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Dear comrades and friends,

It's been quite a month for youth and students both here in Canada and around the world.

In Iran, youth and students have been fighting for their democratic rights against the corrupt elections and violent repression of a reactionary, theocratic regime.

In Northeast Asia, the reckless and warmongering activities of U.S. imperialism have earned the condemnation of youth. These sentiments have been echoed by the World Federation of Democratic Youth, Canadian Peace Congress and Young Communist League amongst others.

In Latin America we watched in horror as the democratically elected President of Honduras was kidnapped and flown out of the country by the Honduran military backed by the Honduran ruling class as well as Canadian and U.S. interests in the region. The criminal coup has caused outrage amongst Canadian youth who see clearly the involvement of Canadian imperialism and demand that Canada take a stand for democracy in Honduras.

Back at home, BCs young workers will be lowest paid in the country by the start of next month when our minimum wage becomes the lowest in the country. However, Gordon Campbell's BC is still a leader in at least one field - child poverty. Meanwhile students will prepare for another year of outrageous and increasing fees - a debt sentence that continues to spiral our of control.

All of this is part of the global offensive of capital against the working people. Youth and students in BC and across Canada must take their place along side their brothers and sisters internationally who are fighting back from Iran to Honduras.

YCL Summer Camp On Now!

If you are sitting at your computer today reading this e-mail then you are missing out big time.

This BC Day long weekend revolutionary youth from across the province are gathering in Sechelt for the annual YCL BC Summer Camp.

Over 20 youth are attending this year to enjoy a weekend of fun and education on the Sunshine Coast. They will be discussing what socialism is, its history, and its relevance today. They will also be looking at the global capitalist economic crisis and the fightback - both right here in BC and in Latin America.

Well, there is always next year!

read more about the summer camp


Image People's Voice Newspaper

Did you know that Canada has a bi-monthly Communist newspaper?

Every issue of People's Voice gives you the latest on the fightback from coast to coast. Whether it's the struggle for jobs or peace, resistance to social cuts, solidarity with Cuba or workers' struggles around the world, it's the news the corporate media won't print.

Check out People's Voice for news on the struggles of young workers and students around Canada and the world. There's even a "Youth Fightback" section and a "What's Left" section with a list of events going on in your area.

check out People's Voice online

YCL in Action Around BC

YCLers around BC were quick to show solidarity with the people of Honduras last month when a military coup overthrew the democratically elected government of that country and imposed a military dictatorship. YCLers have participated in rallies, die-ins and meetings demanding that President Zelaya be allowed to return.

YCL members in Vancouver held a successful discussion group last weekend titled "Young Communist: Then and Now" which looked at the history of the young Communist movement in the Vancouver area. This was followed by the monthly Left Film Night which it co-sponsors with the Communist Party and Centre for Socialist Education.

Young Communists also had reason to celebrate last month. July 26th marked Moncada Day, the anniversary of 1953 attack on the Moncada army barracks in Santiago de Cuba. The attack is widely considered the beginning of the Cuban revolution and is celebrated as a national holiday in Cuba.

check out the YCL blog


Image YCL Condemns Coup in Honduras

Statement in Solidarity with the People of Honduras, by Vancouver based Latin American and allied Organizations

We express our collective outrage and condemn the coup d’état that has taken place in Honduras by leaders of the right wing military junta-that have been trained as mercenaries and dictators in the School of the Americas.

We express our deepest sentiments of solidarity with the people of Honduras, who have taken to the streets to demand their democratically elected president José Manuel Zelaya be allowed to return and finish his term in office. Taking the lead from the people of Honduras, who are defending their democratic rights and the depending of their democratic process, we demand the following from the international community and the Canadian government:

-That they refuse to recognize the de-facto government of Roberto Michelletti or any other government of a similar character.

-That coup leaders recognize President Zelaya as the constitutional president of Honduras and accept his return. If this
does not occur, Canada must withdraw its ambassador, following the example set by Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

-The immediate lifting of the State of Emergency and the end to all acts of repression again the Honduran people. Canada should demand the liberty of all the democratic leaders that have been detained illegally.

-That Canadian companies active in Honduras, like Gildan Activewear, Goldcorp Inc, Breakwater Resources, and Yamana Gold halt all operations in Honduras until the democratically elected president returns to his post.

- That Canada immediately halt all Free Trade Agreement negotiations with the Central America Four (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador)

Endorsed by La Surda Latin American Collective, Canada-Bolivia Solidarity committee, Café Rebelde Collective, Coalition against Intervention in Latin America, Hands off Venezuela, Code Pink, Vancouver Socialist Forum,, Communist Party of Canada, Young Communist League

check the Rebel Youth blog for updates on the situation in Honduras

Rebel History: Moncada Day

At 6:00am on July 26, 1953, 120 young revolutionaries attacked the Moncada army barracks in Santiago de Cuba. Among them were Fidel and Raul Castro. They, along with another 40 who planned to attack the Bayamo Barracks, intended to start a revolution which would topple the brutal, U.S. sponsored Batista dictatorship and bring freedom to Cuba.

Five revolutionaries died in combat and 56 were captured, tortured and murdered by the military. Fidel survived and was tried and sent to prison where he served just under two years before public pressure forced Batista to set him free.

Fidel would travel to Mexico where he met Che Guevara and prepared for his return to Cuba. Four years ago Fidel, Che, Raul and other guerrilla fighters from the July 26th Movement entered Havana victorious. The rest is history.

Today Moncada Day is celebrated as a national holiday in Cuba and is recognized around the world as a day to show solidarity with socialist Cuba and remember the struggle and sacrifice of a small group of young revolutionaries who changes Cuba and the world.

read the YCLs Moncada Day statement


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