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Delegation heads to South Africa this month!

17thwfys The World Festival of Youth & Students will take place this month on December 13-21 in Pretoria, South Africa. The Festival is the largest expression of youth solidarity and resistance internationally.

A number of young workers and students from around the country, including BC, will be attending. Several YCLers are amongst them.

The Festival is organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth and the International Union of Students. The YCL Canada is a proud member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

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On the State of BC Electoral Politics

gordoncampbellBritish Columbians were recently pleasantly surprised when, in an obvious attempt to put the brakes on a popularity free fall, the BC Liberals forced the resignation of their leader, Premier Gordon Campbell. While trying to shake the scandal of undemocratically instating the HST payout to big business this government has publicly flogged and booted the Energy Minister, Bill Bennet, for being critical of the failing regime. But cracks are showing in other areas of Liberal policy, including the question of BCs shameful $8 minimum wage. While we welcome the resignation of the Premier, the firing of the minister, and the possibility of a minimum wage increase, this must not be used as a way to divert public attention from the lies and failings of the BC Liberal government. Full, complete, and immediate, resignation of the entire government is the only remedy to the political problems facing BC.

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Drop the 2010 Legacy of Poverty

2377220581_7429985845On November 17th it was announced that Millennium Water, the developer responsible for the 2010 Olympic Village, had gone into receivership. This means the value of the frivolous of excessive high-cost condos will be shouldered by the people of British Columbia. Yet another blow to B.C., the fightback must advance to block the further misuse of tax money.

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YCL BC on Gordo's Resignation

P1Cartoon.jpgThe Young Communist League celebrates today alongside our fellow British Columbians. The resignation of Gordon Campbell, anti-worker, anti-youth Premier, has been a long and hard fought campaign of many. For the exiting Campbell we say, "Good riddance".

Working people in British Columbia may have one less corporate lackey in the Legislature, but the fight continues. The BC Liberal government supported Campbell on each and every draconian labour law to come to the legislature in nearly a decade. Within the government there are those equally committed to advancing the interests of the capitalist class as Campbell was - this cannot be tolerated. Now is the time to increase political activity and block the development of the BC Liberal agenda.

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Nazi Rampage Continues in Calgary

efc696ce2f8e44e283a0d5a597b1136fThe failure - or perhaps refusal would be more accurate - by the Calgary Police Service to take serious action to halt neo-Nazi violence has led to the most serious attack to date. Early in the morning of Monday, Nov. 8, prominent Anti-Racist Action organizer Jason Devine and a friend were brutally beaten by a gang of five thugs, apparently members of the so-called "Blood and Honour" fascist group.

While some early media reports called this a "home invasion robbery," nothing was stolen. The attack was clearly aimed at trying to silence and perhaps even kill the most outspoken campaigner against white power gangs which have terrorised Calgary in recent years.

The first report of the attack circulated on Facebook said that "At 1:30 am 5 males carried out an armed home invasion on the house of Anti‑Racist Activists Bonnie and Jason Devine... The armed assailants overwhelmed Jason and a friend who was visiting. They repeatedly beat Jason and his friend with blunt objects. His friend was bludgeoned throughout the head area and sustained a broken arm. Jason was surrounded as each assailant took turns beating his head, back, body, arms and legs, sustaining stitches and a concussion. Both were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment."

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International Solidarity: Solidarity with Portuguese JCP

Jcp_logoIn this framework, where the Portuguese government is hosting a summit of an assassin organization to which NATO affiliation is even against its Constitution, the attacks to freedoms and democratic guarantees have been growing rapidly.

WFDY highlights the cases of intense police activity, the suspension of the Schengen Area and prevention of entrance of various people in the country, the fact that the Portuguese government has spent millions of euroin military equipment for “defensive maneuvers that may be necessary” and the growing atmosphere of fearspread throughout the media in a clear attempt to demobilize from the demonstration of Saturday.

WFDY denounces furthermore that today, in this atmosphere of “total control”, police officers have invadedthe headquarters of a trade union to destroy propaganda regarding the workers’ general strike of next Wednesday, in an act that is only comparable to those done by the police of the Portuguese fascist regime –that same one that was one of the founding members of NATO.

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Rebel History: Annie Buller

4RY 2Buller was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to Montreal with her parents in the early 1900’s. She became active in the Socialist Youth Movement during World War I and studied Marxism at the Rand School of Social Science in New York. Once back in Montreal, Buller, Becky Buhay, Bella Gauld founded the Montreal Labour College.

Buller joined the Communist Party of Canada in 1922. She devoted herself to party organizing full-time and party publications managing for papers such as the Tribune and National Affairs.

In 1931 she led a general strike for better wages and working conditions for dressmakers in Toronto. That same year, she organized support for coal miners in Estevan, Sask. After a riot in which 3 strikers were killed by the RCMP, Buller was jailed. While working as a business manager for the communist paper The Western Clarion in 1939, she was again arrested and interned until 1942.

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