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Dear Friends,
We hope Spring has sprung wherever you are! We're as busy as ever. Check out what we've been up to...
Also be sure to check out our YouTube Channel, if you haven't already. Here's a fun bleacher dance video by Robyn Bretzing, to get you up and moving. Enjoy!

Physical Education Advocacy at Any Level

Getting-Admin-Support...We've been focusing on advocacy for the past few weeks. On March 6-7, our Board Chairman Jim Baugh represented PE4life at the 2012 National Health Through Fitness Day. Learn more about the event here.

Hopefully you've been following along with our advocacy efforts, but don't worry if you haven't; we've compiled all the links with tools, videos, and advice on how to begin advocating for your program and physical education in general.

Vital Step - Getting Administrator Buy-in

Physical Education Newsletters - GET ONE!

Easy Steps for State-level Advocacy

PE Advocacy - Get Parents Involved!

Your Voice Needs to be Heard!
Save the Date for a PE4life Summit!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 14th for a PE4life Summit at Northview Middle School in Ankeny, Iowa!  PE4life Summits are designed to inform, educate and inspire through keynote presentations, breakout and activity sessions, and networking opportunities. 

Registration will be open to physical education and classroom teachers, administrators and health professionals across the country!  More details coming soon!

In the news...DSCN0774-edited

Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and Congressman Braley Visit Ankeny PE Classes.

Could Fitness Brain Breaks Help Improve Scores?

PE4life Receives Walmart Corporate Giving Grant to Support Arkansas Initiative

Plan Ahead for PE4life Services!

As you start thinking about budgeting costs for next school year, be sure to factor in costs for a PE4life Implementation Workshop, Professional Development, Half-day Seminar, or any other services your school might be interested in. Download this brochure to view a list of our services. Contact Rachelle Gardner at for pricing information.

Our 2010-11 Annual Report is now available for download.

Annual Report-1

We're now accepting donations through the DONATE NOW button on our website!
Help us out if you can - no contribution is too small.


SCIFIT Combines Cardio & Strength for a Complete & Safe Workout

scifit logoSCIFIT® offers the most extensive range of fitness equipment with cardio AND strength capability. Iso-Strength, the unique functional strength program, uses the same motion as the cardio portion of the exercise, so there is no learning curve and no intimidating, cumbersome weights. The force is applied by the user, making this strength component safe and easy. As the user begins to fatigue, the resistance automatically decreases, accommodating each individual’s strength needs. You could have an elite high school athlete next to a not-yet-fit student on the same product and doing the same program while both would gain strength benefits!
The Iso-Strength component is embedded in several of SCIFIT’s Intelli-Fit console programs. The most popular program used in schools is the Fit-Quik® program. Fit-Quik is a fun, fast and challenging workout for students of all ages and abilities. Fit-Quik takes students through two stages - cardiovascular and a safe strength stage using isokinetic resistance.  In each stage, students are prompted to change pedaling direction at set intervals. This high energy workout is fast paced and keeps students engaged.

The Fit-Quik program takes the guesswork out of setting up a cardio and strength circuit. The instructor simply sets SCIFIT equipment (one-time setup) to provide equal intervals on each product. For example, the instructor can set each product to a five minute program. The students all begin exercising at the same time, their workouts are finished at the same time, and together they seamlessly flow to the next machine for their next five minute segment.  This easy-to-use circuit provides the class with smooth traffic flow and constant variety. Fit-Quik is user friendly and easy to understand, students just follow the instructions on the screen.

SCIFIT makes it fun and easy for more students to get active and stay active. The interactive programs keep students motivated. SCIFIT products are made for students of all levels and abilities. Durable and reliable SCIFIT equipment is always the right choice for the demanding student environment.  Contact SCIFIT today to see how their broad range of equipment and innovative programs can be tailored to the needs of your school and your diverse student population. View here for preferred products and programs for schools.
Visit or call 800-278-3933 for more info.

Palos Sport

Palos-webAre you looking for a fast paced, all inclusive, age appropriate game that will have your classes dripping with sweat and begging to play again?

Tchoukball (pronounced “chuke-ball”) combines important throwing and catching skills with an emphasis on strategy and sportsmanship. The two unique aspects of this game are the elimination of aggressive, physical play towards opponents and the ease of adaptability to your classes. With only five easy rules to learn, players quickly grasp the concept of Tchoukball.

The basic set up for Tchoukball consist of two Tchoukball frames, a D-shaped goal zone palos 2around the net and a Tchoukball. The frames consist of steel with a tight, heavy duty netting and are angled for maximum rebound. The D-shaped area usually surrounds the front of the net by 3 meters, although it can be adapted to player skill level or use existing floor markings. This area is off limits to both teams and players must throw and catch the ball from behind this line. The Tchoukball itself is similar to a team handball and is available in a hand stitched synthetic material of varying sizes for age levels or in foam for younger players.

A player scores a point for their team by throwing the ball at the frame in such a way that the opponent is not able to catch it before the ball touches the ground. The ball must be thrown and caught behind the established D-shaped line to score a point.  

In playing Tchoukball, there is no blocking or interference allowed. A defensive player cannot steal the ball mid-flight, tip a pass or attempt to catch a pass. Conversely, offensive players can not interfere with defensive players attempting to catch the rebound off the net. This unique rule creates an atmosphere where the opponents, in order to be successful, must allow the other team to be successful. The respect of opponents’ freedom to play without interference is the core of what makes Tchoukball such a wonderful game.

To keep the game moving fast, there is no running with or dribbling of the ball. The player in possession of the ball can only take one step and then the ball must be passed to another player. Teams are allowed three passes before they attempt to score a point.

If the ball is dropped during a pass, possession goes to the opposing team. The player starts play where the ball landed by holding the ball with both hands and touching the floor. The player can pass only and is not allowed to attempt to score.

Adapting Tchoukball to the age and skill levels of players is easy to implement.  The D-shaped goal zone is typically set up 3 meters from the Tchoukball frame. However, depending on players age and skill levels, it most certainly can be changed. The other area to adapt is the amount of players per game. The fewer the players per team, the more scoring possibilities and running to defend the floor. The more players, the less scoring and more competition. Other ways to adapt the game include adding more passes before attempting to score or playing a half court game with only one Tchoukball frame.

With five basic rules, easy adaptation to classes and removal of aggressive physical contact, Tchoukball is gaining popularity across the United States. For information on Tchoukball packages, please visit and enter tchoukball in the search box or find it in our Games and Activties section under Group Games.

Have questions? Call your PE4life Specialists, Shirley Burns or Jessica Christianson to request a catalog or receive a quote. Contact Shirley at  or Jessica at  or call 1-800-233-5484.



Attend a Polar PE Tech Camp and learn about the latest fitness technology designed for physical education.  Find out how this technology can help you objectively assess, monitor and document student progress, while enabling you to easily illustrate your program’s results to prevent budget cuts and fulfill the reporting provisions required by many grants, including PEP.

Contact your Polar sales rep for upcoming tech camp dates at Texas State and Illinois State Universities.

Check out our Pro Shop where you'll find PE4life products, as well as our partners' products.

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