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YCL BC Summer Camp 2011

jointhemovement The YCL will be holding its annual BC Summer Camp from August 5-7 at a location TBA shortly.

Mark your calendars!

More info including programme will be posted in the coming days.

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CUPW Holds Day of Action - Picket Lines to Come

cupwCanadian Postal Workers are preparing to strike against Canada Post's attacks on their working conditions and benefits. The YCL supports postal workers 100% The following is an article about CUPW's Days of Action which were held on May 11.

Entering the final days of negotiations for a new collective agreement, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers held a Day of Action across the country on May 11, as People's Voice was in the printshop. CUPW reports that major issues remain unresolved, and that talks are now in the mediation phase for the union's urban unit, which represents most of its 54,000 members.

"We must continue to put pressure on the employer at the negotiating table and on the work floor. We must intensify activities and solidarity actions as we prepare for the May 11 National Day of Action. Together we will win!"

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YCL CEC on Elections & Youth

election-comicThe results of the 2011 Federal election are a call to action for the youth and student movement. It is time to pick up our picket signs and banners for major mobilization against the extremely dangerous Harper Conservative majority government.

The Conservatives have no mandate from the young people, nor from the people in general, to accelerate their pro-capitalist, anti-peace, anti-environment agenda – and this must not pass! In confronting our emergency situation, young people should take heart in the fact that Harper won the support of less than 25% of registered voters.
The election has also shown how flawed the Canadian voting system is. The situation calls out for mixed-member proportional representation.

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RebELLES Conference

yclfem2The YCL participated in the RebELLES conference of young feminists last month. The following is our message to the conference.

Your meeting this weekend – the 2nd Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering, “Notre Révolution Féministe, Our Revolution Is Now,” organized by the RebELLES Movement – is a significant event for young women, and the youth and student movement across the country.

This gathering comes at a crucial time.

On the streets of Latin America, Europe and the Arab world, people are marching in resistance to imperialism – especially young women. The people of Wisconsin, with labour, women and youth at the core, showed North America can fight. The fires of struggle are burning.

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International Solidarity: Canada and NATO Out of Libya! Hands off Syria!

Harper_vampire2As the conflict in Libya grinds on, the real character of the “humanitarian” military intervention there is becoming more and more clear. Using the political cover of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, NATO military forces led by the United States have wasted no time in transforming Libya's dangerous political unrest into an imperialist interventionist war aimed at regime change, dividing the country and plundering oil resources.

NATO and its member states – including Canada – have actively sided with reactionary forces within Libya and are now leading the effort to overthrow the government, including blatant attempts to assassinate Moammar Qaddafi and other government members through airstrikes. In the eyes of NATO, the largest military organization in the world, “Responsibility to Protect” means “Opportunity to Interfere,” regardless of death and destruction.

When considered as part of a regional campaign by imperialism, the aims of NATO clearly go far beyond plundering the oil of the Middle East and North Africa. Faced with a massive surge of the popular and revolutionary movements in many Arab countries, imperialism is maneuvering to reassert its control in the region. It is no coincidence that NATO attacks against Libya are accompanied by increased aggressive postures by the United States and Israel against Syria, Iran and Palestine.

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Rebel Culture: Chevolution

chevolutionIn May the Vancouver Club co-sponsored a viewing of Chevolution, a documentary about the famous "Heroic Guerrilla" image of Che Guevara.

"Chevolution" tells the story of a photo that after 50 years, continues to intrigue the world. How did the iconic image of Che end up on everything from radical T-shirts to beer bottles and bikinis?

Directors Luis Lopez and Trisha Ziff focus on the single most famous photographic portrait of the 20th century: Alberto Korda’s image of the beret-wearing Ernesto “Che” Guevara.... The photograph itself was cropped down from a larger picture that showed Guevara at the 1960 memorial service for the victims of the La Coubre explosion.

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Rebel History: Sandinistas - Where Do They Stand Today?

oposicion-antisandinista-4"Viva La Revolucion". These are the words I kept seeing on the streets of Nicaragua, and the power these words contain still amazes me. The Revolution of Nicaragua in 1979 united the people to fight for their rights, and for the change that they deserved after living for years with no ability to stand up for their needs, for their families, and for their country.


The Sandinistas united the people together for a Revolution to give Nicaragua back to its citizens. Inspired by the philosophies and ideologies of Augusto Cesar Sandino, the Sandinistas were able to provide the people with hope to fight for the country they dreamed of seeing.

However, the USA feared further revolutions would occur in Latin America. Ronald Reagan often referred to the Sandinistas as "the enemy of freedom", despite the improvements in education, health care, and Agrarian Reform which the Sandinistas provided in comparison to life under the Somoza regime.

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