Cara navels, blood oranges, pomelos, and Meyer lemons in our fruit case.

Meyer Lemons are slightly smaller than regular lemons and are sweeter and less acidic. And they have thin, smooth skin that is golden yellow with a slightly floral aroma. Meyer lemons (also known as Meyer Sweet Lemons) are quite refreshing — leaving a hint of tangerine on your tongue. Use Meyer lemons almost any way you would a regular lemon, but remember that less sugar is required in sweet recipes because their acidity is less intense. Flavor your ice water or hot tea with lemon. Add lemon juice to homemade vinaigrettes or right onto salads. Also, season fish, poultry, and salads with Meyer lemons or regular lemons as a great alternative to salt.

Organic Kumquats from small-scale organic citrus groves in Southern California are in peak season during January, February, and into March. You can eat them whole — rind, flesh, small seeds, and all. Just give them a rinse under cold water and pop them in your mouth! Despite being one of the smallest citrus fruits, kumquats are big on flavor. Bursting with citrus intensity, these bite-sized citrus fruits have a sour-sweet flesh with edible skins. The flesh is acidic, yet the skin and pith bring out the sweetness. Your children might liken them to nature’s Sour Patch Kids candy.

Cara Cara Oranges look exactly like regular navels, but, once you peel them, the beautiful and exciting differences are revealed. Cara Cara oranges are seedless and have pink to light red flesh with straight-forward sweetness that is balanced by a mild strawberry to cranberry-like finish. Cara Caras are quite juicy and packed with Vitamin C. They’re also an excellent source of lycopene.

Organic Asparagus supplies are increasing out of Mexico. And, as spring creeps northward across California’s farmlands, we will welcome the U.S. asparagus crop, which starts shipping in early March.

Organic Lady Alice Apples are a relatively new apple variety that is gaining popularity. Round and squat, they have a striking skin pattern of pink or red stripes on a yellow-orange background. The crisp, juicy flesh is generally sweet with an aftertaste that runs to tart; some have compared it to Honeycrisp. As an all-purpose apple, the Lady Alice is great for a wide range of uses. Its flavor and texture make it a good choice for a snack, or cut up raw into salads, especially since it does not brown easily when exposed to air. This apple’s firm texture also means it holds up well when baked. Lady Alice apples store well when kept in the refrigerator. In fact, the flavor of the Lady Alice is vastly improved with age. Purchase them now and store until March for richer, more complex flavor.

Start planning your organic garden! A regular sign of the promise of spring is the arrival of our Organic Seed Rack Display. When you’re ready to start planting, we’ve got the seeds you need — 144 of the most popular varieties of certified organic seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds. Based in Wolcott, Vermont, High Mowing began in 1996 with just 28 varieties, many of which originated in founder Tom Stearns’ backyard. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, and what started as a one-man operation is now a thriving business making available to home gardeners and commercial growers over 600 heirloom, open-pollinated, and hybrid varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seed. True to their roots, many of the varieties they sell are still grown on their 40-acre farm, setting them apart from most other seed companies.*

Everyone who loves produce knows that “Food Miles” are important because the further an item has to travel to reach your plate, the more possibilities of aging, over-ripening, decay, and loss of freshness and nutrition. In reality, there are many variables in produce distribution. When handled carefully and efficiently, some items grown far away from New Jersey might arrive fresher and with better quality than items from a closer source. In filling our displays, however, we prioritize purchasing from local and regional farms whenever possible. Look for labels from Lady Moon, New Sprout, ECO (East Carolina Organics), Hepworth, and LFFC (Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop) in our greens and veggie cases. These are all east coast farms that do an exceptional job growing organic produce for our enjoyment and our health!


* In a recent interview, author and chef Dan Barber described a disturbing trend in the consolidation of seed production: “The three seed companies that control the 90% of the seeds are also the three largest chemical companies. Think about that for a second. On the grain level or on the vegetable level or any level you wanna think about it, we have three companies controlling 90% of the new seeds that are developed, and all three are chemical companies. How is that not at cross-purposes?”

If you are interested in learning more about collaborations among plant breeders, organic farmers, urban gardeners, and chefs to maintain genetic diversity, improve flavor, and ensure access to seeds, keep an eye on our Facebook page for details about an upcoming talk and tasting on the evening of March 12th at Ironbound Farm in Asbury (Hunterdon County), NJ. This event is a collaboration of the Experimental Farm Network, Culinary Breeding Network, Soil Generation, and Ironbound Hard Cider. 

  Upcoming Local Events  
  Cover_YardThe Great Healthy Yard Project
Sunday, March 3
4PM to 6PM
Mountain Lakes House
57 Mountain Avenue, Princeton
includes wine, craft beer and light hors d’oeuvres
Pre-registration via Eventbrite is required

Join Friends of Princeton Open Space for a talk by Dr. Diane Lewis, founder and author of The Great Healthy Yard Project. Dr. Lewis will speak about the threats posed to our families and our water supply by commercial pesticides and fertilizers, and about achieving a beautiful yard without synthetic fertilizers. She will answer questions and autograph copies of her book, which will be available for purchase.

This event benefits Friends of Princeton Open Space, a nonprofit organization devoted to preservation and stewardship of land in Princeton.

Native Plant Landscaping
with Judith K. Robinson
March 7 to April 4
6PM to 7PM
Princeton Adult School
Click here to register

Learn how to transform your property into a garden that is beautiful, supports native pollinators, and requires less maintenance. By using native flowers, bushes, ground covers, and trees, you can turn your monoculture lawn into lovely vista full of diversity and pleasing design. This course will cover:
  • soil identification and needs
  • creating a design for your garden
  • local resources for plants
  • pollinator identification
  • gardening without using harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Princeton Environmental Film Festival 2019
April 8 to 14

PEFF2019ColorLogoThe Princeton Environmental Film Festival is sponsored by the Princeton Public Library with free screenings and Q&A with film directors and producers, as well as talks by invited speakers. This year’s selections will be announced in mid-February.

Whole Earth is a proud sponsor of the Princeton Public Library’s Princeton Environmental Film Festival

  On Sale This Month  
  February Sales in Our Cruelty-free Heath and Beauty Department

Natural Factors: entire line: on sale at 30% off with several items on special sale (see next)
Natural Factors: 5-HTP, Ashwaganda, Melatonin, Tranquil Sleep, Pharma Gaba, L-Theanine, Quick Blast, Echinamide, Olive Leaf, and Oregano Oil: on sale at 35% off
Boiron: Coldcalm, Cold and Cough Syrup, Sinusalia, and Oscilococcinum: on sale at 25% off
Urban Moonshine Bitters: Clear Chest, Immunezoom, and Allerblast: on sale at 25% off
Wedderspoon: Manuka Throat Drops: on sale at 25% off
Oregon’s Wild Harvest: all on sale at 25% off
Megafood: Blood Builder, Daily C Powder, and Daily Turmeric Powder for anti-inflammatory effect: on sale at 25% off

For Heart Health Month:
Jarrow: Coenzyme Q10 is on sale! Also Red Yeast Rice, Golden Milk, Golden Tea, and Bone Broth: on sale at 25% off
Natural Vitality: Magnesium Calm in Sleep, Muscles, Gut, and Gummies: on sale at 25% off
Solaray: Red Yeast Rice: on sale at 30% off

Thayer AstringentCosmetics:
Thayers: all astringents: on sale at 25% off
Weleda: Their entire line is on sale! Check out their new Skin Food Light, Skin Food Butter, and Skin Food Lip Balm: on sale at 25% off
Aura Cacia: essential oils: on sale at 25% off
Andalou: Men’s line and select items from the Cannacell Hemp line: on sale at 25% off
EO: Sanitizer, Wipes, Hand Soap, and Deodorant Spray: on sale at 25% off: The wipes at our front entrance are provided by EO!
Shikai: CBD Cream and Borage Hand Cream: on sale at 25% off
Thayers: toners in Lemon, Lavender, Cucumber, Original, and Original Alcohol free: on sale at 25% off

 360 Nassau Street . Princeton, NJ 08540 . (609) 924-7429
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