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Join in the Pre-Convention Discussion!

_JOINThe BC Pre-Convention Discussion has is taking place in Clubs around the Province, and online! Check out the YCL BC Convention 2010 Google Group.

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Young Communist Summer Camp

Once again this year the YCL will hold its annual summer chebbqlongcamp on the sunshine coast, from July 31-August 2. Last year the camp was the largest yet since efforts began to re-found the YCL several years ago.

The camp is open to both YCL members and other youth who are interested in learning about the YCL, and about socialism. Participants will enjoys both education and fun at our beautiful Sechelt location near the beach.

This year the camp will be preceded by our BC Provincial Convention at the same location on July 30th. All members are encouraged to attend and guests are welcome.

This years topics of discussion will be Reform & Revolution, Capitalism & the Environment, and Racism & the National Question.

Further information will be distributed shortly via e-mail and post. For registration info, e-mail

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Central Convention: September 24-26

convention-design-colour copy2`The 25th Central Convention, previously scheduled for May 21-23 is now re-scheduled for September 24-26 in Toronto, Ontario.

Click below for the updated Call to Convention, the Convention Documents, and the first three discussion bulletins.

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G8/G20 meetings - Raise the Red Flag of Resistance!

yclljcflagrd"Bloodsuckers, pirates, cannibals, murders, psychopaths, traitors, thugs, vultures, gangsters and terrorists!"

For centuries, these labels have been placed on everyone -- aboriginal peoples, workers, youth, women, racialized communities and countless more -- who dared resist the agenda of the ruling class. But isn't the truth the opposite from what we have been sold?

These words best describe the G8 and their host -- the Harper Conservative regime, the bankers, big business men, government leaders and the imperialist system they represent, meeting behind billion-dollar iron bars.

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Defend Public Education! Oppose Bill 20!

As students are beginning their summer break the B.C. Liberal government is hard at work to further strip them of privacy and proper education for the next semester. Bill 20, which had its first reading on April 30, would allow individual School Boards the ability to mandate surveillance equipment such as cameras in public schools. This comes as part of a larger attack on the democratic institution of School Boards and the entire public school system.

This carte blanche dictate is limited by very few rules. No restrictions on where cameras are deployed, how they should be used, how students' privacy rights will be safeguarded, and in which places they are inappropriate. There is no requirement to limit access to the images caught on school cameras.

All this expensive surveillance equipment has been given the green light at a time when School Boards face serious budget limitations due to inadequate provincial funding. In most schools in British Columbia text books have gone over twenty years without being replaced. Also, school councilors and support workers have been cut out of the budget which means that real problems, which a camera will not catch, will go unresolved.

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No war with Korea! For a made-in-Canada foreign policy of peace

DPRK Crush US PosterCanadian youth and students should be quick to reject and denounce the war mongering stance taken by the Harper Conservative government with regards to the crisis forming between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and South Korea since the Mach 26th sinking of the Cheonan naval vessel.

In a statement released on May 24th, Harper announced the government’s intention to impose harsh sanctions, to support South Korea in a “decisive response,” which did not rule out military action. The statement also condemned the DPRK for “egregious violation of international law,” and “blatant disregard for international law,” statements are darkly ironic coming from a Prime Minister and a government implicated in war crimes and torture in Afghanistan.

Harper’s hypocrisy becomes further evident when considering the recent attack by apartheid Israel against the Freedom Flotilla which left several dead and dozens more wounded. The attack on the Flotilla, a group of unarmed boats bringing desperately needed humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, has incited no condemnation from the Conservative government. While quick to condemn supposed attacks and violations of international law by the DPRK, Harper is unwilling to criticize violations by Israel against the Palestinian people or their supporters.

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Solidarity with Palestine

freedomflotillaThe Central Executive Committee of the Young Communist League of Canada condemns in the strongest terms the illegal, terrorist attack by Israel against the flotilla bringing solidarity aid to Palestine. We endorse the June 5 Global Day of Action. We call upon all progressive and democratic youth in Canada to join these demonstrations and mobilize against the Apartheid state of Israel, and for youth and student activists to step-up their struggle for solidarity with the Palestinian peoples.

The Harper Conservative federal government could have expressed the sentiments of the Canadian people on this matter and sharply criticized this action; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in meetings at the time with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Instead, Harper has supported the U.S. initiative to neutralize the UN security council resolution for an inquiry into the crimes, by demanding Israel should investigate itself, instead of an independent UN investigation.

We endorse the call of the World Federation of Democratic Youth who have re-asserted their commitment to put the Palestinian cause as a main theme of the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in Pretoria, South Africa, this September and called upon on the youth of the world to realize the facts about the role and the nature of Israel and demand from their governments immediate actions against Israel and in support of the sovereign Palestinian people.

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17th World Festival of Youth and Students

17thwfysThe 17th World Festival of Youth and Students will be held this December in South Africa.

The World Festival of Youth and Students is the biggest gathering of anti-imperialist youth in the world. It is organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth and the International Union of Students. The last festival brought together over 16,000 youth for a week of workshops, forums, cultural performances, music festivals, and more.

If you are interested in attending the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students this December in South Africa, please contact us for more information.

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From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Dock: The Life and Times of Harry Bridges

theguys“From Wharf Rats to Lords of The Dock”, directed by Academy Award© winning director and cinematographer Haskell Wexler, is the film of a truly unique event – Ian Ruskin performing his one-man to a packed house of 1000 longshore workers in San Pedro, California. The result, with appearances by Elliott Gould, Edward Asner and members of ILWU Local 13, and with music by Jackson Browne, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Tim Reynolds, Ciro Hurtado and others (including the world premiere of Woody Guthrie’s song about Harry, sung by his granddaughter Sarah Lee Guthrie) is an inspiring story. It is an intimate exploration of the life and times of this extraordinary man – “a hero or the devil incarnate, it all depends on your point of view” – full of the high drama and biting humor that ran through his life. And it is a springboard into understanding the parallel issues – globalization, global responsibilities, wars on terrorism, surveillance and privacy, and the widening gap between rich and poor, that we face today.

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International Solidarity: Solidarity with Polish Communists

20030328-communism-largeFollowing the recent events and laws approved in Poland, from June 8 on the communist symbols will be forbidden in the country. This act, covered and supported by the so self-proclaimed “democratic” European Union, represents an attack to the communist forces of Poland and of the whole world, but also to all those who are true lovers of peace, democratic liberties and rights.WFDY reminds everyone that decision was taken last year, as the president of USA and the remaining NATO members were agreeing on sending 30.000 troops more to continue the occupation of Afghanistan. As a dark coincidence, the decision is being implemented now, as USA is implementing military disposals throughout the lands of Poland to “prevent” any military action coming from East, i.e. Russia.

Once again, as in the wars and occupations of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, imperialism uses “democracy” and “prevention” to impose its domination suffocating all those who resist against its dominant voice.

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Rebel History: The On to Ottawa Trek

OntoOttawa_logo_v3This month will see activities in Vancouver and other cities marking the 75th anniversary of a critical period in the working class movement of Canada. The year 1935 is best remembered for the "On to Ottawa Trek," crushed by the ruling class in Regina to block a radical challenge to the established capitalist order.

Other important events are also being marked, especially the "Battle of Ballantyne Pier," one of the key episodes in the struggle to organize the docks in Vancouver. Less well known but also important in the shaping of working class militancy was the brutal police attack in April 1935 against striking miners and their wives in Corbin, BC. These three pivotal events erupted in one province, reflecting the particularly bitter class struggle on the west coast for decades leading up to 1935.

The Trek was actually organized by the Relief Camp Workers Union, one of the trade unions which emerged during the Depression after the opportunist labour leadership of the time utterly failed to lead struggles to defend jobs, wages and working conditions. Workers turned to unions largely led by Communists, who were not afraid to fight the bosses.

But the real impetus for the Trek was the situation in the relief camps scattered across western Canada, where the men (only single males were allowed) were paid just twenty cents per day for doing backbreaking labour. Forced together under terrible conditions, the men naturally began to organize into the RCWU. Some were veterans of the First World War, not easily terrified by authority, but with a strong sense of discipline and training.

After strikes and other actions in the camps achieved little, the RCWU called a meeting in Kamloops in the spring of 1935. That meeting was organized by 20-year-old Maurice Rush, a Young Communist League member who later in life became the BC leader of the Communist Party. The delegates called a walkout and brought about 1600 camp workers to Vancouver for a two-month series of protests in Vancouver. The story of that exciting spring is well told in a book called Fighting Heritage, published in 1985 by the Pacific Tribune, one of the predecessor newspapers prior to People's Voice.

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