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News Stream
October 2011
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Georgia River Network News Stream
October 2011

1.    GRN Seeks New Development Director
2.    Paddle 12 Rivers in 2012 - A Project of Georgia River Network
3.    Injustice on the Ogeechee
4.    Update on
Recent Fish Kill on Brier Creek
5.    Astronomers Find Oldest, Largest Reservoir of Water in the Universe
6.    Georgia River Network Regrants--Focus on Savannah Riverkeeper  
7.    World’s Largest Dam Removal Project Begins
8.    October 29th is National Drug Take Back Day!
9.    Water Efficiency Works!

Workshops/Conferences/Calendar Items
10.    GWC 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
11.    October is Rivers Alive Cleanup Month—Join a Cleanup!
12.    Altamaha Riverkeeper's Annual Meeting
13.    5th Annual Soque River Ramble
Run/Bike to Benefit Chattahoochee
15.    Webinar: EPA's Watershed Academy: Conducting Effective Stormwater Outreach
16.    Webinar: Telling Powerful Stories About Everyday People
17.    Water Matters Legislative Forum
18.    Keeping it Wild’s “Celebrate the Cause”
19.    Terry College of Business Nonprofit Board Seminar
20.    High Falls-Towaliga Watershed Alliance Membership Meeting

Nonprofit Resources
21.    FAQ:  Annual Appeals
Advertise Your Outdoor Events through NatureFind
23.    Six Do’s and Don’ts with Social Media

Fundraising Deadlines
24.   Grant Opportunities


1.    GRN Seeks Development Director

Georgia River Network seeks a full-time Development Director as part of our growing team working to protect and restore rivers and streams across Georgia. To learn more about the position, click HERE

2.    Paddle 12 Rivers in 2012 Project
Georgia River Network is launching a project this fall called “Paddle 12 in 2012” to encourage people to paddle 12 different rivers in 2012.  The goal is to promote Georgia’s growing water trail movement and the Georgia Water Trails Website that GRN launched earlier this year, and send more people to the website to identify water trails to paddle, locate outfitters, find organized paddling trips or plan their own trip.  You can see the 12 in 2012 project page HERE.

We would like to invite you to submit any trips you are leading for the Georgia Water Trails Website calendar so that people will see the opportunities to join your organization’s trips and events.  We also hope that you will help us promote the 12 in 2012 campaign to your members, in your newsletters, social media, and your website. We will provide you with materials in the near future.

The water trails site is found at   You access it from the main GRN website; however, you will see that it has its own navigation bar.

3.    Injustice on the Ogeechee
Last month, King America Finishing was found guilty of egregious pollution of the Ogeechee River over a 5 year period which culminated last May with the largest fish kill in state history, which started right below King America’s outfall pipe.
Read the Georgia Water Wire for the details.

4.    Update on Recent Fish Kill on Brier Creek
Click HERE for more information on this weekend's fish kill near Augusta, the cause of which is still being investigated.  To be continually updated on this and other important issues, go ahead and "like" Georgia River Network's Facebook page.

5.   Astronomers Find Oldest, Largest Reservoir of Water in the Universe
Astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. The vaporized water, equivalent to 140 trillion times the amount of water in the world's oceans, surrounds a quasar, or huge black hole, that is over 20 billion times more massive than the sun.  All this, by the way, is located more than 12 billion light-years away.

The discovery shows that water has been prevalent in the universe for nearly its entire existence, researchers said.

"Because the light we are seeing left this quasar more than 12 billion years ago, we are seeing water that was present only some 1.6 billion years after the beginning of the universe," said study co-author Alberto Bolatto, of the University of Maryland. That pushes the existence of water in the universe 1 billion years closer to the Big Bang than any previous find, and it indicates that water has been prevalent in the cosmos almost from the beginning.
Water vapor has been detected in many parts of the universe, including our Milky Way, but it is far less dense than the water found spinning around the quasar.

6.    Georgia River Network Regrants--Focus on Savannah Riverkeeper 
This year, the Georgia River Network Turner Regrant program awarded $40,000 in funds to local watershed groups.  This month we share highlights from the work of Savannah Riverkeeper:

The nose knows, especially that of a canine named Beaudreaux.  Beau is in training to help Savannah Riverkeeper (SRK) in their efforts to detect sewage leaks. SRK and Beau will be the 2nd team in the United States with this unique capability, and the only one in the South.  In 2010, the Turner Regrant program funded SRK to work on fixing the sewage problems in Augusta.  The City of Augusta not only had outdated infrastructure, but also lacked the proper GPS mapping of its systems. The city worked in partnership with SRK to find the reason for elevated e-coli levels polluting the streams.  In the end over 15 different leaks were identified and fixed.  SRK started working very closely with the city to identify funding sources and to educate the public on the causes of the fecal coliform contamination found on Butler and Spirit creek.  Many of the problems existing on these creeks are a result of faulty septic systems.  In 2011, the regrant program is funding SRK’s work to form the 2011 Healthy Water Task Force to continue their work on sewage issues and address water quality problems in four impaired waterways in Augusta: Rocky Creek, Butler Creek, Spirit Creek and Raes Creek.  To learn more about Savannah Riverkeeper, visit

7.    World’s Largest Dam Removal Project Begins
This September marked the first stage of demolition of the Elwha Dam, a 98-year-old dam in northwest Washington State that will be largest dam ever to be dismantled.  Two dams on the Elwha are coming down, part of the largest river restoration project ever undertaken in the world and a pointed contrast to the burgeoning number of dams being built around the world. For more information about the Elwha River restoration project click HERE

8.    October 29th is National Drug Take Back Day!
October 29 is National Drug Take Back Day. Flushing old drugs can harm the critters in the river. Read more HERE.  To find a take back location near you, click HERE.

9.    Water Efficiency Works!
The following success story can be found in American Rivers’ Hidden Reservoir Report.

Like many communities in Georgia, Cobb County is facing dwindling water supplies.  Cobb County has done what many other local governments can model: implement measures to use water more efficiently and cost effectively. Water efficiency efforts can take time to implement, but much less time than dams and other large scale water supply projects. Between 2003 and 2008 Cobb County maintained its 65 million gallons a day consumption through water efficiency despite a 10% increase in service population totaling 42,000 people. With each person consuming an average 125 gallons per day, Cobb County’s water utility would have needed to secure 5.25 million gallons more a day of “new” supply or an 8% increase in water supply. They wisely chose to secure this supply through efficiency measures like a toilet rebate program and water efficient landscaping classes for the public.

This same decision has been made by other municipalities. Cary, North Carolina effectively increased its water supply by 15% in 11 years through water efficiency. Tampa, Florida increased its per capita water supply by 26% over 12 years. These savings equal “new” supply. This increased supply came from using less, leaving more in the tank to use at a later date. This saved water can be kept in the river to benefit the community in other ways as well, such as protecting fish and wildlife and enhancing recreational opportunities. Water efficiency  costs $0.46 to $250 per 1000 gallons saved, while dams can cost $4000 per 1000 gallons of capacity—and dams cost even more if you include maintenance and operations costs. By committing to water efficiency, Boston, Massachusetts was able to grow its customer base by 2 million people, reduce its water consumption by one-third and save $500 million by eliminating the need to build a dam.

10.    Georgia Water Coalition 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
Join the Georgia Water Coalition in celebrating 10 years of work for Georgia’s Waters.  There will be good food, good music, good company and a good time in celebration of the Georgia Water Coalition’s 10th Anniversary!
When: Saturday, November 5th, 2011, 11:30-3pm
Where: The Grounds of the GWF Alcovy Conservation Center, 11600 Hazelbrand Road, Covington, GA 30014

Please RSVP to Jennette Gayer at When you RSVP, please send along a couple of pictures of your organization doing what you do best.

11.    October is Rivers Alive Cleanup Month—Join a Cleanup!
Visit  to learn more and find a cleanup in your area.

12.    Altamaha Riverkeeper's Annual Meeting
Sun, October 30, 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Where: Darien at Ashantilly
Description: The Altamaha Riverkeeper Annual Meeting & Program on Rayonier’s Pollution.  Please RSVP at: 912-437-8164 or

13. 5th Annual Soque River Ramble
Saturday, October 22
Location: Marlan Wilbanks Farm, 860 Old Chimney Mountain Road, Batesville (Clarkesville) Georgia

Description: Soque River Ramble 6K Run & Walk is organized as a fundraiser for the Batesville Community Association and the Soque River Watershed Association.  The Soque River is unique in that it orginates and ends within Habersham County and is considered to be one of the finest trout streams in the southeast. The Soque River Ramble is intended to help celebrate the importance of the Soque River to Habersham County’s economy and quality of life.

Click HERE for a description of events and to register.

14. Run/Bike to Benefit Chattahoochee
When: Sat, November 5, 7am – 4pm
Where: Riverview Landing, Cobb County
Description: Benefitting the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper - The festivities begin bright and early as Georgia Cup Health and Wellness kicks off the day with a 5K and 10K foot race along with a Gran Fondo Cycling Event with several heat lengths up to a 100 mile journey along the Silver Comet Trail. The fall festival will occur from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm and will include live music on the riverfront stage provided by Tree Sound Studios, a BBQ cook off, corn maze, hay rides, Atlanta’s most popular food trucks, farmers market with fall harvest vegetables, a bonfire, cutest dog competition, face painting, gourd decorating, fly fishing demonstrations and many more family-fun activities. Entrance is free, however they do ask that everyone donate $5 to the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (donations will be collected at the festival). Click HERE for more information.

15.    Webinar: EPA's Watershed Academy: Conducting Effective Stormwater Outreach
Date: Thursday, October 27
Time: 12:30-2:00
Description: This webinar will help state and local agencies, municipalities, watershed groups and others design effective outreach initiatives. It will showcase EPA's Nonpoint Source (NPS) Outreach Toolbox, which offers a variety of stormwater TV, radio and print ads and other tools.  Featured products cover: general stormwater, lawn and garden care, pet care, septic system care, motor vehicle care, and household chemicals.  The webinar will also feature ThinkBlueMaine. This successful awareness and behavior change outreach effort by the ThinkBlueMaine partnership included the development and airing of a 30-second Public Service Announcement (Devil Ducks)and the creation of posters, doorhangers and other products.  Recent survey results show a marked increase in public understanding and a willingness to take actions to protect water quality.   

Click HERE to register.

16.    Webinar: How to Tell Powerful Stories About Everyday People
Date: Thursday, October 20th
Time: 1 PM-2 PM
Cost: $35
Description: Storytelling is a great marketing tool and you want to tell the stories of the people you help and the people who help your nonprofit. But how can you convey just how special these people are without sounding sappy? How do you write about donors without it sounding like you are just trying to get a bigger check out of them next time? How do you tell your clients' stories without violating their privacy or taking advantage of them? During this one-hour webinar, you'll learn some proven techniques for writing profiles about the people nonprofits work with every day, including donors, clients, advocates, volunteers, board members, and staff.

Register for the webinar HERE.

17.    Water Matters Legislative Forum
Date: Thursday, Dec. 1
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Leroy Rogers Center in Tifton, GA  
Description: This forum will include presentations on current issues presently being considered by the Georgia Legislature and the US Congress related to water issues.  There will also be opportunities for elected officials who attend to make brief statements about their positions on the issues and field questions from those in attendance.  The aim of this Forum is to inform participants about legislative issues and enable intelligent expression of opinions to elected officials.  Pre-register at or 388-8770 –  and plan to attend!
18.    Keeping it Wild’s “Celebrate the Cause”
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011
Time:  6:00 - 9:00 PM
Location: 1710 Defoor Avenue, NW (off Howell Mill Road), Atlanta, GA 30318
Description: “Celebrate the Cause” is Keeping It Wild’s annual fundraiser.  Proceeds from the Reception and Silent Auction support Keeping It Wild’s programs.  This is your chance to help Keeping It Wild continue working towards its mission of connecting people to the land and to each other in order to protect and restore the natural and wildlands of Georgia and the Southeast.  

19.    Terry College of Business Nonprofit Board Seminar
The Nonprofit Program in the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, announces its Board Member Seminars for FALL Semester. The popular seminars, which are available without charge to nonprofit board members, will be held on the following Wednesdays:  October 26 and November 30,  2011.
The seminars are held from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in the Tate Center on the UGA campus and this semester will cover the following topics: Responsibilities of Board Members and Boards; Strategic Planning; Fund Raising; and Governance Q & A.   Boards may send up to four members at one time. Each person must register online; they won’t "hold" seats for your organization. Each class session is limited to 25-30 persons to maximize effectiveness.

There is no fee for the seminar; however, participants will be responsible for their own parking, lunch and breaks. Several convenient cafeterias/snackbars are located in the Tate Center or you may bring your own lunch and snacks.
At the conclusion of the seminar, you will be presented with a Certificate (if you attend all sessions) and a drawing for Door prizes will be available as the day concludes. Sessions will be over by 3:45 p.m.  Register online HERE.

20.    High Falls-Towaliga Annual Membership Meeting
Date: October 21st
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: High Falls State Park Group Shelter
Description: State Representative Susan Holmes will be the featured speaker. New State Park Superintendent Mr. Doug Chambers will be introduced and subjects such as the current lake lowering, boat shelter regulations and local Uranium and Radon deep well/water contamination will be discussed.

Click HERE for more information.

21.    FAQ: Creating a Great Annual Fundraising Appeal
This month, April Ingle, Georgia River Network’s Executive Director, answers a question she is frequently asked a lot by river group staff and boards.

Question: We want to send out a special fundraising appeal to our supporters around the end of the year, but are wondering what the best way is to go about it. What advice do you have for us?

Click HERE to read April’s answer.

22.   Advertise Your Outdoor Events through NatureFind
NatureFind is a great resource, for advertising and finding out about local outdoor events--like paddles and cleanups! Click HERE to find out more.

23. Six Do’s and Don’ts with Social Media
Click HERE to read the article.

24.    Fundraising Deadlines
The following foundations are either new to our list of grants or have upcoming deadlines to submit proposals. To view grant makers that give throughout the year, visit the grants page of our website HERE.
•    AEC Trust Technical Grants are made to charitable organizations seeking technical assistance. Click here for more details. Deadlines: April 1 and September 1.
•    AGL Resources support environmental stewardship projects such as clean air, conservation, & green space. Unsolicited grants are welcome but are rarely approved. Deadline: Quarterly. Click HERE for more details.
•    Ben and Jerry's Foundation provides grants ranging from $1,000 - $15,000 for grassroots organizing that leads to environmental change and addresses the root causes of environmental problems. Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time and are reviewed three times a year. Click here for more information.
•    The mission of the Educational Foundation of America is to improve individual lives and their surroundings through education and awareness, in hopes of bettering humanity and the world we inhabit. The Foundation’s areas of interest include the environment, reproductive freedom, theatre, drug policy reform, democracy, peace and national security issues, education, medicine, and human services. Letters of inquiry may be submitted by email at any time. Visit
•    Environmental Protection Agency: Source Reduction Assistance Grant Program EPA annually awards grants and cooperative agreements under the Source Reduction Assistance (SRA) Grant Program to support pollution prevention/source reduction and/or resource conservation projects that reduce or eliminate pollution at the source. The grant program does not support projects that rely on reducing pollution by using recycling, treatment, disposal or energy recovery activities. This solicitation announces that EPA’s Regional Pollution Prevention (P2) Program Offices anticipate having up to $130,000, per region, to issue SRA awards in FY 2010. EPA will issue the awards in the form of grants and/or cooperative agreements. All funding will be awarded and managed by the EPA Regional P2 Program Offices. All of the forgoing estimates are subject to the availability of Congressional appropriations. Click HERE for more information.
•    The Home Depot Foundation makes grants to 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charities for several purposes including community cleanup. Grants typically range from $10,000 to $50,000. Preference is given to proposals that encourage volunteerism and community engagement that result in the restoration or conservation of community and wildland forests for a healthier environment that address one or both of the following: restore urban or rural forests for environmental and economic benefit using community volunteers in planting and maintenance efforts, promote sustainable forestry management to ensure responsible harvesting and use of wood resources. Proposals are accepted throughout the year, and grants are awarded four times a year. Visit
•    The Impact Fund awards grants to non-profit legal firms, private attorneys and/or small law firms who seek to advance social justice in the areas of civil and human rights, environmental justice and/or poverty law. They seek to provide funding for public interest litigation that will potentially benefit a large number of people, lead to significant law reform, or raise public consciousness. The Impact Fund has awarded over $4 million in general and donor-advised grants, since its inception. The Impact Funds awards grants four times per year, with the average grant size being $10,000 - $15,000. The maximum grant amount awarded to any single applicant per year is $25,000. Pre-applications reviewed 4 times a year. Click HERE for more information.
•    Ittleson Foundation supports innovative pilot, model and demonstration projects that will help move individuals, communities, and organizations from environmental awareness to environmental activism by changing attitudes and behaviors. Initial letters of inquiry due by April 1st or September 1st. Click HERE for more information.
•    L.L. Bean and the American Canoe Association have teamed up to sponsor the Club Fostered Stewardship Program, which provides grants for projects that protect, maintain or restore recreational waterways, provide for or improve public access, or enhance safe navigation. Eligible projects include: Cleaning up waterways, Clearing in-stream safety hazards, Maintaining access areas, Erecting signs and controlling erosion, Establishing and maintaining paddle trails, Acquiring threatened access points, Provide sanitary facilities.  Grants range from $100-$1000.  Click here for more information visit.
•    Mead Westvaco Foundation's primary focus is to enhance the quality of life in communities where MeadWestvaco has major operations and where MeadWestvaco employees and their families live and work. This includes providing direct grant support and encouraging active management and employee leadership involvement and volunteerism. Priorities for contributions in small and/or rural communities, where there are fewer sources of contributions, often address a broad range of needs. Support for urban communities is generally more targeted. Additionally, the Foundation seeks to provide leadership for advancing research, education and public dialogue on public policy issues of special interest, such as the economy, regulation and environmental stewardship. Proposals for grants are accepted throughout the year. Grants range from $250 to $10,000. Click here for more information.
• The mission of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is to sustain, restore, and enhance the nation’s fish, wildlife, plants, and habitats. Through the Keystone Initiatives Grants Program, the Foundation awards matching grants in the categories of bird conservation, fish conservation, marine and coastal conservation, and wildlife and habitat conservation. Prospective applicants should contact the targeted category’s Keystone Director to discuss project ideas prior to submitting requests in order to help ensure the relevance of funding requests. The upcoming preproposal deadline is September 1, 2011; full proposals are due November 1, 2011. Visit the Foundation’s website HERE.
•   Norcross Wildlife Foundation provides funding for equipment and publications. Grants range from $1,000 - $5,000. Visit
•    The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation promotes a sustainable and just social and natural system by supporting grassroots organizations and movements committed to this goal. The Foundation provides support to organizations nationwide in the following funding categories: Protecting the Health and Environment of Communities Threatened by Toxics; Advancing Environmental Justice; Promoting a Sustainable Agricultural and Food System; and Ensuring Quality Reproductive Health Care as a Human Right. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Visit
•    Techsoup - Discounted Computer Software Click on this website to purchase computer software at great prices. Must be 501c3.

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