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Dear friends and comrades,

Schools out and summer is here, but there is no holiday for the struggles of youth. Whether it's young workers fighting for jobs, respect, workplace safety, and livable wages. Or students fighting to keep education public and for reduced tuition. Or youth fighting against war and imperialism. The YCL invites you to join the movement. Visit us at for more information. This summer is as good a time as any for young people to turn of the heat in their fight for a life with a future!

YCL BC Summer Camp: July 31-August 3

The YCL BC Summer Camp brings youth and students from across the province for a weekend of fun and education. This year the camp will be in Sechelt this year from July 31 - August 3. Registration is only $20 and includes meals for the duration of the camp. Travel subsidies are also available.

Topics of discussion will include
- Is socialism dead? The counter-revolution in the USSR and Eastern Europe
- Socialism or extinction. What is socialism and why is it relevant today?
– The global capitalist crisis and the fight back
– Latin America: At the center of the world revolutionary process

There will also be a strategic planning session and lots of free time to have fun. The camp location is on the beautiful sunshine coast a short walk from a beach, hiking areas and more.

The Summer Camp is a great opportunity to learn, get involved, and meet like-minded youth from around the province.

Organizing for the camp is going extremely well so far - the event expected to double in size compared to last year.

Don't miss out - contact us today for more information or to register!

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Image Progress Books Now Online!

Now you can get communist books FREE online. Progress Books is a publisher of socialist books by authors such as Tim Buck, and other leaders of Canada's working class movement.

Check out progress books today ( to download free, full books in .PDF format. More books as being added every month and soon they will be available in-print at affordable prices!

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YCL in Action Around BC

Kamloops: The new Kamloops Club is planning to hold its second meeting this month where they will discuss what activities they will take up over the summer and fall. They are also sending an impressive delegation to this years summer camp.

Trail: The Trail Club is keeping active over the summer with regular meetings, distribution of Rebel Youth and other activities. A number of members are planning to attend the summer camp this fall and they are looking to recruit - especially with some members moving out of town over the summer.

Vancouver: The Red Star Club held a discussion group this month with the theme "Youth and the Economic Crisis." The discussion was led by Sam Hammond, interim BC Organizer for the Communist Party in BC and labour commentator for the People's Voice newspaper.

YCLers in Vancouver also organized a joint CPC-YCL information table at the Car Free Day Festival on Commercial Drive where they distributed Rebel Youth, summer camp brochures and conversed with youth. The Drive was well decorated with more than 200 YCL posters which were placed on telephone polls and bulletin boards along the drive in preparation for the festival.

Among the Club's other activities this month was also the People's Voice Victory Banquet, an annual fundraising event for which the YCL organized entertainment including young musicians and a rendition of the controversial anti-apartheid play "Seven Jewish Children."

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Image YCL-LJC Condemns Uribe Visit to Canada

The warm reception of Fascist Colombian President Alvaro Uribe by the Canadian government has been strongly condemned by the Young Communist Leauge of Canada - Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada (YCL-LJC).

“That our government would welcome Uribe, just days after the news that Colombia again ‘leads’ the world in murders of trade unionists, with 48 deaths in 2008 alone, is appalling,” said Johan Boyden, General Secretary of the YCL-LJC. The YCL-LJC joined with the numerous organizations from labour, faith communities, students, NGOs and human rights groups, as well as political parties condemning the Canada-Colombia Free Trade deal, which was the main topic of the meeting.

“The free trade deal will be written in the blood of Colombia workers, peasants, religious leaders, union organizers, and Communists” Boyden said. “It serves only the interests of US and Canadian imperialism in the region.”

Read the YCL Statement on Uribe's Visit

Rebel History: John Graham

In recognition of National Aboriginal Day - this months Rebel History is dedicated to Aboriginal rights activist and political prisoner, John Graham.

John Graham was arrested in Vancouver on December, 2003. He is accused of the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, a comrade of Grahams from the American Indian Movement (AIM), whose frozen body was found on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Despite a campaign to free Graham and stop his extradition to the United Stated and despite the warnings of other AIM political prisoners like Leonard Peltier who has stated that “John will not receive a fair trial in the US anymore than I did. I must remind you, it is court record that the FBI lied to extradite me back to the US,” on December 27, 2007, John Graham was extradited by Canadian authorities to the United States. The extradition was condemned by the YCL as a travesty of justice and a continuation of the genocidal legacy of the Canadian state towards First Nations.

The YCL stands with all those who call on the United States government to FREE JOHN GRAHAM!

For more information visit

Red the YCL Statement on National Aboriginal Day


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