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Dear friends and comrades,

March was a month of mass, militant struggle... just not in BC. However the working people, and not least the youth and students, are showing the way forward in such places as Greece, where tens of thousands of people have participated in strikes and protests against the action of the PASOK government which has attack the rights and interests of working people.

A little closer to home, 75,000 workers demonstrated in support of the Common Front, an organization fighting to defend the wages, benefits, and working conditions of public sector workers.

This month offers an opportunity for British Columbia to take a similar stand against the attacks of the Gordon Campbell Liberal government. The Coalition for a Better BC rally scheduled for April 10th in Vancouver is one such opportunity which deserves support. See you in the streets!

All out to stop fascism in BC!

The YCL in Vancouver participated in a broad and diverse convergence of anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations and individuals on March 21st. Well over 300 attended and sent the neo-nazi's, who had planned a rally for the same day, packing. The following is the YCL BC's statement on the event:


On March 21st, 1960, South African police opened fire on a peaceful demonstration against the apartheid pass law. Sixty nine protesters were killed. In 1966, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was established by the United Nations General Assembly and has been observed around the world ever since on March 21st.

This year, a white supremacist neo-nazi group calling itself “Advocates for White Civil Rights” will attempt to hijack this day for the purposes of purveying their racist ideology. For the first time in almost a decade, fascists will be marching in the lower mainland. The YCL BC calls attention to the dangerous precedent that may be set if this despicable display is not stopped resolutely. For example, in Calgary, another racist organization call the “Aryan Guard” has been responsible for hate demonstrations and even violence against anti-racist activists, Communist Party members, and its own former members. We call on youth and students to join in the counter-demonstration being organized against this affront to the rights and interests of the people of Canada, a multi-national, ethnically diverse country.

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Image Reject the 2010 BC Liberal budget! Raise the minimum wage and reduce tuition fees!

The BC Liberal government released its budget on March 2nd, a budget that leaves much to be desired from the working people of British Columbia. Finance Minister Colin Hansen’s remark that “This budget is about families” must have been referring to their disenfranchisement at the hands of the most destructive Provincial government in the lifetime of young people today. Young families, students, and young workers all face a heightened financial threat because of the backwards fiscal planning of Gordon Campbell and his cronies.

For families already pushed well below the poverty line there are spending cuts across the board from low-income housing to medical services. BC Hydro rates will go up 9.11 percent this year and are scheduled to increase by similar amounts over the next three years regardless of the fact that the BC Liberal government sells energy the United States of America for a reduced rate. With the incoming HST working families cannot escape massive cost increases, cost increase which will sink the people of BC into further debt. The privatization of power must be reversed and Oil and Gas must be nationalized for the benefit of all British Columbians!

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Oppose the Fare Hike! For an Affordable, Quality Transit System!

The YCL BC expresses its firm opposition to the 10% price increase for FareSaver tickets and monthly passes on Translink services scheduled to become effective April 1st.

The cost of transit fares in the lower mainland has skyrocketed out of control, particularly in the last few years. Far from a luxury, the public transit system is a necessity for thousands of working people and for the majority of youth and students. Increased fares continue to make the transit system less accessible for young workers and students. Already a trip to work and back for a young worker costs between $5 and $10 while minimum wages sits at $8 for over eight years. Monthly passes will now cost from $81 to as much as $151. Many students are not covered under the various pass programs which offer lower rates.



Image In solidarity with the Okanagan Indian Band blockade

In a heroic attempt to defend their territory, on February 22, 2010 the Okanagan Indian Band established a blockade of the Brown Creek watershed. The Brown Creek watershed is the OIBs fresh water supply which has been affected negatively from clear cutting. Tolko Industries Ltd is the logging company responsible for the blockade as it has been in legal battles for the past seven years to secure logging rights to the previously protected watershed.

The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs has supported the OIB, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip saying, “The Courts failed to deal with the proprietary nature of Aboriginal Title to the lands and resources within the territory. With this decision, third party interests are protected at the expense of the community’s drinking water, archaeological history and their constitutionally protected rights. Consequently, the UBCIC will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Okanagan Indian Band to ensure their community’s water, history and rights are defended.”

Much of the OIBs territory has already been sold off to corporate interests, leading to fish bearing streams running dry in the summer. OIB Chief Fabian Alexis has said that this was not an action the band took lightly, but had no choice to defend itself against the advancement of devastating logging practices.

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Young Communist Summer Camp 2010

Once again this year the YCL will hold its annual summer camp on the sunshine coast, from July 31-August 2. Last year the camp was the largest yet since efforts began to re-found the YCL several years ago.

The camp is open to both YCL members and other youth who are interested in learning about the YCL, and about socialism. Participants will enjoys both education and fun at our beautiful Sechelt location near the beach.

This year the camp will be preceded by our BC Provincial Convention at the same location on July 30th. All members are encouraged to attend and guests are welcome.

Further information including camp curriculum will be available shortly. If you would like to attend the camp or want more info, e-mail

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Image Rebel Culture: A night of rebel culture in Vancouver!

Come join us for a night of working class culture and fun at the Centre for Socialist Education on April 16th. Live music, food, drink, and good company!

Performers will include:
Tom Hawken
Dusty Chipura
Graham Lazarovich
and more!

Admission $10-$20 sliding scale.

A fundraiser for the Young Communist League of Canada, Vancouver Club.

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International Solidarity: Tens of thousands of Greek workers march!

Yesterday the Greek government announced the most severe package of measures over the last decades. In this way it confirmed that the attack that the social democrat government of PASOK is launching against the vast majority of the people with the support of the EU, the great capital, the liberal ND and the nationalist LAOS is escalating and it will definitely have no end.

All the measures announced by the government of the social democratic PASOK on Wednesday as well as the others that will come in the future strike a blow at the peoples income either directly by imposing cuts on civil servants’ salaries, Christmas and Easter bonus, as well as on holiday allowance while at the same time similar measures are planed for the private sector or indirectly by means of increasing VAT for all categories of products and services as well other taxes on fuels, alcohol and tobacco. Furthermore the government announced a hiring freeze.

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Image Rebel History: Liberation of Saigon

On April 30th, 1975, the capital of Vietnam, Saigon, was liberated by the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam and the Vietnam People's Army. US imperialist troops were at last forced out of Vietnam. Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the former President of Vietnam, and revolutionary leader, Ho Chi Minh. At last the country was able to begin the process of rebuilding on a new basis of independence and socialism after over 15 years of war and the most horrendous atrocities imaginable perpetrated by the imperialist aggressors.

In Canada, the YCL and the Communist Party had played leading roles in opposition to the war against Vietnam and in expressions of solidarity with the Vietnamese peoples struggle for national liberation and independence.
We continue to stand with all oppressed people fighting against imperialism, from Afghanistan to Colombia, and around the world.

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