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Dear friends and comrades,

This has been a busy month for the Young Communist League in BC. YCLers across the province mobilized in support of Communist Party candidates. Of those candidates the most votes went to the YCL Trail Organizer, Zachary Crispin, who ran an impressive campaign in Kootenay-West. The election is now over, but the struggle continues!

After the Election, the Fightback Continues!

The re-election of the Campbell Liberals is very dangerous news – for youth, students, the working class and the people of British Columbia. Can we wait four more years for another election to fight back? Can we rely on defensive struggles? No! The only effective response is for the youth to stand together with labour and the people’s movements and go on a serious offensive for jobs, accessible education, the environment, rights and services!

Read the YCL's Full Post-Election Statement


Image YCL BC Summer Camp: July 31-August 3

The YCL BC Summer Camp will be in Sechelt this year from July 31 - August 3. Registration is only $20 and includes meals for the duration of the camp. Travel subsidies are also available.

Topics of discussion will include
- Is socialism dead? The counter-revolution in the USSR and Eastern Europe
- Socialism or extinction. What is socialism and why is it relevant today?
– The global capitalist crisis and the fight back
– Latin America: At the center of the world revolutionary process

There will also be a strategic planning session and lots of free time to have fun. The camp location is on the beautiful sunshine coast a short walk from a beach, hiking areas and more.

The Summer Camp is a great opportunity to learn, get involved, and meet like-minded youth from around the province.

Contact us today to register!

Visit the YCL BC Summer Camp Facebook Page

BC Preparatory Committee Formed

On May 14th, the Central Executive Committee discussed the continued growth of the YCL in BC.

This discussion culminated in the passing of a resolution to form a a new BC Preparatory Committee which will organize, lead and co-ordinate the work of the YCL in BC in the period leading up to the next Provincial Convention.

The new Committee includes a Provincial Organizer, Secretary and Treasurer as well as representatives from Vancouver, Kamloops, Victoria and Trail. There is also a seat open for a representative from Nanaimo.

Read the Letter to the YCL BC


Image YCL in Action Around BC

Vancouver: The Red Star Club was busy this month helping with two Communist Party election campaigns in the Lower Mainland. The YCL distributed several hundred election leaflets at all candidates debates, Skytrain Stations, street corners and door to door. The Club also co-sponsored two Left Film Nights, held a planning meeting for its summer activities, organized a book sale fundraiser and posted over 700 posters as well as distributed a dozens of copies of Rebel Youth.

Victoria: In the Victoria, the YCL has been helping collect petitions for the campaign to support Greater Victoria School Board Trustee Catherine Alpha. Catherine is a progressive Trustee who opposes the Campbell Liberals privatization agenda. As a result, right wing forces on the Board are maneuvering to have her recent election disqualified. To find out more and give your support, visit

Kamloops: The Kamloops YCL held its inaugural meeting this month and is well on its way to establishing itself as the newest addition to the growing list of YCL Clubs around the country.

Trail: The Trail Club is keeping up the fight for peace, jobs and education after carrying out a fantastic campaign for Zach Crispin's electoral campaign including leafleting, lawn signs, interviews, public events and more.

Nanaimo: YCLers in Nanaimo have been working with others in the Popular Participation Movement on a campaign to rename Nanaimo's annual "Empire Days" celebrations. The campaign is winning significant support around the city and has collected numerous signatures to a petition condemning imperialism and calling for the celebration to be changed to represent the Canadian peoples fight for sovereignty and democracy as well as civil, labour and human rights.

Visit the YCL BC Facebook group

International Solidarity: WFDY General Council Meeting a Success! First New Issue of "World Youth Magazine" Released!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) successfully held its General Council meeting on May 8th and 9th in Havana, Cuba.

The Young Communist League of Canada's delegate was Drew Garvie, Organizer of the Guelph YCL Club. Drew gave an extensive presentation to the Central Executive Committee wherein he reported on WFDY's efforts to organize the next World Festival of Youth and Students, the position of WFDY on various issues, and bi-lateral meetings he was able to have with various other young communist organizations from around the world.

This month WFDY also released a new edition of its magazine "World Youth," which covers the struggles of youth and students all around the world for peace, jobs, education and socialism.

View World Youth Magazine and documents of the WFDY General Council meeting here


Image Rebel History: Communist Party of Canada - 88 Years of Struggle

The Great October Socialist Revolution, and the actions of 19 imperialist states — including Canada — to intervene in Russia to smash it, had a galvanizing impact on organized Canadian workers. Combined with growing post-war unemployment and misery, working class struggles from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia erupted, reflected most notably in the famous Winnipeg General Strike of 1919.

At this critical juncture, many radicalized workers began to see the necessity of combining economic struggle with political and ideological struggle. As Tim Buck noted in Canada and the Russian Revolution: In these circumstances, it was inevitable that discussions would spring up among the workers around the question "What is next, where do we go from here?"

The answer came in a growing call to form a party of a new type, based on scientific socialism and working class internationalism, a party which fights for reforms, but rejects reformism as a substitute for socialist revolution.

In late May of 1921, such a party was founded at a convention held under conditions of illegality in a barn on the outskirts of Guelph, Ontario. The Communist Party of Canada, and its legal sister party, the Workers' Party of Canada, adopted a revolutionary program and party constitution, launched the Party press, and immediately set about organizing workers, farmers, women, and other oppressed sections of the people around their vital needs and interests. That struggle continues today.

Visit to read a history of the Communist Party of Canada.

Read the YCL's letter to the Communist Party on the occasion of its 88th Anniversary

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