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Meet some people and dogs helped by the programs of Circle Tail... 
How Your Gift Changes Lives


Angie & Hearing Dog, BennettBennett-Angie-May2011 2

"Bennett recently passed the ADI Public Access Test after being partnered with me for hearing/service work after only 7 ½ months.  This speaks volumes about his work ethic, capability and competence – and his commitment to me.  He is a terrific hearing/service dog – as were Caritas and Sydney, before him.  I am so fortunate! Thank you, Circle Tail team and inmate trainers for training Bennett and partnering him with me!"




Susan_ChiaSusan & In-Home Service Dog, Chia
“Chia has helped me out immensely. She has picked up my cell phone, TV remote, and many other items off the floor numerous times. She even picked up a piece that had broken off my wheelchair and gave it back to me. Chia also moves things, such as my shoes, so I don't run over them with my chair. She helps me push drawers closed and open and close my bedroom door. She puts socks in the laundry hamper. Above all, she is a great companion and gives me a sense of security when I am home alone. I am looking forward to many wonderful years with my Chia girl!”

Julie Abramovic & Adopted Dog, Edie the Canine Ambassador

“As Fairmont Pittsburgh’s official Canine Ambassador, Edie (formerly Joi) greets guests in our lobby, accompanies them on walks throughout the city and generally makes them feel welcome. She spends her days on her comfy bed near the concierge desk and loves to play fetch on the lobby’s marble floors. Since joining Fairmont Pittsburgh, Edie has been featured in some very prominent media outlets including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, MSNBC and But don’t think all the attention has gone to her head (or that cute bent tail of hers!). Edie is as sweet as ever, and both guests and colleagues adore her!”



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“Mario keeps me safe. I am much more adventuresome and active. Every day Mario teaches me something new. Whether it’s about him, me, or us, I am grateful to Mario for giving me back what I had lost and then giving me more than I knew was possible."


- Renee, partnered with Service Dog, Mario




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Stone, Mario, Bennett, Chia, & Edie are examples of dogs with a purpose who benefit the many people that are connecting to Circle Tail for the right resource – one that meets their needs. Your financial support will help Circle Tail continue to do what we do best – provide service and hearing dogs to people with disabilities and provide trained dogs for adoption.


Please consider Circle Tail for a donation – any level will be appreciated and invested wisely.


"We can do this!"

Naked Dingo wants to launch a $10 t-shirt where all profits will go to sponsor a service dog at Circle Tail. Read more here and let them know if you're interested in helping out. We & the dogs of Circle Tail thank you!

Circle Tail, Inc. is a 501(c) nonprofit, EIN 31-1516490. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. 

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