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We Are One

weareonewebWe Are One International Solidarity Rally @ Peace Arch Park, Peace Arch Border Crossing

Date: Saturday April 2, 2011 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Join unions from the United States (Washington and Oregon) and Canada (British Columbia) at the international border to stand in solidarity with workers who are struggling to keep their right to collectively bargain.

April 2 at 2:00 pm
Peace Arch State Park (US)
Peace Arch Provincial Park (Canada)

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On the announced minimum wage increase

n656850401_2310467_243The Young Communist League British Columbia Provincial Committee welcomes the recently announced increase to BC's dismally low minimum wage. At the same time, we note that the increase is far from adequate and does not represent a change in policy or direction on the part of the BC Liberal Party.

Any increase to the minimum wage is undoubtedly positive in terms of the immediate economic situation of hundreds of thousands of workers, many of whom are youth, who are currently working for wages that put them well below the poverty line. We note that action around the minimum wage issue has ebbed in recent times, it was the work of the BC labour movement, especially the young workers movement, which applied pressure to the anti-worker, anti-youth Liberal government around this issue and stimulated public outrage around the Liberal's shameful wage freeze. We are proud that some of our members were part of that work as well.

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On May 2: Dump the Harper Tories and block the right!

CSC_0824This federal election will be crucial for our country, and the stakes have rarely been so high. If the Harper Conservatives manage to secure a majority in the next Parliament, it will have catastrophic consequences for working people, for Aboriginal peoples, for women, youth and students, pensioners, new immigrants and racialized communities. Canadians need to defeat this Tory government and end the ruinous, pro‑corporate policies it has inflicted ‑ a critical first step in taking our country in a new, peaceful, democratic, sovereign and socially progressive direction.

Defeating the Tories is paramount in importance. During their two minority terms in office, the Harper Conservatives have attempted to disguise their aims and "soften" their image, concealing their full reactionary agenda from the people. But we've seen enough of their right‑wing program to leave no doubt where they'll go if they get a majority.

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Interview with Miguel Figueroa

ma10-miguel-figueroaAs the May 2 federal election began, People's Voice interviewed Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa about the campaign.

People's Voice: What are the most important issues around which the federal election will be fought?

Miguel Figueroa: I heard a political commentator dub this a "Seinfeld" election because - like that famous sitcom - this campaign will be `about nothing', without any pivotal issues or defining themes. But appearances can be misleading.

Stephen Harper and his stable of advisers in the Prime Minister's Office have been crafting such a scenario since the last election, and especially after their post‑election brush with death when their minority government was almost brought down (saved only by the prorogation of Parliament in December 2008). The Tory game plan is to `low‑ball' their economic and political program and avoid sharp confrontations which would more fully expose their reactionary anti‑labour, anti‑democratic agenda. That is the main reason why power has been so concentrated (and carefully scripted) in the PMO. Their `possum' strategy has been aided and abetted by both the mainstream corporate media, and by the feebleness of the opposition parties in Parliament, which have failed to bring forward substantive alternatives to Tory policies.

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Same club led by a different smile and a different gender

socialgroupicon_88_1271625234The new leader of the BC Liberal Party, Christy Clark, may be the only person in BC who believes that Gordon Campbell left the province in better shape at the time of his departure than it was in at his debut. Sam Hammond, provincial leader of the Communist Party points out that, “This is more than naiveté. It is a declaration of more of the same old, same old.”

“Christy Clark claims to put ‘Family First’ but her vision of family values nicely skips over unemployment, homelessness, child poverty, education cuts and impacts of privatization., points out Hammond. “Her vision of family does not include the working people”.

Despite having portrayed herself during the leadership campaign, as an outsider, Christy Clark played a leading role in the first draconian term of the Gordon Campbell Liberals.

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End the bombing now! For a peaceful solution, not imperialist war

libya_bombing-300x177Foreign bombing and invasion is dangerously worsening the situation in Libya, the Young Communist League’s International Commission said today, condemning U.N. resolution 1973, US “Operation Odyssey Dawn” and Canadian “Operation MOBILE.” Peace-loving youth and students must demand the Canadian Harper Conservative government immediately withdraw its troops and warships and support a peaceful, political solution to the crisis resolved by the Libyan people.

Resolution 1973 – the so-called no-fly zone banning civilian and military air travel – authorizes an act of war. The U.S. and NATO have a ‘free pass’ to not only enforce a terrible storm of air strikes, bombardment and a naval blockade but also to launch attacks on any Libyan military units that they claim threaten the population.

Whatever we think of the Ghadafi regime, imperialist intervention will be a disaster for the Libyan people. Widespread circulation of petitions by groups like “” calling for such actions have confused some progressive youth, but the doctrine of “Humanitarian interventionism” by the past colonizers of Africa is hypocritical and must be opposed:

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Women's rights are human rights!

womens-dayThis year, the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day comes amidst inspiring new struggles for democratic rights in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries. Women have played key roles in the trade union, community, student and other grassroots organizing which sparked these popular uprisings, and in the powerful fightback against the attacks on public sector unions in Wisconsin.

Across the capitalist world, women are disproportionately paying the price for government bailouts of the banks and major corporations. Across Europe, women are active in the fightbacks against the neo‑liberal cuts to social programs, public service lay‑offs and massive raises in tuition.

In Canada, IWD 2011 comes amidst the intense battle over pension rights, such as the U.S. steel lockout of steelworkers in Hamilton. The attacks by corporations upon the hard won pensions of their workers, and by the government upon public pension plans, have the sharpest impact on women, given their lower average incomes, and higher rates of poverty.

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International Solidarity: On the attacks on the CPBM

ksm-300x227The World Federation of Democratic Youth observes the intensification of anti-communist acts that are presently in an increased way directed against the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM). That came to light during the parliamentary hearing about the draft of a law on the so called anti-communist resistance, it means a violent resistance against the socialist system in Czechoslovakia in years 1948 - 1989 and was expressed with the subsequent political and media manhunt against the CPBM members of parliament Marta Semelova and Miroslav Grebenicek. There are even threats of banning the CPBM and government authorities’ investigation is under way.

The right wing government formed in 2010 has used its parliamentary majority to pass anti-social laws in favor of the capitalists against the interests of the working people, including even middle strata employees. To detract attention from these anti-social policies an anti-communist campaign is being waged with direct engagement of some MPs, senators and anti-communist civic associations as the “Confederation of political prisoners”, as well as directly the government and especially the Ministry of Interior.

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Rebel Culture: It's a beautiful future

beautifulfutureIt’s a Beautiful Future is the third full-length album by Vancouver punks The Rebel Spell. The highly anticipated album won’t disappoint fans of the band, which has built an increasingly known and loved name for itself in the punk scene since 2003.

The album takes on the threat posed to our future by the capitalist system with its environmental destruction, war, and repression. Its title track explores a futuristic dystopia characterized by oppression, hunger, and environmental apocalypse. “It Can’t Just Be Me” adds a piano to the equation while decrying a world under the watchful eye of big brother.

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Rebel History: The overthrow of the Soviet Union...

dsc_0079The following is from a speech by the KJO (Young Communist of Austria) at a recent World Federation of Democratic Youth seminar in Wein, Austria.

...the overthrown of Soviet Union, we meant mostly to rise among the members of WFDY the possibility to strengthen our knowledge and reflection in a year when, as happened with the 20 years of Fall the Berlin Wall, it is more than likely that imperialism and its tools take this sad anniversary to intensify their anti-communist crusade, both at ideological and political level, so that we can further consequences of this sad fact, both there and in each of our countries.

Furthermore, it is important to say that, unlike what imperialism and bourgeois forces like to say, this is not at all an action of nostalgia, but indeed an event were can look at the past with our eyes on the future, facing the present challenges in better conditions for the battles we all have ahead of us now and in the coming years.

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