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Cycle of Conferences

World Economic Forum

January 23-26 2018

Dear Co-workers,


The Cycle of Conferences is placing a focus, beginning today, on the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, 23-26 January 2018, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The theme this year is Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World, which contains two concepts worth pondering.


“A Shared Future”: perhaps it would be more helpful to think of it as a Sharing Future, since ‘sharing’ is an ongoing activity which all can participate in, while ‘shared’ might imply that resources have already been distributed, which raises the question of who decided on that distribution? This question relates to a growing sense of a lack of fairness in the processes and institutions that are meant to share the various dimensions of our life – work, money, access to common resources such as land, clean water and air, etc.. Can we expect that our current economic and political models, which have brought us to this position, are adequate to the task of creating a sharing future, or do we need to radically re-imagine them?


“A Fractured World”: if we look into the etymology of ‘world’ we find that at the root it can refer to an age of human culture, as in “the mediaeval world” – it is thus an experience, a wholeness, a gestalt that all collectively participate in; and yet, we are accustomed to thinking that there can be quite distinct worldviews held in different communities; and now there is the problem that even those communities that in the past could be presumed to be united are themselves fracturing along other fault lines. Thus, what constitutes a world is intimately tied up in the question of identity. Who am I? a person of a specific nationality? faith? gender? ethnicity? political affiliation? socio-economic class? Reconciling these differing aspects of identity within ourselves can empower us to build this sense of cohesion in others, to create a world in which all feel they have a stake and a place.


Working with these two concepts in meditation is a major contribution to clarifying the global climate of thought. Indeed, all the debates and discussions that will go on in Davos are potentially meditative in this sense and an opportunity for goodwill to counter-balance the tendency to focus primarily on material values and desires, for goodwill is the energy par excellence that both reveals divisions, fractures and fault lines with clarity, and encourages us to build bridges to heal them, within ourselves, within others, and within communities.


Our lighted support of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting begins now, and continues until the final day of the Meeting on the 26th of January.




Headquarters Group


Cycle of Conferences


Cycle of Conferences: World Economic Forum January 23-26 2018

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