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Dear friends and comrades,

It seemed almost surreal. February was the month that the 5 ring circus finally came to town. It was met by thousands of demonstrators and by police in riot gear. With the bulk of the games now over, we are left to deal with the real legacy of the 2010; homelessness, public debt, slashed public services, circumscribed rights, a damaged environment and more.

This month youth and students should make it known that the Games haven't made us forget about our prorogued Parliament, the HST, the lowest minimum wage in Canada, the cuts to our services, the attacks on our bargaining rights, the debt sentence faced by students. As we did with our anger over the Games, let's take it to the streets!

Let history remember the real legacy of the 2010 Games!

The YCL participated in several anti-Olympics protests and activities last month and released a number of statements regarding the Games and the repression of dissent that happened during and in the lead up to them. Watch for a full analysis of the resistance to the Games in the next issue of Rebel Youth! The following are excerpts from our statements on the Olympics. Click the link below to read more.

"The 2010 Olympics are not just a bad decision by a bad government. They are part of the continued corporate offensive, led by the BC Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government on behalf of the capitalist class, against the working class, the youth, and the students. The Harper Conservatives use of the Olympics as an excuse to prorogue federal parliament further exposes this corporate circus."

"The Olympic Games have transferred billions of dollars from the working people of BC to corporate coffers. The immense public debt generated by the Olympics represents money that should have been spent on people’s needs, like job creation, more accessible education, housing, health care, libraries, child care, and affordable transit."

"Attempts... to suppress dissent reveal the anti-people nature of the Olympic Games and the anti-democratic nature of the Canadian state, which is no more than an instrument to protect the interests of the capitalist class at the expense of the working class, youth, and students."

read this and other statements on the olympics


Image 36th Convention of the Communist Party of Canada

The Communist Party of Canada held it's 36th Central Convention last month in Toronto.

Delegates at the 36th Central Convention of the Communist Party of Canada wrapped up three days of spirited debates on Sunday, Feb. 7, at the Steelworkers Hall in Toronto. The Convention concluded with a rousing call for broad political mobilizations to defeat the Harper Tory government, and to build support for a People's Alternative to the capitalist crisis which continues to devastate working people in Canada and around the world.

Delegates also adopted special resolutions on a wide range of issues, from solidarity with victims of human rights abuses in Colombia and the Philippines, to support for protests against the painful social spending cuts being imposed on British Columbians during the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Several guest speakers addressed the 36th Central Convention, including the Vietnamese ambassador to Canada, Nguyen Duc Hung; prominent civil liberties lawyer Barbara Jackman; Cuban Consul-General Jorge Soberon Luis; and Venezuelan Vice-Consul Scarlet Salazar Quiroz.

read more about the convention

New issue of Rebel Youth released!

A new issue of Rebel Youth Magazine was released last month. Issue 9 covers the Olympics, Harper's prorogue, Power Shift, struggles of low paid and agricultural workers, student issues and much more.

Pick up your copy from your local YCL, or the People's Co-Op Bookstore in Vancouver. Better yet, subscribe today to receive this and future issues directly by mail. E-mail for more information.

watch a video about the new issue


Image YCL in action

The YCL participated this month in several protests and activities against the 2010 Olympics. Most notably the February 12th demonstration which saw over 3000 people march in the streets of Vancouver to the site of the opening ceremonies where they were stopped by police.

We also spent some time on campuses this month, distributing copies of Rebel Youth Magazine and our recent leaflet on the environmental crisis.

Other activities included a discussion group in Vancouver on Frederick Engels' The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State, monthly meetings, a film night, and a button & banner making session.

In the coming months we will also be gearing up for our Central Convention to be held this Spring and our BC Provincial Convention this Summer as well as our biggest annual event - YCL Summer Camp!

visit the ycl bc blog

Rebel Culture: Canadian punk rock for Haiti

While the Canadian government has played a shameful role in Haiti in recent years, many people across Canada have expressed their friendship through campaigns of solidarity against the 2004 military coup, the occupation of the country and so on.

In the wake of the earthquake which hit Haiti in January, killing an estimate 200,000, many more have expressed their solidarity and given to help provide relief to the Haitian people. This solidarity has taken on many shapes - including punk rock!

Newfoundland punk rockers, the Class War Kids, have released a new EP to raise funds for Haiti. The four song EP titled "Twinkles Last Stand" is available electronically only and is by donation.

Having released the album electronically the band has been able to ensure that all funds raised can go towards helping Haiti through an organization called Batay Ouvriye Haiti Solidarity Network

read more


Image International Solidarity: Youth festival in South Africa

We are excited to pass along the following announcement about the upcoming World Festival of Youth and Students! Stay tuned for more information soon!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth General Council Meeting successfully took place in Beirut, Lebanon from 5-8 February 2010. Around 80 delegates of 47 organizations attended the meeting and discussed on a number of issues on how we can revamp our struggles as one of the few international youth organisation which openly denounces illegal occupations and all forms of imperialism amongst other issues.

For the first time in the history of the Federation, the International Consultative Meeting accepted and unanimously agreed to the bid by the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) to host the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in December 2010. The preparation process has since kicked off on a high note to ensure that the biggest ever youth congregation can attend the festival in a country whose brave and steadfast leadership defeated and ended the brutal rule of the apartheid regime.

read more

Rebel History: International Womens Day

The Young Communist League celebrates International Women’s Day and calls on youth and students, regardless of gender, to unite against the Harper Conservative anti-women agenda.

For around 100 years International Women’s Day (IWD) has been celebrated across the globe. In many places, including the socialist countries, it is celebrated as an official holiday. IWD is a time to celebrate the heroic struggles of women, including young women and girls, across the planet throughout history for equality and freedom. It is also a time to renew these struggles as they are still needed so long as patriarchy and capitalism exist.

The Harper Conservative government represents an immediate threat to the rights of women in Canada.

There is a strong need for a pan-Canadian women’s organization with a strong youth presence. Young women today can say “We won’t take it anymore!” and fight to end the oppression that their mothers and grandmothers fought against before them when they won such basic rights as the right to vote. We call for broad participation of youth and students in IWD demonstrations and activities as well as support for the World March of Women being held internationally from March 8-October 17. We look forward to a strong young women’s component to the Canadian delegation to the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students this December in South Africa. The oppression and inequality directed at women can only be ended once and for all by ending the capitalist system and building a new society where the working people, men and women together, call the shots in their common interests.

read the full ycl iwd statement


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