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Dear friends and comrades,

October was a great month for the YCL. It featured the launch of our new website (, a new issue of Rebel Youth and other new materials, and a tour of the Provincial Organizer to a number of cities.

As Winter weather begins to hit BC budget cuts, job losses, and evictions continue to push working people in to poverty and, in many cases, homelessness. It's a situation brought on by the global capitalist economic crisis, worsened in many ways by the corporate "5 ring circus" coming to Vancouver-Whistler in 2010.

While the corporate media excitedly announces economic recovery, workers, youth and students don't seem to be able to figure out who exactly has recovered. Capitalism can't solve it's crisis by merely declaring it to be over. Working people continue to suffer, and to fight back - shining the light on a system that doesn't work for you or me.

Teach In: From Crash to Catastrophe

ImageThe YCL will be participating in a forum "1929-1939 From Crash to Catastrophe" in Vancouver organized by the World Peace Forum on November 7,8, and 11. November 11th is a youth and students centered event which should be of interest to any young person interested in the fight for peace. Below is an overview of the event:

The ‘Great’ Depression, the rise of fascism, the debates that shook the workers’ movement, the Spanish Civil War, the transformation from coal to oil, the rise of the American Empire, the origins of mass media, the birth of mass industrial unions, youth, anti-war and solidarity movements and much more—the ‘thirties’ were a decade that had a huge impact on the world we live in today and the tasks that face activists.

Following the success of the 2008 World Peace Forum Teach-In, which looked at the impact of World War I, this gathering of academics, artists and activists will discuss and debate the decade between the great ‘crash’ of October 1929 and the official beginning of the Second World War in September of 1939.

With the goal of supporting peace, economic and social justice and ecological sustainability, the World Peace Forum is creating a program featuring speakers from across North America who will shed light on the roots of the present in the past. In plenary sessions and smaller workshops the lessons of history and the tasks of today will be discussed and debated.

On Remembrance Day, November 11, there will be a special series of panels for young people—the generation who will decide what the future of humanity will look like and whether there will be one.

read more about the teach-in

Image New YCL Materials for Distribution

Last month we released our newest issue of Rebel Youth magazine. Another is on the way in early January. Our new website also launched and is growing daily with new content. But that's not all that's new.

Last month we also released a series of posters for distribution around the province. The posters cover the issues of peace, employment and education and carry our key demands on these issues.

A leaflet was also released on the topic of the environmental crisis. The leaflet talks about the connection between capitalism and the crisis and the need for more than just "consumer choice" solutions.

JPEG files of all these documents are available for viewing on the YCL BC Facebook group. If you would like PDF files sent to you (better for printing) please contact

view the posters and leaflet

YCL in Action

Here's some of the things the YCL is up to in cities around BC!

Vancouver: The Vancouver YCL organized a study group on Dialectical Materialism this month. The group, which is open to all members and friends, studied "Materialism and the Dialectical Method" by Maurice Cornforth. They also held a meeting and sponsored two Left Film Nights. The films shown were Cocalero, Libertarias (“Freedom Fighters”), and Frozen River. YCLers also participated in campaigning at a mall for a higher minimum wage and in organizing for the World Peace Forum teach-in. The YCL in Vancouver is also organizing a silkscreening party to make flags for upcoming rallies.

Kamloops: The Kamloops YCL Club is now on its fourth meeting and is discussing different issues to get active around in their community. They are growing in size. During the visit from the Provincial Organizer this month, postering was done around the city and a meeting was held. During the meeting a young workers walked in and signed up on the spot to join the Club. He had just read the posters put up by the Club on his walk home from work. Kamloops YCL is also making themselves present at local concerts and events where they have been invited to set up tables and distribute literature.

Nanaimo: In Nanaimo the YCL "painted the town red" with posters last month and is looking forward to reorganization of the local Club. In the coming semester local members of the YCL will be working with other progressive groups like the Popular Participation Movement on a variety of activities.

Trail: The Trail YCL is planning fundraising activities and Rebel Youth distribution in the coming weeks. They will be attending an upcoming zombie walk against tuition increases being organized by the Canadian Federation of Students.

Prince George: PG is another city that was subject to a postering spree last month. While PG has not had a YCL Club for a number of years since the members of the previous Club all moved away, we hope that this will soon be changed. If you are in PG or know someone who is that would be interested please e-mail us.


Image Working Class Culture: Left Film Night

Left Film Nights are screenings of films with progressive social and political content. These films can be fiction or non-fiction, can come from all around the world, and cover a vast array of subject matter.

For several years Left Film Nights have been organized once or twice a month at the Centre for Socialist Education (706 Clark Dr.) by various Communist Party Club's and the Young Communist League. They serve as a great cultural as well as educational event.

Other YCL Clubs have also held similar movie night events. Check the YCL BC Facebook group or make sure you are on your local YCL mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.

left film night on facebook

International Solidarity: Support the Mexican Electrical Workers!

Mexican Federal Police... seized the plants of the Central Light and Power Company of Mexico (LyF) which provides electricity to Mexico City and several states in central Mexico. The government of President Felipe Calderón also announced the liquidation of the company, the termination of the workers, and thereby the elimination of the Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME) which has opposed the government’s policies...

Humberto Montes de Oca, a union spokesman said the union had three demands:

1. The revocation of the government decree liquidating the company.
2. The immediate evacuation of the Federal Police from the plants.
3. Discussions between the government and the union about financial and administrative issues.

Support the SME! Write to President Felipe Calderón at copy your protest email to .

read more and take action!


Image Rebel History: Remembering Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Ernesto "Che" Guevara was an Argentinian doctor and revolutionary who is best known for his participation as one of the leading figures in the Cuban revolution.

Che was born on June 14, 1928. As a young medical student he traveled Latin America and witnessed first had the suffering of its people under capitalism and imperialist exploitation. In Mexico City, he met Fidel Castro who was preparing the Granma expedition which would launch the revolutionary war against Cuba's US-backed regime of Fulgencio Batista.

Che joined the expedition and was eventually named Commandante of a column which would eventually take Santa Clara, causing the dictator Batista to flee the country.

After the victory of the revolution Che served in a variety of posts for the new revolutionary government including as Minister of Finance.

He would go on to travel to Congo in 1965 and Bolivia in 1966 to help revolutionary movements in those countries. In Bolivia he was captured by the Bolivian military and the CIA. On October 9, 1967, he was executed.

In 1997, Che's remains and those of six of his comrades were found in a mass grave in Bolivia and returned to Cuba where they were laid to rest in a mausoleum in Santa Clara.

To this day Che is remembered and honoured in Cuba and around the world as a symbol of revolution, anti-imperialism and socialism. Some YCL Clubs around the country marked the anniversary of Che's death. In Guelph, efforts to do this became the subject of an attack from the Conservative Youth on campus there, proving that 42 years after his death, Che can still strike the fear of the people into the hearts of exploiters and reactionaries world wide.

read about the guelph incident here

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