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Dear comrades and friends,

Welcome to the first edition of our new eBulletin, the monthly newsletter of the Young Communist League in British Columbia (YCL BC). The YCL BC is sending you this eBulletin because according to our records, you are a member or friend of the League in BC. If you do not want to receive further mailings, unsubscribe now by scrolling to the bottom of this email and clicking on the unsubscribe link.

Provincial Election May 12th: Youth Demand a Life With a Future!

On May 12th BC goes to the polls for a Provincial Election. The stakes are high with the threat of four more years of Gordon Campbell's Liberal government and their pro-corporate, anti-worker, anti-student policies looming.

We recognize that these are not the policies just of a mean-spirited Premier or of a single bad party. These are the policies of capitalism. What youth and students need now is not merely tinkering with minor reforms to this brutal, crisis-ridden system, but a new system based on the interests of workers, youth and students - not bosses.

The YCL asks its members and friends to vote Communist May 12th. Where there is no Communist on the ballot, vote for the most progressive candidate.

Voters are also being asked to participate in a referendum on the "Single Transferrable Vote" (STV) electoral system. The YCL opposes STV and calls for a Mixed-Member Proportional Representation system instead.

Read More About the Election


Image Trail YCL Organizer Running in Kootenay West

Progressives and working people in the southern interior of British Columbia are rallying around the campaign of a youth candidate in the May 12 BC election. Zach Crispin, a student and young worker, will challenge the big business agenda of the Campbell Liberals by carrying the red flag in the riding of Kootenay West. He is the first Communist candidate in the area in almost fifty years.

"The three major issues in Kootenay West are education, health care and jobs," Zach says. The Kootenays, like many rural areas, have suffered from years of devastating cutbacks and privatization of public services, first by the New Democrats and greatly accelerated under the Campbell Liberals.

Read More About Zach's Campaign

YCL BC Summer Camp: Mark Your Calendar!

Each year the YCL holds a summer camp in BC, and each year it is probably our most fun and most educational event. We hope you will join us this year from July 31st to August 3rd in Sechelt, BC.

Participants will learn about a variety of topics, including what socialism is, its history, and its relevance today in the face of the worst capitalist economic crisis since the Great Depression. We will also learn about how the people of Latin America are already marching forward to a new society in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and others.

This is shaping up to be our biggest and best Summer Camp yet so mark your calendar. More details are coming soon!

Read More About the YCL


Image YCL General Secretary Visits BC

YCL General Secretary, Johan Boyden, is in BC this month acting as campaign manager for Zach Crispin's election campaign in the Kootenay West riding.

He will be traveling the province to meet with Clubs and members around the province in late May. If you would like a visit from Johan in your city, contact the provincial office.

PHONE: 604.254.2833

New Issue of Rebel Youth Magazine Hit the Streets!

The latest issue of Rebel Youth, the magazine of the Young Communist League of Canada, is hot off the press.

This issue is the largest yet and features content in both English and French including articles on local fight-backs, the upcoming BC election, and the war in Afghanistan, analysis of the capitalist economic crisis, an interview with Omar Khadr’s sister, music and movie reviews and more.

Pick up a copy today from your local YCL Club, the People's Co-Op Bookstore (1391 Commercial Drive) in Vancouver or order a magazine or subscription ($12/year) from our BC office.

Visit the Rebel Youth Blog


Image Organizers Meet in Vancouver

YCL organizers from across the province met in Vancouver on March 29th to discuss and strategize for the upcoming provincial election and this years summer camp. The meeting was attended by comrades from Vancouver, Victoria, Trail and Kamloops.

The organizers resolved to meet on a monthly basis via teleconference in order to strengthen the YCL organizationally in BC and improve coordination. They also resolved to set up a YCL BC Facebook page.

The YCL has recruited a number of new members across the province this month and hopes to have a new Club established in Kamloops in the near future.

The next organizers meeting will be on May 4th.

Visit the New YCL BC Facebook Page

International Solidarity: WFDY General Council Meetings in Havana

ImageThe General Council of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) will meet in Havana this coming month to discuss the the struggles of youth and students around the world and the next World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS).

The WFYS, which is held about every four years, is the largest political gathering of youth and students in the world. The last festival, held in Caracas, Venezuela, hosted over 16,000 participants. It is co-organized by the WFDY and the International Union of Students.

The YCL Canada, which is a member organization of the WFDY, will be sending comrade Drew Garvie to the meeting as our delegate. Drew is the organizer of the YCL in Guelph and is a leading YCL member in Ontario. He has also run for election for the Communist Party of Canada. YCL BC will be fundraising $200 towards the cost of sending comrade Drew to Havana for this important meeting.

Visit the WFDY Official Website

Image Rebel History: May Day

May 1st is International Workers Day or "May Day". May Day commemorates the Haymarket Massacre of 1886 when police in Chicago fired on workers participating in a general strike to demand an eight hour work day.

A dozen workers were killed in the police violence but the eight hour day was eventually won thanks to the militant struggle of working people.

May Day has stood as symbol and celebration of working class struggle for a better world ever since.

Visit the YCL Blog for our May Day Statement

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